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  • I loved everything about this movie. I do wish that the ending had been drawn out just a bit more. Perhaps a sequel. Cody had been through so much and thought all was lost. He deserved just a minute more to bask in the moment. I was not familiar with John Newton or Alice Evans prior to this movie but I will watch for their work in the future. I am hooked. They are captivating. Excellent cast. Wonderful story of hope and how the smallest act of kindness can have a profound impact on our lives. The military theme was so well timed. The movie location was breathtaking. Thanks Hallmark for wonderful inspiring movies such as this one. I will look forward to the movie being released on DVD.
  • I am on a quest to watch every Christmas theme film ever made. I have seen over 50 in the past year alone and this one is one the best.

    For a change of pace this film is not about a poor young widowed mother. (That seems the major plot lines for Hallmark Movies) Its about "Love" and taking chances. In this film a soldier on leave (John Newton) visits a small town and falls for the woman (Alice Evans) who wrote a well-wishing card to the troops. The whole town has in fact sent soldiers Christmas Cards that have been fighting in Iraq. When one soldier loses his friends in combat his commander suggest that he "take leave". The soldier has no family of his own but his commander tells him he needs to go back to the USA to remember what he is really fighting for.

    This is a perfect movie. The film never drags. The leads are attractive. The location a beautiful co-star.

    Merry Christmas
  • In this generation, it's not easy finding movies that are not only excellent stories, but clean and wholesome for the whole family. The movie is "real" and not some fairy tale Christmas story. It makes you feel like you visited the characters yourself. The actors are all great, and the movie never gets boring. The plot continues to build on emotions and suspense of the fate of the lone soldier. It will make you look deeper into your own relationships to find your true feelings for someone in place of a false sense of belonging to someone. I would watch this many times again and more so at Christmas time. God bless the soldiers who receive such heartfelt Christmas cards and give them strength and hope to fulfill their dreams.
  • I have been monitoring this website for a couple of years now and have enjoyed reading the comments, but have never had the urge to leave a comment...until now. I was totally unfamiliar with Alice Evans, but was so taken by her performance, and by the story, that I had to comment. I loved the way she portrayed her character, interacted with John Newton, and solved the dilemma she faced. Ed Asner and John Newton had great performances as well, but Alice was the one who kept me captivated. My wife was watching the show and I passed through the room when the show was about half over. I watched for several minutes and, although I had missed the first hour, still got into the story quickly. I liked what I saw so much that I immediately sat down and watched the repeat encore in its entirety. Some may think the story predictable and maybe a bit syrupy, but I loved the wholesome way the characters were portrayed...especially how Alice portrayed Faith.

    I highly recommend this family oriented romantic story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although it has every cliché you've ever seen in holiday movies, this movie does a better job of it than most. Usually, the leading lady's boyfriend is a terrible person, which destroys the happy mood and makes the woman look like a fool. The boyfriend in this one is nice and clearly has strong feelings for his girlfriend, but they have nothing in common, he expects too much from her, and he makes big decisions without consulting her because he thinks big surprises are romantic (romance movies lead people to wrongly believe it is romantic). The new love interest is normally a funny, charming guy who is too shy to say how he feels. The one in this movie is a military man, so he knows life is short and always says what is on his mind. He's pretty serious, but he's helpful to everyone he meets and is a hard worker. He doesn't fall in love with the leading lady because of her beauty; he is touched that she writes holiday greeting cards to soldiers. Ordinarily, the family in holiday movies have some weird holiday-related family business and live in a creepily happy fake town. This movie takes place in Nevada City, CA and was filmed on location. The family has a logging business, so they do sell holiday trees (among other things like sawdust), but in a small town in the mountains this seems like a logical career. I also liked that there is a music score the whole time.
  • jimrice11 December 2006
    We need more shows depicting life in the rural areas, depicting prayer, family, and love.

    Ed Asner does a wonderful job as a Dad who wants his daughter to be happy with someone that respects her wishes. Great scenery, good story, and good family show.

    The bond between soldiers may be overstated, but we should all respect our troops, whether we believe our leadership is doing the right thing overseas, or not.

    The show also demonstrates how all the individuals respect each other, and how hard work can build a good life.

