Proxy One: From the perspective of others I am part of the world, but when I observe the world from my perspective I am nowhere to be found. To observe is to create perspective. I can never cease to be the point of origin from my perspective. I observe that which is not myself. This is the first principle to find.

Proxy One: I am nobody. Even if I was somebody, I am beyond your comprehension. And even if you could, you wouldn't have the tools to express that knowledge. I do not belong to the world. That is the limit, the boundary between all and self.

Hoody: A lie is truth, until you recognize it as a lie. To see the truth behind those lies is probably the right thing to do. However, it may not necessarily bring happiness. Lies are happiness.

Kazkis Proxy: All those who wander in the darkness seek the light, but when they reach the light, they turn away their eyes from the blinding glare.