All but one of the episodes in the first series ended with Nicholas Crane stating that in the British Isles, "Remember, you are never more than 72 miles from the sea!". This closing narration was part of a promotion for the tie-in BBC-sponsored walks and accompanying booklet, and was removed from many of the repeat showings.

Series 1 and 2 have been released on Region 2 DVD by Contender Home Entertainment. Series 1 has also been packaged in a box set with A Picture of Britain (2005).

Series 1 started at the white cliffs of Dover and progressed in a clockwise fashion around the coast of the Great Britain (with a side trip to Northern Ireland). Series 2 again started at Dover but subsequent episodes have not followed series 1 in circumnavigating the UK coast, instead choosing seemingly random areas for each episode.

Series 1-6 concentrated on a specific geographical region of the UK's coast (and later the coast of neighbouring countries). From Series 7 onwards, a topic was chosen and presenters reported on that topic from random locations, rather than those concentrated in a region.