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  • An incomprehensible mess that attempts both a WW2 battle story and a sci-fi creature story. It achieves neither.

    Weird science performed by a loony Nazi scientist (an embarrassed Ben Cross) turns a WW2 Nazi soldier into Hulk's blue cheap-fx cousin. His veins are neon, his face contorted. He growls and grunts a lot. He croaks everybody he sees: French Resistance, Americans, British, Nazis, lousy actors, mad scientists, bad scriptwriters, SCI-FI channel fans, and anybody else he can find. Soldiers futilely shoot the thing until it kills them. One idiot punches the creature after seeing how invincible it is.

    The CGI technology used to animate the creature is about equal to the 1970's "Ping Pong" video game. The battle scene choreography looks like "Saving Private Ryan" meets "Saved by the Bell." The acting is atrocious, the script disjointed and aimless.

    WW2 action and sci-fi fail to blend in this story, and both elements suffer. So does the audience.
  • I'm used to a certain amount of cheese from "Sci-Fi Original" movies. I'm used to unreasonable premises, less than ILM-quality visual effects, and "mammoth" plot holes.

    And yet I was STILL disappointed by "SS Doomtrooper." Most of my displeasure is reserved for the rendering of the Doomtrooper itself. If this had been the villain on a Playstation One game ten years ago, it would have been OK. In 2006, though, with the myriad of talented CG artists available, it's unforgivable.

    Then there's the writing. From having a character named Parker Lewis (see Corin Nemec's filmography,) to the selectively deaf demolitions expert, to characters who can survive what should be fatal gunshots and never see the inside of a hospital, to having a villainous monster who can shrug off being shot point blank by a tank, yet can have a hand lopped off by a bayonet, the writing was bad. Just bad.

    Corin Nemec and Ben Cross are MUCH better than this...
  • tom-darwin31 August 2006
    Another bag of Brain Fritos from the maestros of Grade Z cable television. A Nazi mad scientist (Cross) uses "atomic radiation" (as opposed to chocolate radiation) to turn a SS soldier into a mindless, invulnerable killing monster. Learning of Herr Krankendocktor's lab, the Americans recruit Captain America--er, Malloy (Nemic)--to assemble a team & go on an Alistair MacLean Mission to destroy the lab. Usually, when Heroes take on Mad Scientists in their Mad Labs, there's some mixture of action, suspense, tragedy, maybe even wonder or romance. Unfortunately, but as usual in Sci-Fi Channel Originals, the monster is revealed in the VERY FIRST SCENE, guaranteeing a complete absence of surprises. Nevertheless this film is outstanding in a few ways, not all good by any means. Nemic & a few others are better actors than this turkey deserves and they occasionally get it aloft for a few minutes. The special effects are cheap but mostly well done, a fine but somewhat wasted quality of most Sci-Fi productions, considering the lame scripts. What makes "Doomtrooper" interesting is how astonishingly bad it is in so many ways, especially its unabashed--nay, determined--method of ripping off other films. The monster is an amalgamation of the Hulk, Godzilla, "Resident Evil's" Nemesis & the Predator. The team is made up of attitudinal Army convicts, a "Dirty Half-Dozen," although some of its actors had better hope that John Cassevetes never finds them in the afterlife. Cross may have the dubious distinction of being the first actor to emulate Bela Lugosi's Ed Wood period (Lugosi's accent was more convincing). Trivia buffs, watch this with friends & see who can accurately pinpoint the most ripoffs. Then watch it again & see who can point out the most factual errors--there are so many that it's pointless to even begin to list them here. I still can't believe that Sci-Fi bailed on the last season of "Farscape" yet still pushes these embarrassing "originals" that are a letdown on every level (there isn't even any sex, the one easy exploitation that has a chance of rescuing a lame science fiction story). Strange are the ways of cable television! But, if that's how it has to be, let's play along. How about some sequels called "Frankenfuhrer," or "Germanzilla," or maybe "Resident Nazi?" Or...not?
  • I'm almost open to the idea that this is fact a comedy, because quite possibly its worst acted, scripted and directed film I've seen in a long time.

    Think "Aliens" meets "Band of Brothers" meets "Robocop" via the computer game "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".

    I just love the total lack of any authenticity; snipers stood in the middle of the road; machine guns that never run short of ammo. Fantastic.