    Love begins with respect, and dies without it. To me, that is what this story is all about.
  • When I saw the advertisements for this movie I said to myself, "That looks SO sappy" But the night it showed, my mom and I were sitting in the living room watching TV and ended up on the Hallmark channel and watching "The Christmas Card". We were immediately caught up in the story and couldn't wait to see the ending, even though it ended at 1:30 a.m. This has to be my all time favorite Hallmark movie and in my Top 3 favorite movies of all time. I kept saying through out the movie to my mom, "Why can't all guys be Cody Cullen!?" I thought everyone did a wonderful job at acting. I loved the way the creators made the two old guys(Ed Asner and Peter Jason) the matchmakers. If you watch this movie you'll want to be apart of the Spelmen family, in a warm, cozy enviorment(where it actually snows in California) in the adorable small town of Nevada City.
  • I'm not sure why anyone would say this is a bad movie with "wooden" actors. My boyfriend (who is an Army veteran) and I just finished watching The Christmas Card and we both loved it and the acting. It's a heart warming experience. I loved the soldier aspect of the screenplay and how great the family and church experience are that surround him when he arrives in Navada City. There are many lessons for us all here, but of course Hallmark is great for taking you on a heartfelt journey that helps us look at others with more kindness. The town and the scenery are also very beautiful. You really do feel like you, for a couple hours, belong in this town and to this family. God bless the troops and the reason for the season for we can all do with a bit of the "magic" created by movies like this.
  • folsominc219 December 2006
    I thought it was a truly heartwarming picture with a lot of scenes that make a person feel nice and cozy inside. I love the reference to the Vietnam veterans which is another war that seemed never to end and the fact that the characters were very believable.

    Ed Asner's performance as usual is fantastic and very realistic.

    However, on the downside, I felt that the Faith character needed more strength in her performance and that it definitely needed a better ending. The ending was way too fast for such a build-up. I mean, there are some assumptions that viewers can take for granted but for there just to be a quick embrace after-wards was just too fast.

    Goof: The question I had is how or why was the diner open on Christmas day so that Faith could buy Cody the meal that she was carrying at the end of the movie. Seemed a bit far-fetched.

    Nevertheless, I hope to purchase this movie for my collection.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mostly every other reviewer has already reviewed the film adequately so I don't need to repeat that. I enjoyed the story and it made a good romantic holiday movie, light on faith, but strong in the bonds of fellowship with friends & family.

    The only part of this story that seemed original and true to the situation though, was the fact that Cody spent night after night in the lumber yard workshop making the wooden bench for the area at Luke & Rosie special place, as a celebration of love. It seemed to me that apart from falling in love with Faith, and Nevada City; Cody wanted to leave something substantial behind when he returned to Afghanistan.

    The romance seems believable and heartfelt, and is an all-round feel good family Christmas movie. The veteran / serving soldier elements feel a little misplaced in this movie and should only be considered as a prop to build the plot on.
  • I loved this movie! The Holidays are always difficult for me - I lost my fiancé of three years suddenly several years ago during the Christmas season, and often find the standard Holiday fare depressing or worse; reminders of past happier times.

    This film, as with many Hallmark productions, is uplifting and inspiring, not to mention timely, given our current involvement in Iraq. I come from a long line of Air Force officers - there are seven extended family members currently serving all over the World, including one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, so the war emphasis had special meaning for me.

    Although the film may not be Oscar material, the plot line just makes me feel better. I do hope Hallmark releases this movie on DVD, because I have continued to watch my TV recording over and over since the Holidays. When I'm having a bad day or lapsing into self pity and other negative feelings, I watch at least a portion of the movie. It never fails to improve my mood! Unless you're "dumber than a box of rocks", you just can't help but be reminded of hope, the power of a family's love and acceptance, the generosity of others and the ability to overcome the questionable decisions we all make in life.

    Finally, while some may think the plot line contrived, there are "Nevada City" cities all over our Country and people who really DO live their lives much as the movie characters do.

