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  • Warning: Spoilers
    With only two weeks as opposed to the normal four weeks of build up it is no wonder WWE's 2006 edition of Vengeance seemed a little rushed. Still, on paper, the card looked strong. With two Championships on the line, the return of the greatest group of the 90's DX, and a few inter promotional wars, this was possible going to be the hidden treasure of 2006. It wasn't.

    The main event of the evening saw the returning DX battle McMahon's henchmen, The Spirit Squad. The match was nothing special. Why it was even booked as the main event of the night is beyond me. Actually correction, Triple H and HBK having so much stroke backstage is why the match was booked as the main event. I guess Triple H has turned over a new leaf since WrestleMania X8 where he was against allowing Hogan and The Rock to take centre stage in the Skydome. The Championship match is always the last match he stated. I guess times change huh?

    The WWE Championship match was an excellent contest and ties with me for match of the night status. I was shocked to see Rob Van Dam walking away with the Championship. If I was a betting man I would have staked the house on Edge becoming a two time champion. I guess tonight was not his night.

    The other great match of the evening was the Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat match between defending Champion Shelton Benjamin, Carlito and Johnny Nitro. This was an amazing contest and could have gone to anyone. Carlito in particular was on amazing form. Some very unique offence in this one. It reminded me of the glory days of the Intercontinental Championship. Johnny Nitro stole the win in this one when he pinned Benjamine after Carlito had nailed the champ with the backcracker. Nitro and Melina. The Shawn Michaels and Sensational Sherry of 2006.

    John Cena finally got some revenge and perhaps more importantly some respect from ECW after he defeated Sabu in a wild Extreme Lumberjack match. The match was good, very physical but could have been better if they had been permitted more time.

    That is the same for the Nature Boy taking on the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. I was interested to see how this one would play out after all the back and forth gripes and real life animosity between these two superstars. It is good to see they have put their differences behind them for the sake of the business. The crowd was red hot for Ric Flair in his home town of Charlotte. Flair won the match after Foley reverted back to his hardcore ways with a trash can. Not happy with losing, Foley then busted Ric Flair with his trusted barbed wire baseball bat. Flair did a major juice job. This is certainly just the start of the feud between these two legends of the squared circle.

    We go from real legends to the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. He was matched against ECW's Kurt Angle in the opener of the night. Once again, if these two had been allocated more time, this could have stole the show easily. Instead Orton got the cheap win after Angle's face connected with the exposed turnbuckle and walked straight into an RKO.

    In other action, Umaga destroyed Eugene and then decimated Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Doink The Clown in the only semi entertaining part of their confrontation. Umaga, the Samoan Bulldozer was, for some strange reason, afraid of the now 91 year old Kamala and retreated up the ramp. Mind you, if a man of that size walked towards me mumbling and slapping his stomach I think I would head in the opposite direction too.

    The Imposter Kane defeated the real Kane in another mediocre match which would be best suited for Monday Night Raw.

    All in all, Vengeance 2006 was a fairly good single brand pay-per-view. It could have and should have been a lot better. Hopefully they will kick things up a gear on the road to SummerSlam in Boston.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    the pay per view had a solid card ,but the order or the matches almost ruins the night. Next up the recap of the matches.

    1-)kurt Angle vs Randy Orton -Single match: good opener, nothing great. Surprisely the audience was 75-35 or 80-20 in favor of Orton. Orton picks up the victory with the RKO. personally I enjoyed this match but the slow pace action prevents me from give it a high grade. rating 3.5/5.

    2-)Umaga vs Eugene -Single match: another Squash ,Umaga beats Eugene down, connect the Samoan bulldozer and later finish him with the Samoan Spike, after the match Umaga also attack doing and Duggan , and he runs away from kamala. I like Umaga but he needs to do something different than Squashing people. rating 1.5/5.

    3-)Mick Foley vs Rick Flair -best of three falls: Bad. you could hear the "Holly Crap" chants. Flair picks up the first fall with a 'school boy' and later the second by DQ. After the match Mick viciously attacked flair with the barbed wired baseball bat. A bad match but better than the previous one. rating 2.5/5.