    As for the Doomtrooper. Hey, all they have to do is shut down the Playstation 2 its been rendered from and they will be sorted. Boy, does it look terrible. As do all the CGI effects. I mean the matte of the sea, with the fortress in the background. Its just awful! I like the idea of hiding in a house with all the lights on and no curtains.

    But worse of all. The most terrible thing in all of this. Ben Cross. Dear, dear me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "A Sci-Fi Channel Original" has to be most dreaded phrase in broadcasting...It's a shame that one can't award negative stars...

    SS Doomtrooper is a completely stupid waste of time, not worthy of even a high school film school student.

    The writers, director and producer of this piece of garbage -- all of whom either never even took or just failed high school history -- insult even the low intelligence/sophistication associated with video game junkies. The Sci-Fi channel, on which this aired, has once again shown how little it respects the intelligence of its viewers.

    From the beginning, one is asked to believe that the Nazis and the German Army are in league with mad scientists, employing idiotic tactics to confront the pending victory of the Allies. British intelligence has discovered that the Germans have developed and deployed a new radar station near Strasbourg, France which can control the fire of anti-aircraft guns. But all that is needed to overcome their latest desperate evil attempt to thwart the Allies is a last minute gathering of a hodgepodge unit of American and British convicts a la "The Dirty Dozen" for a raid behind German lines in France. They order an American paratrooper officer to put together a team to deal with the threat.

    Unbeknownst to the same intelligence officers is that -- for almost a year -- a near mad, amoral scientist has been using the same top secret facility -- on French soil rather than in Germany -- to turn ordinary German soldiers into "Doom Troopers" (which on my TV looked like obvious rejects from video games -- so much for any real special effects budget) using atomic radiation.

    Then the writers seriously turn up the "viewers all stupid so we don't have to care" factor.

    The viewer is expected to believe that despite knowing the exact location of the radar, allied intelligence doesn't know that there is also a French Resistance unit in the same area. Of course, the unit is led by an oh so brave and beautiful woman.

    The viewer then sees that, despite years of war, the Germans still know no better than to send in a lone tank -- without(!) infantry support -- to bring back their errant Doomtrooper soldier from the nearby French village. The Germans also seem not to know -- or conveniently forget -- that the village has an active Resistance unit, despite their having previously engaged the creature. All this allows members of the Allied unit to sneak up on the lone tank from behind -- all the while talking aloud -- and capture the tank (actually a Soviet T-34 subbing for a German Panther) simply by killing the tank commander and gunner (I guess the tank's driver and gun loader simply died of shock).

    The Germans also have no problem with setting up a decoy guard hut in the middle of a field with only a single(!) sniper to cover it. Of course, the sniper is so absorbed with his work he cannot hear the American officer and French Resistance leader as they crunch through the snow to sneak up behind him.

    The new German radar used to control the anti-aircraft fire is so advanced that the dish only needs to be laid on the ground, leaning against the inner sidewall of a castle with "40 foot thick walls." A German Panzerfaust (anti-tank rocket) has an effective range of over a kilometer (must be yet another previously unknown superweapon)! They also want you to believe that American jeeps required an ignition key to operate (they didn't -- no one needs to be troubled by lost/broken keys in combat -- jeep engines used a foot starter).

