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  • user-468313 December 2006
    Samantha Brown's first TV show! Very good- mostly improv, which is her specialty. Sam goes all over the country to unique vacation homes, from sparkling white mansions to log cabins, from Montana to Florida. Sam, in all her bubbliness, explores the places people consider their home away from home. She does more than look at their home, though- she explores the area and really gets to know the family and their pastimes. On this show, Sam has gone horseback riding, roller blading, swimming, and of course, Sam has sampled quite a bit of food along the way. PineRidge Film and Television also did a great job with this show. The direction and camera-work are excellent. Who could have known that this little show would lead to Great Hotels, Passport to Europe, and Passport to Latin America? Samantha Brown has come far on the Travel Channel, and this is where it all began.