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  • Lifetime originals are never exactly ground breaking stuff. They are made for television movies that follow simple unoriginal formulas and pack them full of feminist nonsense.

    Let me clarify what I mean by that. In Lifetime movies every woman is strong empowered yet a victim while everyman is a wife beater, criminal, rapist, misogynist etc. They really are quite misandric.

    This one has it's moments of that but is lighter than usual. It tells the story of an FBI agent on the hunt for a bank robber who killed her fellow FBI agent boyfriend. The criminal has now taken a teenage girl hostage who suffers from diabetes and it's a race against the clock.

    You'll have worked out the entire film within the first 10 minutes, it lacks originality but being a Lifetime movie you do already expect that.

    It's harmless enough take your brain out entertainment if you know what you're walking into.

    The Good:

    Passably made

    The Bad:

    Generic stuff

    They still manage to get plenty of their brand of unnecessary feminist content in there

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    I learnt nothing, how could I learn from something so generic it's like I'd literally seen it before
  • Yes, the script for "12 Hours to Live" is patched together Frankenstein-style from some of the oldest thriller tropes in history, but if you can get past that and some hideously over-directed flashbacks, the main part of this film is quite good. The plotting is coherent and believable, the human drama genuinely touching and the characters are multidimensional. Even the villain evokes pity and pathos instead of just being a stick-figure menace. The acting is also excellent, with Ione Skye as the heroine (an FBI agent with a personal as well as a professional interest in catching the bad guy) and Kevin Durand as the villain (a psychopathic criminal specializing in bank robberies and not sure himself, as he tells us in the film, why he does what he does) standing out. This one is well worth watching and several cuts above the Lifetime TV-movie norm for this genre.
  • gem2220008 July 2006
    the plot sounded good - but - this movie never got it going, totally unrealistic in some respects and the directing was terrible. what was that dripping faucet about? i think the writers could have done a better job. some of the script was positively corny. and so many lose ends - why bring things up and never go anywhere with them. what happened to bj? what's the story with her dad? maybe i missed something, but i honestly think it was the movie that missed everything. unless you are really bored - and i mean REALLY - i wouldn't waste my time watching this movie and i certainly would change the channel if i come across it again.
  • In Belgarde County, in Illinois, the wanted criminal John Carl Lowman (Kevin Durand) runs out gas in an isolated area; he carjacks a car with a couple and kidnaps the diabetic teenager Amy Kennedy (Brittney Wilson). The FBI Agent Megan Saunders (Ione Skye), whose partner and lover was killed by Lowman a couple of years ago in a bank heist, assumes the investigation and finds that Amy needs insulin injection in less than 12 hours, otherwise she will die. However, when her superior arrives in the location, he dismisses Megan since she is haunted by her fail in the past. But she seeks out her absent father to ask for some advice to help her to find Amy while the time is ticking.

    "12 Hours to Live" has a promising beginning with an intriguing situation. However, the unrealistic and commercial resolution of the plot is weak and full of clichés. The flawed and annoying screenplay has a repetitive flashback with the shooting where Megan's partner is killed. Further, I do not know why this movie is dubbed in English, and the emotionless voices are too artificial and not synchronized with the movements of the lips. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "12 Horas Para Viver" ("12 Hours to Live")
  • There is a running joke in my house that Lifetime is not on in my presence. Please do not let anyone know that I tuned in to see Ione Skye. I had no choice and could not pass up an opportunity to see her.

    She did a good job as an FBI agent tracking down the slime-ball (Kevin Durand) who killed her partner (Michael Boisvert).

    Durand (Smoking Aces, Wild Hogs) snatches a diabetic girl (Brittney Wilson) as a hostage and, in the Lifetime way, starts to care for her. Of course, Skye is more concerned with the girl than the murderer. You expect all this from a Lifetime movie, but you have to get by it to enjoy the story.

    Unfortunately, there isn't much else, so, it has to be rated for Ione Skye fans only.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ENDING: Kidnapped teenage girl is unharmed. FBI Lady rescues girl from the house where she was held before she goes into diabetic shock. We see ambulance leaving the scene, taking girl to hospital. Bad Guy has already left house long before rescuers arrive. He's high-tailing it to an abandoned factory to get hidden bank heist. The local sheriff is not at the rescue scene. He's in his speeding patrol car & tells FBI Lady to wait for backup before she pursues Bad Guy. FBI Feminist Heroine pursues Bad Guy anyway, ignoring orders of Male Chauvinist Sheriff. She catches up to Bad Guy right after he retrieves bags of hidden cash. They engage in "profound" dialog (hahahah), then simultaneously exchange gunfire. Bad Guy dies. Fade away to a scene of a man fishing on a lake bank. It's FBI Lady's retired FBI Dad. They have a "deep" FBI-Father-FBI-Daughter conversation that neatly wraps up the show.
  • John Carl Lowman (Kevin Durand) is a killer on the run. He has committed six bank robberies and killed a federal agent. He carjacks a car in the woods and takes diabetic teenager Amy Kennedy (Brittney Wilson) as his hostage. FBI Agent Megan Saunders (Ione Skye) takes on the case to hunt down Lowman who killed her partner. She finds that Amy needs an insulin injection in less than 12 hours or else she'll die.