    BTW: Peter Jason as Uncle Richard "steals" every scene he's in, with his whimsical quips and general persona! I wish he were a member of my family! LOL
  • amazonwoman923 December 2006
    This movie is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Most Christmas movies tend to be very cheesy, but this one is not. I love this movie. It's good enough to watch all year round, and not just at Christmas. The leading man is one that every guy envy's, and every woman wants. He's kind, loyal, and respectable. Not to mention VERY handsome- to say the least. I would recommend watching this movie at least once. Even if you don't LOVE it like I do, I'm sure you'll think it was half way descent. It is very clean, but keeps your interest. It's a great movie to watch with family around the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas! =]
  • This plays out like a good drama . I was so engrossed in the story, I kept forgetting it was a Hallmark movie - that's how good it is ! The 2 main leads Alice Evans(Faith) & John Newton (Sgt Cody Cullen, the strong silent type) do a good job, as does the team of supporting actors, especially Peter Jason as Faith's Uncle. However, the tour-de-force belongs to Ed Asner who plays Faith's Dad, Luke. He's so good, so believable and has loads of good lines to deliver. The story itself is best left to others to describe, but it just conveys a love for Family , honour and tradition that tugs at the heart. It's a feel-good film - way better than you were expecting, I'll bet !
  • Absolutely love this movie! I think there should be a second Christmas Card
  • This is the one Christmas movie I have to watch every year. I love the characters and the actors in this patriotic movie. I would not change anything about it. You owe it to yourself to see this movie. I have only reviewed about a dozen movies, but have watched thousands, only two movies would I give a 10 to, this is one of them. I only wish that I could get an Ultraviolet copy of it.
  • First) The cast is great. Second) Its a film about adults. Third )The Setting is beautiful. Fourth) The characters are believable Fifth) It is about love.

    This film is first rate all the way. I was not exactly excited to see this. Later I found myself "Yelling at The Television" and I never do that. So the film was working on me more than I knew when I was watching it.

    I really love this film. Yes you can most likely guess the ending but "Not all of it" which makes this movie an emotional experience you will enjoy. This film is meant for ADULTS. Its not for people that love "Spider-Man".

    The story is a man is on leave from the Iraq war. With no family of his own he goes to a town where the residents send "Christmas Cards" to our service men. To say anything more would be wrong. I love this film. If you like love stories then this is a must. If your a guy buy this for your girlfriend or wife and watch it together. Trust me you will thank me later.

    Watch it and enjoy
  • I really liked this movie and it is just what i needed. John Newton was good and i really came to like him. He is a nice guy in real life and it carried over into this movie. Thanks John, the part was meant for you. The other actors were all good as well. This movie will not be a box office draw, but it will have its fans. I am so sick of all the sex, violence and murder out there, this movie was refreshing and gives hope that there are nice people still out there. Give yourself a treat this holiday season. This movie is based on a true story and in the future will become a holiday classic. Give it a chance and you will see John Newton is as nice as he looks!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Many of the movies of this type fail when it comes to chemistry between the leads and even more so, fail miserably when it comes to developing their coming together. This movie excels with both of these things. The chemistry is wonderful (totally lacking with the boyfriend) and the way the writers had them discovering it was real.

    It doesn't hurt when the leading lady has such beautiful eyes that are so expressive. And the male lead with his silent approach of wooing her was perfect. If you love romantic story telling, you will love this one. Ed Asner was wonderful as well as Lois Nettleton. You can't go wrong with this one.
  • The first time I watched this movie, I loved it! No profanity, no lewd sex scenes, no "blood & guts"! Wow!! In this day and age, that is a rarity! The story itself is great, the acting was very good. John Newton did a great job with this character and I would love to see a sequel to this show. Alice Evans did a good job, too, but Ed Asner, Lois Nettleton and the guy who played the Uncle did fantastic jobs. I've watched this movie time and again, and like others have stated, I'll buy the DVD when it comes out. It's just a very good movie about this time in our Country's history and a very good love story. My thanks to the Hallmark network for allowing us to view this great film!
  • I have seen this movie three times and would have seen it more If it had been on TV more times. Love the story, and the actors and the scenery was beautiful, told my friend about the story and she watched with me on Christmas day and she enjoyed it also.

    Do you have any idea when this will come out on DVD I want to buy this and then I can see it as much as I want to in my home.

