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  • I watched this tonight and enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a Canadian Broadcasting Company docu-drama, made for television but has extremely high production values and is both well directed and acted.

    The story, based on a true climb of Everest, tells the bittersweet tale of the 1982 Canadian expedition. While I have climbed a few hills, I am not really a mountain climber or big fan of the sport so I cannot comment on the technical aspects or historical accuracy depicted in the film but I saw nothing to argue with.

    The screenplay was also very well done and ensured that there was an air of underlying suspense and humor throughout; it was entertaining and engrossing.

    While William Shatner is prominently depicted on the cover art he really has a cameo role while the rest of the cast carries it off splendidly. At no time did I feel I was watching something made for television and wouldn't even have thought of it or commented had someone else not already mentioned it.

    If you find the subject matter interesting, by all means give it a watch.
  • undeaddt26 December 2017
    I liked this movie pretty much. When I saw the Everest title, I expected something good. The movie is filled with emotions, both happy and sad and if I did not read just now that it was for commercial television, I would've never guessed it. Great acting, great movie, great screenplay.
  • spinn-11 September 2008
    I am sure the CBC appreciated Priestly showing up for his 30 seconds of screen time , however advertising the mini series as staring priestly is wrong.When Canadian TV is making strides with shows like Flashpoint( CTV )and the Boarder ( CBC) , this production reminded me just how bad the CBC can be.The sound track featured circa early 1970 music ( Crowbar Oh what a feeling) despite the fact the expedition occurred in 1982. Also it is a close call whether long necked beer bottles were available during the year leading up to the expedition . There were many scenes in the series that showed the climbers drinking out of longneck bottles when part of our Canadian identify up until 1982 was the Stubby beer bottle .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched my fair share of Mt Everest movies to tell which one is good and which one stinks. This movie totally holds up and doesn't back down for nothing. The actor's were amazing, the scenic views breathtaking, the chemistry with the actor's were spot-on and the story itself was tightly written. Only two flaws I spotted was William Shatner only had about 10-15 minutes of screen time and Jason Preistly had if lucky 5 minutes of screen time.

    A team of mountain climbers bare the elements to climb the highest peak on Earth, Mt Everest. They do so honor a dream of fellow climber who lost his life in a freak accident while solo climbing a mountain. The harsh weather, high altitude and whatever the mountain threw at them only made them more determined to climb further. The end becomes a celebration to bring tears of happiness for their successful climb. Now if that's not good acting then I don't know what is. This one is one of the best I've seen yet and one to sure please.