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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wherein Megabyte is outsmarted by a boy and his dog... Probably one of the low points of his villainous career! What a voice! Tony Jay never failed to make an immediate impression with his magnificently-jawed Virus of order and domination. In this one he subtly shows how ruthless he can be when he sets his sights on Frisket the bad-ass robo-dog after he swallows a valuable "Un-Format Command", which as it effects Frisket's insides results in a lot of gross silly fart noises.. And it gives further credence to the existence of s**t in the computerised realm of Mainframe, with Megabyte comically stepping in a pile of it at the end, not that you see it of course! Most of the final act is just them trying to stop Megabyte from cutting into Frisket with a fiendish laser to get the command back before it uh, 'passes' through the dog - one or the other! There's a humorous edge to the peril. There is also a fun chase sequence as Megabyte and his corrupted Binome goons race after Enzo and Frisket. I like how these episodes often don't totally play out like you might expect. Megabyte sure is scary when he's running, as well as when he demonstrates his awesome strength as he halts that gliding tank thing singlehandedly! He's by no means an evil overlord who just sits around on his tin butt! The banter between Enzo and Megabyte is so harmless at this point, but later on in the series it gets so much darker... So I find this entertaining enough, it never does take all that much to make a Reboot episode really work, it's not even that noticeable that there's no game in it. Anywho, "Time to jam!"