    "There isn't a problem in the world that can't be solved by the proper application of explosives" is a recurring line in this piece of crappola. If only the pea brains behind this mess would take the advice to heart and find a private room...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So the Nazi's put some guy in a nuclear reactor and change him into "S.S. Doomtrooper". He looks like the Incredible Hulk, just much less detailed (practically no detail at all), and he's gray. So, he comes upon a couple of American troops in a small French town. They fire everything they've got at him, and he doesn't notice. So, the two Americans run around the corner of a building. S.S. Doomtrooper would only need to take a couple of steps forward to get to them, but they act like they're completely safe. That's the first bit of idiocy in this thing. A bit later, the whole American squad comes upon S.S. Doomtrooper and fire all their weapons at him. This has no effect. So they throw three grenades at him. So confident are they that three grenades will kill him that they run around behind a train and don't even bother glancing over their shoulder to see what happened. Later on, S.S. Doomtrooper corners the Americans in a small room, and proceeds to fire his shoulder-mounted machine gun at them. Unfortunately, this "machine gun" only fires about one round every five seconds, and he always misses. Never mind that he could very easily just walk up to the Americans and tear them limb from limb; he stands there firing his one shot per five seconds and they run around not getting hit. Later, some Germans are sent to retrieve the Doomtrooper, and all of a sudden his machine gun starts firing 10 rounds per second, mowing them all down in an instant. Is your intelligence insulted enough yet? Well, let me add this: At one point the Americans come across a German tank (Well, actually it's a Russian T-34). The tank commander is standing up looking out of his hatch, and doesn't notice the Americans running RIGHT ALONG SIDE the tank. Apparently this guy has no peripheral vision whatsoever? And maybe he's half deaf as well, as the Americans are actually having a conversation with each other as they "sneak" along next to the tank. Then a big deal is made of the American sniper killing the tank commander from a distance of about 20 feet. Great shot man! Apparently the tank has no gunner, loader or radio operator, because after killing the commander and driver the Americans take control of it. They shoot S.S. Doomtrooper with it and, as we've seen several times before, this apparently causes him to take a little nap, because he's not shown for a few minutes but then shows up later good as new.

    The last funny bit is when Corin Nemec is thrown across the room by the Doomtrooper. He "flies" at about 1/2 walking speed, swinging back and forth on his wires or whatever is holding him up. It's about the most unprofessional bit of stunt work I've seen in a long time.

    Overall, you have to blame the director for this sort of crap. I notice from his filmography that this guy usually does editing, not directing. He's directed two other movies besides this one, both Sci-Fi Channel originals. Yes, Boa vs. Python is actually the BEST movie on his directorial resume.
  • This film had enough budget to have some good actors, almost accurate uniforms, good lighting, cinematographer and story outline...... but there are clearly serious problems with this production: Underwhelming CGI, careless authenticity, wooden direction and the music score which tries too hard to sound like a cross between "The Great Escape" and "Star Wars".

    The main problem for me is the dialog. EVERYONE in this film speaks in sentences that are way too lengthy. I can almost forgive the words that are way too modern for 1945, but it seems like everything is over-explained in this film, yet the characters very little. They are also monotone in their delivery with horrid accents. This gives the production an almost robotic and lifeless feel and we end up not caring about what happens to any of the characters. The "Pink Hulk" is so lumbering and clumsy, I am not sure why he is a menace to more than a couple of soldiers at a time.

    Finally, I really like Corin Nemic as an actor, but he was directed to be more of a Bruce Willis type of "Die Hard" hero in this film and it just doesn't work for him. He neither has the stature or the presence to pull it off. He ends up looking tense, angry and overwhelmed.
  • As a big fan of the video game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I found it natural to want to check this movie out. I didn't expect much considering that it was a Sci Fi Original movie (which are never that good) and the video game itself was very, very cheesy (in the best and funnest way possible :D ). But this movie...It was too much.

    In the beginning we see the "mad scientist" Professor Ullman (Ben Cross) as he transforms a human into a super soldier using atom radiation technology. The result was a huge creature with blue skin, enormous muscles, and the ability to regenerate health after losing some. I found it hilarious especially since the lab's walls (which were stone) were so fake that it nearly brought tears to my eye.

    The scene changes to Captain Malloy played by Corin Nemec who is given an top secret mission to destroy the lab where the soldiers are being created at. He then assembles a team of "misfits" including the stereotypical British soldier Sergeant Digger, soldiers with terrible accents and bad acting, and some French resistance members that they had found along the way.

    I found myself laughing too often during the film as I compared the RTCW and the movie. The movie was also horribly inaccurate history-wise, but you can't expect much from a movie with God-forsaken bad special effects (a bad attempt of "Band of Brothers" style) and a Incredible Hulk like creature with an insane weapon.