    The dad and the uncle were very funny and I liked them. The girl that played the daughter was real and not fake acting. The people we open to a stranger in their town, and small town are like that opening up their home to help people out, especially vets.

    thanks neals-4
  • Lord knows I'm a sucker for Christmas time and Christmas movies. Each year, I cannot wait until after Thanksgiving so I can begin the ritual of watching Hallmark each night. This movie warms my heart like no other one has. From the scenery at the log cabin, to the Spellman mill, a sleigh ride on a winters night and the singing in the just doesn't get much better than this. This movie made me remember all the happy memories I had when my dad was alive...he loved Christmas and the snow, he couldn't wait to light a fire and relax while listening to Johnny Mathis music. I've watched this movie a dozen times and it never ever gets old...I love it so much so that I ordered it from Walmart and just watched it again on a cold winters day while waiting for a few inches of snow to arrive later on! My only wish is that the producers would have allowed us to see the family together that day eating Christmas dinner, sitting in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate with the Christmas carols in the background...I think they ended the movie without really wrapping it up for US, the viewers. They could have even made a sequel as I'm sure so many people would have loved. I think the actors cast in this movie were spot on... I loved each and every one, especially Ed Asner:) It's not very often a movie this good comes along, I'm so thankful for this one!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Best movie I've seen in a long time! So cute! My favorite character is Cody. My favorite Hallmark movie yet! I give it ten thumbs up! My favorite part in this movie was when when Cody and Faith kissed accidentally. Amazingly cute! I want to watch this movie over and over again, but I haven't taped it yet... But I will on Thursday! I'm so much in love with this movie. Just like how Cody is in love with Faith. Faith and Cody make such a cute couple. And I'm so glad that Faith didn't marry her boyfriend Paul, and decided to stay with Cody. I will always love this movie I think. I'll recommend this movie to anyone. Please watch it!!!! Please, please, please!
  • The biggest problem with this movie was not the story itself; it was the actress who played Faith (Alice Evans). When I first started watching the movie I could not put my finger on why this actress bothered me. There were moments I thought to myself "she is not bad" and then others moments when I was left scratching my head. It dawned on me half way through the film that Ms. Evans was not from North America and that she was obviously trying very hard to speak with an American accent. When I looked it up on IMDb I found that I was correct, she is from England and has mostly worked in England and France. It is hard to explain without someone watching, but when someone does not understand the subtleties and inflections of a certain accent they come across as stiff and awkward. This is what happened with Ms. Evans in this Hallmark movie. You could tell the dialog was forced and she was concentrating more on her accent than on acting. If they had gotten a different actress or even if Ms. Evans had gotten a better language coach this movie would have probably been an 8 or 9. It was a good story with an almost great cast. Unfortunately, having a less than convincing lead character made this movie less than appealing.
  • cowgirlup04819 February 2012
    This is one of my family's favorite Christmas stories and we can overlook the few inaccuracies in the movie as no big deal like whether there is one or two dog tags and whether or not the restaurant was open on Christmas Day. Many restaurants are open on holidays. I fell in love with the design of that log house and would love to see a layout of that house but no one seems to want to share. I am especially interested in the layout of the kitchen, dining area and great room. If anyone knows where this is or how to get it I would love to know. I also love the full length front porch. I agree that Faith could be a little better in the character and the ending a little longer but overall it will continue to be one of my favorite ones to watch.
  • grandmasug10 January 2007
    I loved it. It was sweet, clean, a wonderfully put together love story. A chick flick, but my husband wanted to see it over again, so, even men can enjoy it. I think it can give some people the right way to show someone you love them. Paul did it the wrong way and lost Faith. Cody did it the right way and won her. He was willing to walk away even tho he loved her if he thought it would be better for her. I loved Cody and I'm glad he won her. I would love to see a follow up. Luke and Rosie, Uncle Richard are excellent. And I love the lines that they gave to Ed Asner. Just the fact that she came from a great family that took Cody under their wing right away, that made it especially good. I would love to know where the movie was made. I looked up Nevada City and couldn't find it. Neither could I find Napa. It would have been nice to carry it out a little further to show the family that their plans had come true.
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