Valerie Stowe: Anthony, I'm pregnant.

Anthony Stowe: [drunk and high] How could you forget to...

Valerie Stowe: The baby isn't yours.

Anthony Stowe: ...You fucked him! You fucked Callaghan!

Valerie Stowe: [throws her wedding ring at Anthony] You're sick! Don't ever talk to me ever again!

[storms out of the restaurant]

Anthony Stowe: Try not to fuck the valet on your way out!

Walter Curry: [entering a Mexican standoff] Anthony! Callaghan! Ha! Van Huffel!

Jimmy Medina: Hey, I'm Jimmy!

Gabriel Callaghan: Shut the fuck up, Jimmy!

Mark Rossini: You're such an asshole, you know that? You're a horrible man. And you know what no one's telling you? That you deserve everything that you got and more. Narcotics cop goes undercover, becomes an addict; it's all part of the job, yeah? Do you ever think that maybe, just maybe, it's because you're a junkie?


Mark Rossini: From asshole to vegetable in one bullet! That's the fucking book I'm gonna write.

[walks away]

Anthony Stowe: Sorry.

Valerie Stowe: Stop saying that.

Anthony Stowe: Huh. He seems nice.

Anthony Stowe: [holding a gun to Lorenz's head] If you're going to take a shot at a cop, make sure you kill him. And the fact that you were willing to take that shot means you have a lot to say.

Mac: Don't let your pain interfere with your judgement.