    Fans of the game will get a good laugh out of this and anyone else probably will too.
  • this was the worst film i have ever seen and I've seen a lot of movies. SS Doomtrooper was such a bad film it has prompted me to write my first comment on IMDb. the acting was terrible, the storyline was worse and the animation was about as well done as a five year old with an etch-a-sketch. if you like you films with good acting, script and production then this is definitely not a movie for you, your family or anyone you have ever met or will meet. on the plus side the film is only 86 minutes of hell and not more. STAY AWAY. there are numerous instances where continuity errors should be seriously flagged as if the director, producers and script writers wrote different random scripts, shoved them into a shotgun, fired them into the air and had an intern go around and piece together a useless script and even then i think they lost that script and made most of it up. one more thing that was very poor about this film, except everything, was that a lot of the voices appeared dubbed and the accents the actors used, when for example pretending to be British, were about as accurate as a blind raccoon with a sniper rifle.
  • hartm-39 February 2007
    This is possibly one of the worst films I have ever been unfortunate enough to see.

    Colin Nemec confirmed his placement as a "C List" actor with a truly wooden performance. The accents in this film were over done, this resulting in the already cheesy dialogue being laughable.

    The special effects in this film comprised of poor pyrotechnics and even worse CGI effects. The creature was totally unbelievable, and didn't leave footprints in the snow, nor did it cast its own shadows.

    The plot was tiresome and extremely predictable, and based very loosely on the genre of the FPS game Wolfenstein by ID Software (circa 1980).

    All in all not worth watching AT ALL.
  • Well, if the title doesn't enlighten you as to the appalling nature of this film, allow me to try. SS Doomtrooper is a massive blue monster who is created by some evil Nazi scientists. Somehow. A normal guy goes into a curious looking chamber and comes out as SS DOOMTROOPER! As far-fetched as turning a normal man into a 18 foot blue monster with lightning coursing through his biceps sounds, what really takes the biscuit is the fact that he has somehow managed to generate armour and a ridiculously over-sized cannon.

    The bit that confused me was that if the Nazis were capable of creating such a powerful weapon, they would have won the war anyway, without the need for a creature that can take a tank shell to the chest point blank and carry on moving.

    Go and see it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    k, this is potentially the funniest movie i have ever seen ( in a bad way) i only saw the last hour so ill comment on that. Actually there are SOO many things wrong with this movie that i will stick with the plot holes and acting K, the monster is actually terrible, the CGI quality of the monster is bad, plain and simple.

    So a German ( or Joymans as one heavily accented soldier calls them ) is making super-soldiers to fight the allies, OK, thats a good start. But wait, there's more. First the group of soldiers asked to do this mission are prisoners ( not soldiers, prisoners. i don't know why) Then they get dropped into France IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, i think that the 3 stooges were behind this missions planning.

    Then, they meet with the french resistance, and after the most cliché rallying ever, the monster bursts in and shoots the hell out of every one ( with his gun that shoots 1 shot every 30 sec) so about 15 people are emptying their guns at this thing, but nothing affects it, so they hide, BEHIND A MATTRES, yes people, the french have created the bullet proof mattress.

    then as the guys try to escape, one stays behind ( all though it was not needed, they all could have escaped ) to say pick on someone your own size ( which i guess he thinks that that would prevent the much taller monster from hitting him ) then punches the monster ( which somehow hurts the monster, bullet proof but not punch proof) Then later, whats left of the squad goes to the evil castle ( clichés up the butt in this movie ) so they sneak in with the worst idea ever, ( i cant describe it to you, again, its like the 3 stooges planned this mission) But they are almost caught by Captain Kaiser and his wacky Joymans.

    Then the coward soldier ( another clichè ) distracts the Nazis and runs off, and instead of sending around 10 men after him, about half of the 3rd Reich is sent after him. he gets shot in the a$$, and then says ( with no emotion ) i accept your surrender, now will the guy who shot me in the a$$ step forward. Then in what should be an emotional scene, is potentially the funniest ( and most overkill ) deaths ever. The whole group of Nazis empties all their bullets into the guy. ( there was about 60 Nazis, and about 32 bullets in each gun, so this guy is shot by about 1920 bullets) is is worth noting that when the Joymans shoot their guns there is not barrel flash, you see the guns and hear the shots, but it is clear that not bullets came out.

    Then, a British bomber ( or sapper or whatever they were called) then blows up a radar dish with him laying ( shot several times ) about 3 feet away. But at the end he literally crawls out of the wreckage and runs off.

    Also, earlier in the movie the squad ambushes a Joyman tank ( actually a soviet tank, but who notices those things) and this is literally one of the worst scene in the movie. the sniper goes to the 2nd floor balcony to snipe the tank commander, and the rest sneak up on the tank to steal it. But hear is where things go wrong.

