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  • ancze29 June 2006
    One of the most bitter movies I've ever seen, but at the same time - one of the most credible ones. My utmost admiration goes to Marek Kondrat, because playing a dead drunk man on the verge of suicide cannot be an easy task! Some people who went to see this movie only as a continuation of "Dzien Swira" and expected it to be nothing but another wicked comedy, left the theater disappointed. It's a symbolic and "painfully" real picture that makes you think. Especially if you've ever experienced similar situations. Expect all kind of emotions, a few shocking images (well, at least disgusting), expect hectoliters of alcohol and some really good acting. And enjoy - it's just a movie after all... Right?
  • myszciu23 January 2007
    i am an alcoholic and this film made me cry. it was suggested by my aunt and mother, both hesitant in their suggestions. i did not drink while watching. i think polish movies should be advertised more. they're brilliant. unless they win at Cannes or Oscars, no one knows about them!!!! or the English-speaking world doesn't. please watch this if you have a drinking problem or know someone who does. i love cinema and this film portrayed the associated difficulties so powerfully. the religious stuff might turn some off but you gotta think allegorically. i think this movie should be mandatory in any alcohol rehab. i miss being in Poland - i forgot how great the acting was.
  • It's a story of three generations of Miauczynski-family, told from the perspective of the second and third male. The reasons for the alcoholism of the first Miauczynski are disregarded - the director instead concentrates on the alcoholism of Adam (2nd) and the influence it has on his son Sylwek (also on Adam's wife and mother). The conclusions are obvious but along the way the viewer receives an excellent examination of social relations in the middle and lower class in Poland - Koterski shows the extent to which alcoholism has been institutionalized in Poland as one of the reasons why this problem hasn't been solved. Great acting by Chyra, not so much by Kondrat. The rest of the cast is good.
  • Adam Mialczynski, known from "dzien swira"("day of wacko") used to be a heavy alcohol drinker. during a chat with his son(Sylwek), they are recalling memories of their past lives. the story of Adam and his fight with alcoholism is shown. as his childhood was hard and father was drinking, he starts drinking too. in his marriage he has a son, Sylwek, who may be known from "dzien swira" and is the only person Adam really loves but it's not so easy for both of them because Adam always returns home drunk and he seems like he was a different person. the movie is not only a masterpiece of Polish film art but also a great display of an alcohol addict's hard dramatic live and a lesson for all young not to be like that.
  • Leszek513 June 2006
    My recommendation: this is SECOND movie in my life I left cinema in the middle. Why ? This is not comedy anymore like previous movie "Dzien Swira" - with same director, main character and actor. This is unfortunately taken seriously. Very poor story. Badly played. Stupid dialogs. Builded correlation main character = alcoholic = Christ is flat, boring and too simple. Very poor child acting - typical in polish movies. Director simply spoiled good idea making very bad movie. He tried to tell story about his life - son of main character is played by director's son. But he failed. Woody Allen shows much better his phobias than Koterski. I feel 'appreciated' by 2 of 47 people agreeing with me. It seems Polish movie maniacs will accept even s*#t, but made by their favourite director. Sorry guys, this movie is BAD, despite of previous Koterski's movie. Black is always black, even if other people declare it shines brightly.