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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'd put this as the best episode so far, and I'm sure a lot of the show's fans would concur! There's a great little sense of momentum and encroaching doom to the story and it makes far better use of Hexadecimal than in her previous appearance, and we don't get to see her again for a while after this one! The animation's a bit rough, but it's still an excellent opening sequence with the two Viruses having a confrontation over an ultimate weapon that Megabyte has somehow managed to obtain from his chaotic female counterpart, which totally unknown to him is definitely something that he doesn't want to lay his metallic hands on! The bit where Hexadecimal screams out "Megabyte!" is something that will later be mirrored in the stupendous second season offering "Painted Windows" All of Megabyte's considerable armoury is no match for Hexadecimal's firepower. They downplay it, but she can practically do whatever she wants, with only her own mania to hold her back... She's a lot more conniving than she seems, as it's soon revealed that she's actually manipulated Megabyte into stealing a powerful virus/"bug" that has the scary effect of slowly petrifying all that it touches. Love the great Terminator reference as Megabyte is being turned to stone and his glowing red eyes slowly fade out. The chemistry between Bob and Hexadecimal is first noticeable here. That was a rather risky touch to put in when she's oggling his curvy digital butt and says "Oh yes!" There's a bit of a weird editing error when Bob hurls the stone doll at her where it's kind of hard to tell what it's meant to mean. He's trying to infect her with the Medusa.. I like how Bob uses his wits to win the day instead of just relying on blind luck when he uses a little reverse psychology against Hexadecimal and tricks her into erasing the bug with a mere click of her talons by appealing to her inner sense of reason through chaos as he points out to her that her actions have inadvertently brought about 'peace' to Mainframe which is a thought that she can't even bear! Great resolution to the story. I like how this episode doesn't have any game in it, it shows that they could make things just as gripping without a game cube(Yep, that's what they're really called!) sequence to rap it all up and that they weren't totally formulaic with the story formats. Not to say that for now in the series they weren't a lot, but they also weren't scared to shake things up a little, and that to me is very cool and appealing. Great episode with even better to come. Over and out!