• WARNING: Spoilers

    Around Thanksgiving, Faith Spelman (Alice Evans) of Nevada City, California, participates in a local church activity around the holiday's called Operation Christmas Card in support of the troops overseas. She prepares a hand written letter with a photo of her home attached to the front of the card, which by chance, is delivered to Master Sergeant Cody Cullen (John Newton) stationed in Afghanistan around Christmas time. Shortly afterward, one of his buddies is killed while delivering medical supplies. His commanding officer, Colonel Ashby (Vaughn Armstrong), comforts him and orders him to take a leave of absence and asks him to deliver the dog tags of the killed soldier personally to the fiancee, that happens to live in Nevada City, California.

    While on leave, and after visiting the the gal that lost her fiancee, Cody Cullen happens across Faith Spelman in a diner while ordering the same sandwich, fries and hot coco that she likes, finding her eating his extra crispy fries. Cody Cullen spends the night in a nearby hotel and attends the local church, the same one that organized Operation Christmas Card, only to bump into Fait and her dad, Luke Spelman (Edward Asner). Luke discovers Cody is on leave from the Army and seeks him out after church, crossing the street while a speeding car approaches. Cody, a special forces soldier, acts quickly and tackles Luke before being run over.

    At the hospital, Rosie Spelman (Lois Nettleton) thanks Cody, as does Faith and Luke. Rosie insists Cody stay for dinner. At the house, which is on the card that Cody received from Faith, a plot thickens. Cody finds the home everything he had hoped it would be, and more. Luke offers Cody a chance to spend Christmas with their family and work at Luke's lumber mill during the holidays, helping Luke's brother-in-law Richard (Peter Jason) with the business.

    As Cody settles in to this new experience, he discovers family, friends and a love for Faith. He reluctantly doesn't reveal he received the Christmas card from her, making the best not to interfere with her current relationship with her boyfriend. Still, both Luke and Richard have a plan to play matchmaker.

    A touching story that tugs at your heart and is entertaining from start to finish. A must see for romantics and veterans alike.