    1. the sniper sets up a whole 7 feet away from the tank commander, in fact he probably could have reached out and touched him on the head from where he was 2. the whole squad ( about7 men ) sneak up and follow the tank about 3 feet away, and have a conversation with each other, all the while the tank commander ( who is about 4 feet above them) doesn't hear them, or notice them following them 3. The Joymans sent a single tank to find a monster that eliminated an entire squad of soldiers And the best fault in the movie. The super soldier is not affected by bullets, he gets shot by a tank at point blank and walks it off. then he gets trapped in a bunker full of ammunitions that explodes, but he walks out of that without giving a second thought. But he gets his hand cut off by a knife and gets stuned by a punch

    all around a movie worth buying if you wanna laugh at the cheap quality
  • I think this is the most ridiculous movie ever. It was so bad you couldn't even laugh at it. Basic plot: mad German scientist makes a cross between Hulk and Juggernaut in a Wolfenstein/Top Secret(without the humour) setting. Extended plot: none!

    I normally think that, even in the worst cases, someone tries to make a movie stick to the audience, either through emotional scenes, good ideas, acceptable special effects, good actors. But in this case, not one of these things happened. The CGI was worst ever, I mean the graphics in average video games are better. The dialogues were stunningly stupid. The actors had the most horrible fake accents and the acting was simply non existing.

    I also believe this is a satanic movie. Played backwards, it might make some sort of sense. In a normal setting, though, it plain sucks! This is worst than even cult movies. They at least showed the desire to make a movie. This was... I don't know what it was. I am still in shock.
  • Typical SciFi Channel movie, so bad it probably violates a statute or two of the Geneva Convention. There is not one shred of entertainment to be found in this movie.. not one ounce of good in the whole miserable experience.. not one. This is not a B-movie, or a C-movie, or even a movie; it's a weapon of mass destruction. IF you value your soul and sanity, do not watch this movie. In fact, don't watch any SciFi Channel movies.

    Want more details? Watch the movie.. if you dare. The memories are too painful for me to bring up again. Make sure your life insurance is up to date if you to plan on watching this movie.
  • Laid up with not much else to view.

    When introduced to the "Royal Marines Segeant" our hero is confronted by a soldier wearing a bright red beret with a Special Air Service cap badge.

    Royal Marines wear a green beret with the Globe & Laurel badge and did so during the Second World War.

    Sack the researcher!

    After seeing that it only took until the Doomtrooper morphed unbelievably for me to reach for the remote.

    Disappointing since I always considered Nemec to be an excellent actor (Stargate episodes.)
  • RBRNS26 October 2012
    I'm not really into sci-fi movies, but there was nothing else on TV. That's my defense for watching this movie, when anybody is gonna ask me why I watched this bad movie.

    I'm not even gonna bother telling you guys details about the storyline, because it's absolutely terrible and doesn't make any sense whatsoever. There's only one question on my mind, what was the producer thinking? It's impossible that he could be satisfied with the end result!

    The first minor thing that I didn't like was that the Germans mostly spoke English with a terrible German accent. Let them speak English or German, not a mix between both!

    The next thing that bothered me were the major errors in World War 2 equipment. Also the acting was very bad and I could write an entire book about all the bad things in this movie.

    Almost forgot to talk about the most important "thing" in this movie. The monster created by the Nazi's looked like it was made by a 5 year old.

    I don't want to waste anymore time on this movie and I hope you won't waste yours by watching this movie.
  • Considering the overall reputation of SyFy's movies, I was anticipating little. But I was at least a little bit of watchability. But I didn't get even that. There is no guilty pleasure here and next to nothing to recommend it. The effects are not the worst I've seen from SyFy, but they are still poor, while the camera work is haphazard and has a very cheap stock quality to it. The music is generic and sluggish in tempo, the direction is lazy, the story is very predictable and has no tension or such whatsoever, there are no likable characters and the acting consists of bored looking actors who give no passion to their lines and just don't want to be there. The worst assets are the script and the pacing. The script is very stilted and is much too talky, also having jargon that sounds as though even the writers didn't know what they were talking about. The pacing is very laborious and has no momentum, considering how everything else was poorly done SS Doomtrooper was a really dull movie. As ever, SyFy give the impression that they don't do their research, the science is enough to raise a lot of eyebrows even from those whose knowledge is rudimentary. All in all, a dull and poorly done film in all areas. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • Allied Soldiers in Nazi Germany undertake a suicide mission to destroy a research lab where the German's are conducting genetic experiments, but are stalked by a monstrous creature spawned from the facility before they can complete their original mission.