    4-)Johny Nitro vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin(c) -IC Title: wow !!what a match!!,it looks like a money in the bank ,many Aerials bumps, they show what wrestling should be. The only bad thing was the ending..... rating 4/5.

    5-)Edge vs RVD(c) -WWE Title: great match and a candidate to the match of the year, great efforts by both edge and RVD, many hard bumps like the power Bomb in the outsides of the ring, that really looks painfully. I think this should be the main event. rating 5/5.

    6-)Fake Kane vs Kane -Single match do you remember HHH-Steiner matches?, this is even worse , the boring chants filled the arena. 1/5.

    7-)John Cena vs Sabu -Extreme Lumberjack Match good match by better than the Orton-angle and worse than the edge-RVD , the lumberjacks made their jobs , they kept the audience in attendance . Cena wins with the STF-U. rating 4/5.

    8-)DX(HBK && HHH) vs DX HHH strikes again , he almost ruins the last wrestlemania by moving to the upper-mid-card the real main event (the triple threat)and now he does the same to the edge-RVD match. This match is pretty much like the rock-Hogan matches. they work the audience 90% of the time. The Spirit Squash....i mean Squad, those guys overact the 99.9999% of the time . This was more a comedy match. Predictable ending HHH && HBK the masters of taking over companies and Burying Careers win with their respectives finishers .Nothing great. rating 3/5.

    Some very good things but the order was terrible. Edge-RVD should be the main event and DX-SS match to the mid card.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I bought this DVD, I thought that it was a very decent show to say the least, Raw has focused more on making this a great PPV with good matches and the return of DX. However the match placing of some matches on the card is the only problem that this event lacks.

    FIRST MATCH- KURT ANGLE VS. RANDY ORTON I actually quite agree to putting this as the opener. This is quite a good rivalry, that can only just get better. The match pace started off very slow, but continued to pick up during the end. A bit disappointed with this match as these two are one of the WWE's best superstars. Orton wins after an RKO on Angle. 5/10

    SECOND MATCH- UMAGA {W/KAMALA, DOINK THE CLOWN AND HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN} VS. UMAGA {W/ARMANDO ELJANDRO ESTRADA} Ehhh we shouldn't be seeing a squash match on live PPV. By the way what is this match doing on the card, give Umaga a better opponent, Eugene is not the right one. Very quick match which made no sense at all. Umaga squashes Eugene after a Samoan Spike. Afterwards Umaga knocks down Jim Duggan and Doink The Clown, but backs off against Kamala. Very weird booking here which once again should not have been on the card. 2/10.

    THIRD MATCH- RIC FLAIR VS. MICK FOLEY IN A 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH These two are capable of much much better than this. This match was really boring, and did not show enough ring chemistry between these two legends. Pretty slow and boring, and the use of weapons in this match did not help at all. Flair wins by 2 falls after Foley on the second fall gets himself disqualified by hitting a trash can on Ric Flair's head. After the match, Foley busts Flair open by using 2 by 4 barbed wire to make Flair bleed profusely. 4/10

    FOURTH MATCH- SHELTON BENJAMIN {CHAMPION} VS. CARLITO VS. JOHNNY NITRO {W/MELINA} FOR THE WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Very good triple-threat match for the IC Title. All three men put on one great match filled with excellent wrestling and chemistry between these men. Shelton Benjamin is truly championship material, and it showed right here. Nitro wins his first singles gold after pinning Shelton after Carlito hit the Backstabber on him. 6/10

    FIFTH MATCH- ROB VAN DAM {CHAMPION} VS. EDGE {W/ LITA} FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP A non-stop exciting match that I enjoyed really well. This should of been the mainevent but we can't have everything that we want. Great spots, and very exciting wrestling between these two men. Very good match that did not stop the excitement from flowing and both men did not slow the pace down at all. Hands down to both great performers, RVD retains his title after a Frog-Splash on Edge. 7/10

    SIXTH MATCH- JOHN CENA VS. SABU IN A EXTREME RULES LUMBERJACK MATCH Not a bad match, but could of been a bit better, it could of been a bit longer. The Lumberjack gimmick helped out the match and became exciting when Raw and ECW Superstars started brawling at ringside. Cena wins after making Sabu tap out to the STFU. 5/10