    The premise is a bland Lifetime movie retread. I like Kevin Durand. He plays a good psychopath. Ione Skye is an acceptable FBI agent, but she doesn't have the powerful presence needed to lead. The girl Brittney Wilson has limited acting skills. The writing lacks pace and intensity. The style and direction is strictly TV-movie level. There isn't really anything to recommend here.
  • Let me first say that LMN movies are my guilty pleasure. I enjoy them for the cheese. In fact, the cheesier, the better. They don't have to make sense at all. As long as they are over the top and filled with scandalous plot lines, I will forgive cheap productions.

    That being said... This film's screenwriter must not have anyone with Diabetes in their life or have known anyone. Type 1 Diabetes can be extraordinarily dangerous but not in the way it is depicted in this film. I have yet to see a realistic portrayal except in my own film I made. This isn't a plug, I'm not leaving my website, I just had to write about the laughable depiction in this otherwise cheesy LMN goodness.
  • mikev26 December 2009
    Similar to what others have said, the plot had a promise at the beginning but fizzles out badly, as only a Lifetime movie can do. Contrived with the all-to-predictable Lifetime redemption ending is too much to handle.

    Ione Skye gives an absolutely wooden performance, mostly running around in her FBI baseball cap trying to prove her worth to the Lifetime stock evil-man character played by Kim Coates as another FBI agent. I was waiting for Ione Skye to do the Charlies' Angel shake of the hair before kneeling down with pistol drawn and yelling, "Freeze!" While easy on the eyes, Ione Skye is a terrible actress, at least in this vehicle.

    Michael Moriarity's cameo is absolutely meaningless. It was as if the producers added the character so they could have his name on the credits. Hey, it worked as I only watched via "On Demand" because of his name.

    Kevin Durand gives a credible performance as the bad guy, although the bad plot makes even his overall performance mediocre. Brittney Wilson is hard to like as the kidnapping victim, but she and the other actors weren't given a viable script... or direction... or much of anything else but a typical Lifetime formula B movie.

    Watch only if you have nothing else to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** What seems like a watered down version of "High Serria or it's 1955 re-make "I Die 1,000 Times" the made for TV movie "12 hours to Live" has hardened escape convict John Carl Lowman, Kevin Durand, on the run from the FBI and local Belgrade County sheriff Ray Taylor, Doug Abrahams, with the kidnapped 16 year-old Amy Kennedy,Brittney Wilson, as his hostage.

    We get to see the human side of the cold-blooded killer Lowman when after realizing that Amy is a diabetic and desperately needs insulin and glucose injections to stay alive he suddenly forgets his flight from the law and tries to get Amy help even if it means death or imprisonment if he's caught! We also get to see lady FBI agent Magan Saunders, Ione Skye, hot on Lowman's tail not just because of his kidnapping of Amy but his gunning down her partner and lover in the FBI Mark Phillips, Michael Boisvert, in a bank robbery outside Chicago.

    Feeling responsible for Mark's death in her hesitating to open fire on Lowman while he was holding a woman both hostage and as a human shield Magan more then ever has to prove to herself and her FBI bosses that she still got what it takes to be a G-man or in her case G-woman. Despite gunning down a number of people while he's on the run Lowman still is determined to save Amy's life by getting her injections of medications leaving himself open to be caught by the police and FBI.

    Despite Lowman giving Magan a chance to escape when he had his gun pointed at her skull she in fact doesn't return the favor when she has him cornered in a deserted factory blasting Lowman away together with the $200,000.00 he and his partner, who called himself Captain Kirk, stole from bank where Agent Mark Phillips was gunned down. Captain Kirk himself was later whacked by Lowman who felt that he was holding out on him with the stolen loot in him thinking that he, in all his running from the police, lost interest in it!

    We also get to see actor Michael Moriarty as Magan's on and off again drunken father Donald Saunders who as trouble both standing up straight and walking a straight line. The time we get to see him he was said to be sober for a record 96 straight days but by his actions, in almost falling on his face and slurring his words, you never could tell. Still despite the desperate state of intoxication he was in being drunk to the point of seeing pink elephants or in his case, in going fishing, pink catfishes Mr.Saunders, a former FBI big shot, still was able to pull some strings with Magan's bosses. That in order to keep Magan on the case, because her FBI higher ups considered her to be a grade #1 screw up, after they reassigned her somewhere else.