    A kind of hard film to review, since it seems more concerned with it's War movie sensibilities and plot line than dealing with the creature-feature horror it's shoe-horned into so the dealings with the creature tend to take a back-burner to the main suicide mission storyline and the creature only appears as a mere obstacle for them to overcome rather than collecting any fear from it. It hardly makes any kills, the few it does are really dull and lame and no one seems to be really concerned at all about fighting it, so it's backlogged in it's own film, yet there's a lot of War-movie action scenes in here that make it still an enjoyable experience. Lots of gunfire, explosions and more are showcased, which makes it enjoyable, yet it fails miserably as a creature feature.

    Rated R: Violence and Language
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let's see, where to start!

    If I'm honest I didn't see this movie at the start; the beginning remains elusive to me but I joined it at the point where the French Resistance and the Anglo-American groups meet up and thought, "hey! This could be some good! Guns, World War II, something exciting going on from what the characters are on about..." Then the Monster broke in and I just about fell off the couch laughing.

    Effects Summary: Play Quake 2, the effects in the game are marginally better.

    Historical Accuracy Holes: Besides the giant mutant doom-soldiers and Nazi Doom-Fortress that looks like a pyramid with the top chopped off on top of a mountain pass silhouetted in lightning... *deep breath!*

    We see a French resistance member toting a PPSH, the use of a catch one-off line out of historical context (over and over again. Ad Nauseam is pretty literal in this case) and, in the most blatantly horrible case of poor resource allocation I've seen yet they try and pass a T-34 off as a Panther tank by painting some Iron Crosses on it. They don't even do the whole paint job! Just decals! (If you're confused Wiki these, even with a cursory glance you too can spot the different silhouettes from the horizon.)

    Other Holes: Our mutant monstrosity has the ability to take tank shells and bullets without worry (really? Tank shells?) but has the poor grace to be easily punched and stabbed. So a Tank Crew would have a job killing him but your average 15th century knight would be able to fell him in a couple of swings?!

    In Summary; if you must watch this, watch it drunk, with friends, to laugh at.
  • xredgarnetx17 September 2006
    Cory Nemec, of PARKER LEWIS CAN'T LOSE, stars as a WWII captain leading a squad of elite soldiers behind enemy lines to destroy a plant where mad scientists are working on producing a super soldier. You know you're in trouble when the super soldier, resembling a poor man's Hulk, is produced mere seconds after bombarding a Nazi soldier with atomic radiation. The CGI is just awful, and long segments of the film simply show Nemec and his men sneaking around in the woods surrounding the Nazi compound. You'd think you were watching an unusually dull presentation of The Hitler Channel, until our Hulk-a-soldier shows up at the very end for one final battle.
  • keegancovey3 March 2009
    I have seen few movies as funny as this is. Obviously, humor wasn't its intent, and since I laugh at it because it's really a very horrid film I give it a 1/10. But it really is just so perfectly bad...

    The monster is the first thing one will notice, and it really never gets old how $#*tty the monster looks. The movie makes the classic mistake of showing the monster in the first scene, destroying any potential suspense, but I guess it's okay since the monster fails at being scary anyway. In fact, the Doomtrooper is basically like what the Incredible Hulk would look like if he were blue, wore a helmet and was rendered in 32-bit polygon-o-vision. (No really, the animation on the monster is miserably pathetic. You have no idea until you've seen the movie.) The other thing I find interesting is how an SS man can go into a radiation chamber, or whatever, and come out as a big blue monster that has somehow grown a large energy gun.