    SEVENTH MATCH- KANE VS. 'IMPOSTER' KANE Bad match, bad storyline. Honestly Kane deserves better than this, he is a veteran and could easily retire soon. Very slow and sloppy match which hardly got the crowd involved. 'Imposter' Kane wins after a Chokeslam. 4/10

    EIGTH MATCH- DX VS. THE SPIRIT SQUAD IN A 5-2 HANDICAP TAG TEAM MATCH While I thought the match was both good and bad, this still should not have been the mainevent, but I understand that this is the way WWE hypes the major DX return. I was surprised to how exciting this match turned out to be as there were some great spots in this match such as one Spirit Squad member jumping off a trampoline and hitting a bulldog on HBK. Good handicap match, and a very average mainevent that could off been in the mid-card. DX supposedly wins after HHH hits a Pedigree on one member of the Spirit Squad. 5/10

    As I wrote in the title of this post, I think it is safe to say that this event was pretty much decent. While it was a good event after the abysmal failure of the last Raw PPV Backlash 2006, this show could of made the WWE Championship the mainevent, and the handicap match a mid-card. But still great show, which does not make me want to return the DVD and ask for my money back.

    Overall I'll give it 7/10 and a C+
  • jts040510 January 2009
    Vengeance 2006 was a little effort done show for the WWE. 2006 was a good year for WWE pay per views, but this one wasn't the best.

    Match 1: Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle - A good opening match. This match culminated these two and their mid 2006 rivalry. With Angle scoring the win at One Night Stand, it was expected for Orton to finally gain a measure of revenge. In the end Orton plants an RKO on Angle to gain the victory. Thus making it a score of 1-1 between him and Angle.

    Match 2: Umaga vs Eugene - Lousy wasteful match. Just a plain short crap fest. Umaga dominates Eugene and finally hits a Samoan Spike to get the easy win.

    Match 3: Ric Flair vs Mick Foley in a 2 out of 3 Falls match - These two could have done so much more with this match. The first fall lasted a little while with Flair scoring the pinfall win. Then the second fall is just short lived with Foley getting himself disqualified, giving Flair the easy 2 fall win over Foley. Wasted match, that could have been a lot better.

    Match 4: Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Carlito vs Johnny Nitro in a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship - One of the better matches of the night. Nitro got the huge singles push that he needed in this one. After tagging with Joey Mercury for a while, this really gave him he much needed spotlight to shine in. Nobody expected Benjamin to retain in this one, Carlito was off the hook in this one. One of his more stellar performances in the ring. In the end Nitro takes Carlito's pin to steal the gold. He sort of earned it.

    Match 5: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Edge for the WWE Championship - You would think that Van Dam vs Edge would have been on before the handicap match, but they book it as if it is just for a mid-card title. Rob Van Dam put on a great performance. They took each other to the limit for the title. A great title main event for this event. Lita tries to give Edge a much needed advantage against the resilient champion Van Dam, but in the end RVD gets his Frog Splash to retain. Nice match.

    Match 6: ''Imposter'' Kane vs Kane - Honestly one of the worst matches I have ever seen. The ''Imposter'' Kane (who is actually Festus right now) really was a terrible wrestler. Kane should not have been dominated by someone using his gimmick against him. In the end the ''Imposter'' hits a tombstone piledriver to defeat the real Kane. A lot of boring chants in this one. Horrible match.

    Match 7: John Cena vs Sabu in an Extreme Lumberjack match - One of the better matches that Cena has been in. Sabu really did some great weapon spots and carried a good match out of Cena. It went really fast and could have been a little better. In the end Cena FU's Sabu out of the ring through a table, then brings him in for the submission win. This poises Cena for a return bout for the WWE title.

    Match 8: D-Generation X vs The Spirit Squad in a 5-on-2 Handicap match - This is the only pay per view main event featuring the Spirit Squad. They were pretty impressive for first time main eventers. Triple H and Shawn Michaels got dominated and dominated respectively against them. The whole match seemed to favor the newly reunited DX. In the end we do see the newly reformed D-Generation X take the win. They overcome the odds and the crowd goes wild. Better than expected main event.