The lumber mill is privately owned and is located just outside the Grass Valley/Nevada City area off of Ridge Rd at the bottom of Mountaineer Trail.

Lois Nettleton's final role.

Lois Nettleton guest stars as Lou Grant's (Ed Asner) boss in "What Do You Say When The Boss Says 'I Love You'", (S3 EP 20), of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

The covered bridge Cody is seen riding his motorcycle out of is located at Bridgeport State Park outside of Penn Valley, CA and downstream of the California Memorial for the Vietnam Veterans. It's closed to vehicular traffic, but is open to pedestrians.

When the Army camp is first shown you can see that it is named Camp Dobbs and dedicated to Lt. Frank Q. Dobbs who was killed in action on February 15th '05. This could be a reference to Frank Q. Dobbs, a screenwriter, producer, and director who died on February 15th. However, he died in 2006, not 2005. The '05 on the camp sign could have been a mistake.