    The acting of the soldiers is a new level of awful(with a few exceptions) and is exacerbated by the indescribable accents all the characters have. One character seems to be going for a Brooklyn accent but it seems to sound different every time he speaks. And he never actually makes it sound like anything. There's also some joke involving solving problems with proper applications of explosives; ironically, the only thing in the movie meant to be funny is the only thing that really really isn't. (It becomes very annoying.) The fights between the men and the monster are, not surprisingly, quite amusing in how completely illogical they are. The soldiers fire endless streams of bullets at it but it never takes so much as a scratch. They shoot it with a tank cannon at point-blank and it just gets right back up, once again without any injury. One man, seeming to miss the point, proceeds to run up and punch the monster, which interestingly enough manages to cause it to lose its balance but (surprise!) does no damage. Throughout the movie nobody seems to catch on to the futility of trying to shoot the Doomtrooper.

    Fortunately, the Doomtrooper does not have the aim to really hit most of the soldiers, and even if it did the bullets fly so slow they could pretty much step out of the way anyway. The firing rate is also slow, giving the men enough time up to it and punch it...Anyway, later the Germans try to take down their rogue Doomtrooper, and apparently the Doomtrooper becomes much more competent in the presence of Nazis because it manages to slay every single one of them in the span of about 10 seconds.

    There are countless other scenes and recurring problems that I could bring up, but I can't be bothered to go into detail about all of them. The point is that SS Doomtrooper is one of those movies you expect to be bad and turns out to be indescribably awful. As I said, I found it hilarious, but for most people it will probably just be painful, or boring or whatever.
  • If you're looking for an excellent weird WW2 film with high production values, an enthralling script straight from the pulpish pages of Startling Science Fiction Magazine, and stellar performances, this would not fit the bill. But on a lackluster Saturday afternoon with just the television and the dog to keep you company? Yeah, this would help the time pass by. And that's all it is, really, a time eraser, easily switched off with no regrets if something else comes up, or the dog has something interesting to say. Basically, it's standard SyFy Channel fare, entertainment that will pass through your life without leaving a ripple behind, not pretentious in any way, something to fill the empty hours. It is hardly the worst thing I have seen on SyFy, and certainly better than many films I've seen on the big screen that were presented with a seriousness bordering on ludicrous. The film is not good enough to seek out, not bad enough to avoid, worth neither my praise nor my angst.
  • There is a certain expectation that you must have when confronting a Sci-Fi channel movie, let alone one named 'SS Doomtrooper'. You know that there is probably a fairly bad plot accompanied by low cost special effects. That is what this movie provides. It's ridiculous, but the movie is called 'SS Doomtrooper' and what could you expect from that. In order to receive any positive rating, it would truly have to be exceptional. This movie is not, yet it is certainly not the worst. It's no worse than 'Sharknado' or 'Sharktopus'. To be honest, I think it's probably better than many big budget films, such as 'Olympus has Fallen', which could have created a plethora comparable mediocre Sci-Films for the millions spent on its production.

    SS Doomtrooper isn't something I can recommend, but if you have watched many films on the sci-fi channel and you feel you could sit through one called SS Doomtrooper, then I don't see why you couldn't watch this movie. As the other reviewers have said, the accents are bewilderingly bad (English, American, German, French - all bad), the plot is crazy and the special effects are confusing, but I don't think the film is outside the realm of other films of the Sci-Fi channel.
  • Bad_Elf12 February 2011
    If you're interested in a movie with exemplary acting, realistic effects and a driving storyline, then this movie is not for you. However, if you enjoy the type of movie that Mystery Science Theatre reviews, you will love this disaster of a film.

    I was laughing throughout at the over-the-top acting, melodramatic music and ludicrous script. And the sight of an SS Doomtrooper puts other large men to shame. No matter how much anyone hits the gym, they'll never achieve his look. Every time he appeared, I went giddy with delight at just how delightfully ridiculous he was.

    I'm a fan of "Bad Sci-Fi Saturday" just for these reasons. It's fun to see films that should never have made it to theatres or television.
  • Makes Plan 9 look like a quality Hollywood blockbuster. It's hard to imagine that any adult film professional could look at the finished product and actually complete and broadcast it. It has to be professionally embarrassing for everyone involved.

    Horrible CGI, inane acting, puerile writing and a toddler's grasp of both history and physics. It's hard to imagine any area of science fiction/horror/war movies that wasn't pillaged in this film.

    Am I clear enough on this? Have I reached 10 lines yet? Is it obvious yet that the people who rated the movie a 10 are either on crack or, more likely, trying to artificially skew the ratings?

    Seriously, mind numbingly bad in every way.
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