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  • abarjranch20 August 2009
    I really liked Year. I'm becoming a big fan of independent films and what can be done one a tiny budget and limited equipment. Year was filmed and directed as good as any big budget movie I've seen lately. The actors were compelling to the storyline and I feel a lot of people could relate to this story of sisters with completely different personalities and lives but share one thing and that is their mother. The writer of this script did a good job to tie in the relationships of each sister and show how the sisters are are repeating their mother's mistakes with their own offspring. I'm looking forward to more films to come out of Mike Carrol and his crew!
  • I am a fan of Mike Carroll films. A true student of Cassavetes, his style is one that allows his actors lots of freedom to explore and to instinctively play off of a situation, which oftentimes leads to moments of real truth. He is one of the few that has the courage to do this kind of film-making, because he is so well-versed in the "laws" OF film-making. Year is a perfect example of the free-form sub-genre that is so constantly attempted by filmmakers. Only Mike pulls it off, whereas other lesser filmmakers don't because they lose focus on the story's through-line. Relationships are real in Year and several characters (like Bonnie Bennett and Erik Wheeler) breath authenticity into moments that more times than not would have been handled amateurishly. If you want a film with about real familial relationships in multiple levels of disrepair, Year is for you. The whole cast is solid, and Mike's cinematography is, as usual, priceless. If you also want a lesson in do- it-yourself-film-making, then there's yet another reason to buy YEAR.