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  • Warning: Spoilers
    And the rabbit died laughing!

    Controversy took over the media for both parts of this episode where the 47 year old Maude discovers that she's pregnant, leading to hysterical reactions of her friends and family. Future regular Rue McClanahan makes her first appearance as Vivian, unfortunately wearing a hideous gray wig that is completely unflattering on her. The funniest script of the series up to this point deals with women's rights concerning reproductive issues and Carol's urging Maude to have an abortion.

    This deals with Maude's dilemma over whether or not to have the baby, and the support she gets is really touching, especially by Walter and Carol. It's an intelligent and witty episode that also deals with men's responsibilities concerning their part in creating pregnancy. It may seem rather tame now, but in 1970's sensibilities, it was far too liberal for millions. That makes this one of the most important shows in the series' history as well as in TV history.
  • Maude finds out she is pregnant and is unsure about whether she will have the baby.

    The beginning of the most controversial sitcom episode of the 1970s. It is also significant for the first appearance of Rue Mclanahan as Maude's friend Vivian. Maude breaks the news to Walter while he is eating a chicken leg and he nearly chokes for the funniest moment. He tells Maude whatever she decides is OK with him and he also says he will get a vasectomy. This sets up Part II of the story, the first time for a multi part episode in the series.