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  • Warning: Spoilers
    There aren't really spoilers, it's just that IMDb is hyper sensitive-- like a whinny child about that kind of thing, they will not post things for the most random reasons and it's annoying therefore it's easier to just write this explanation....

    On to the show; "Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles" features the character Chloe still played by the gorgeous Allison Mack; helps a couple of super powered characters (such as Andrea, played by Denise Quiñones), target the bad guys, (Lexcorp), and foil their sinister plans. Of course Chloe manages this using her awesome intellect. The powers that be (Lexcorp), plan to either eliminate or just use the super powered humans as lab rats. If you enjoy Smallville and the character Chloe than check this out, it's short and the storyline is intriguing. Each webisode; (a short TV episode featured exclusively on the internet), is a little over three minutes and I believe they stopped making them after webisode 7.

    Wanna know more, then watch it. How? You can catch each webisode on or by simply typing in its name under search. Google search might even be a better way. Also if you purchase the fifth season they are there too, I think.

    If you like these you might wanna also check out Smallville: Chloe Chronicles (2003). To my knowledge, they only made seven of those as well; they were also around three minutes long and are found in the same places.

    If you read this than please rate it ;!)
  • Now, I love Smallville. It's not my favorite show by any means, but it is thoroughly entertaining. And I enjoyed the Vengeance episode where we were first introduced to this character. She was very interesting, but her story is not worthy of six little "minisodes." I think it would have sufficed to simply have here as a guest on another Smallville episode. The quality of these little episodes is God-awful, as they look like they were shot on some college student's camcorder, and edited on some average joe's Macbook. Even though they do something for the insanely obsessed Smallville fan, they do absolutely nothing for me. I'm sure there's some of you that enjoy them. As I have not watched all of them yet, honestly I don't really have the desire too. But other than these little films, this DVD release of season 5 was quite good. And these terrible webisodes will never be able to take that away!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles" is a little add-on to the very successful American television show "Smallville" and was included on one of the DVDs for fans of the show. The main actress here is somebody who does not appear in the show, but at least audiences get to see Allison Mack / Chloe Sullivan during several scenes. I personally have never watched "Smallville" and after seeing this mini series here I do not think i have missed too much. It's not a lot beyond attractive women, but story-wise it's not convincing I think. So I cannot say this got me curious for the "real" show. Also do not be fooled by the episode list here. There are only 5 episodes, 2 of them are listed twice incorrectly. All five episodes run between 3 and 4 minutes, so the whole thing is not even half an hour long. If you want to watch it despite my review, go for it. It may be a bit of a waste of time, but luckily not of too much time. Not recommended.
  • Spinetinglers27 February 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Clark Kent is back; armed with only super powers and flannel shirts, can he save the world from Zod…? In season 5 of Smallville, Lana Lang and Clark Kent finally get it together. Clark, who has temporarily lost his powers, feels he can finally be honest with Lana. However, their happiness is be short-lived as Clark's powers are restored, and he is forced into lying to her again. Needless to say, their on/off relationship is now off, again. But don't worry too much about Lana - Lex is there to console her… Clark, however, has other things to worry him, such as Milton Fine, a liquid-metal shape shifter (T1000 anyone?) who is putting into play a villainous scheme to bring back Zod, Krypton's version of a genocidal maniac.

    Season 5, in my opinion, has tried to be to be a little bit different from other seasons of Smallville, and not necessarily to its detriment. Quite a few of the episodes are movie pastiches; the most blatant would be Mercy, which is an obvious pastiche of the Saw movies. There are many other movie tributes this season; for example, Carrie and Stir of Echoes are touched upon, to name but a few. I love movie references, personally: recognising them is the only time that I, as a total movie geek, can feel superior to others, and it is also the only time when I know that all those hours watching low-budget horror flicks has not been wasted!?! But the homage does not stop at the movies for this season. One episode has a vampire called Buffy Saunders, who Lana just has to slay, and there's a reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet in another – very highbrow for what is quintessentially a teenage drama.

    For those among you who aren't distracted by allusions to other forms of popular culture, there is plenty to entertain in this season's Smallville. Lex is as shady and charismatic as usual, Chloe and Clark kiss, and Lois is her angst-filled, no- nonsense self.

    Like all the other seasons of Smallville, this show owes more to programmes like X Files than it does to the original Superman comics, with the supernatural rather than the extraterrestrial element penetrating every episode. But don't lose heart, Sci-Fi fans: Zod is coming; therefore, I can only imagine that season 6 will be steeped in Superman mythology.