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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The fact that the main event for WWE's No Mercy 2006 was changed just two days before the event from Bobby Lashley's singles push to a Fatal Four Way probably signals it wasn't selling very well. Instead WWE added it's number one draw, Batista and his scheduled opponent Finlay to King Booker's list of opponents to mix things up a bit more. The match was good. Better than what I thought it was going to be. Finlay and Booker T did the teaming up/splitting up routine that we all know and love and the altercations between Batista and Lashley were entertaining and surly a sign of things to come. The ending came when Batista nailed Finlay with the Batista bomb but Lashley took Batista out of action with a spear. The craft King Booker then capitalised by crawling over and pinning Finlay for the win. Looks like Batista will be chasing the World Championship for a bit longer.

    There were two main matches on the under card from Raleigh, North Carolina that fans were eager to see as well. First off, United States Champion, Mr Kennedy battled The Undertaker in a non-title match. This was decent enough and picked up towards the end. It was no surprise that The Undertaker wouldn't not lie down clean for Kennedy, I am in fact surprised he was willing to lose at all. Kennedy picked up the win after many false finishes by disqualification after the dead man whacked him with the Championship belt. Afterwards Kennedy and the referee were laid put by a couple of tombstone piledrivers.

    The other eagerly anticipated match was the Falls Count Anywhere match between bitter rivals, Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. Even though I hate this story line I was expecting a great match from the two. I was instead very, very disappointed. The match was two short and the ending was botched. All the two seemed to do was fight through the crowd. With Mysterio due to take time of for knee surgery, this would have been a great opportunity for Chavo to put out Rey and further himself as a top heel. Another wasted opportunity by WWE.

    Another disappointment of the night was the long awaited, cough cough, debut of MVP. Montel Vontavious Porter instead done a number on some jobber by the name of Marty Garner. I know this was only an angle rather than a match but come on WWE; we paid to see the guy wrestle a match. And what is that ring attire like? He looks like a cross between Flash Funk and a Power Ranger.

    One thing that didn't disappoint was the return of Chris Benoit. It is not very often a bonus match is any good in WWE but Benoit's surprise match with Sir William Regal was fantastic. A very brutal, old school affair. Did you hear that head butt that busted Regal open? Ouch! And those chops to the forehead? Excellent, excellent, excellent. Benoit picked up the submission victory with the cross face. Welcome back Benoit.

    The opening two matches of the night saw Matt Hardy finally pick up a pay per view win over Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms in a non-title match. This was a great opener. Also WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London successfully defended the gold against K.C James and Idol Stevens in another fine match involving the Champions.

    So the eighth instalment of No Mercy was an average affair. An event that will be forgotten about in months to come. Sure the action was good on many levels but it feels like the event itself produced nothing and did not further any story lines or really end any feuds. Added with the story lines of The Miz's birthday celebration and William Regal running around having a bad night, this felt simply like a decent episode of Smackdown!
  • Well featuring five excellent matches, No Mercy must be the best Smackdown! PPV ever. The only disappointing thing about this was MVP's debut against someone called Marty Garner. Who is that you might say? Well I'm asking myself the same question.

    Results from the show: Matt Hardy defeated Gregory Helms in a thrilling non title match. Paul London and Brian Kendrick defeated KC James and Aaron Stevens in an amazingly good effort to retain the Tag Team titles. Chris Benoit downed William Regal in a hard hitting war. Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero in a well received street fight. Mr Kennedy defeated The Undertaker via DQ (Fine contest but naff finish). MVP defeated Marty Garner. King Booker retained the WWE Championship against Finlay, Batista and Lashley in a great fatal four way.

    Overall Grade - A
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy - I'm kind of surprised these two opened the show, but it worked as they were the hometown boys. The crowd was really into it and made it even better. Some basic wrestling that lead to some very close near falls towards the end. Great opener. 7.5/10

    WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. KC James & Idol Stevens - London & Kendrick really made a great effort in this one. The challengers also looked pretty impressive, and I'm surprised they never got pushed after this. Another match with a lot of near falls until the finish. 7.5/10

    MVP vs. Marty Garner - I remember how disappointed I was when this match happened. I expected something better than this. Just a squash and waste of time. 1/10

    The Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy - I really liked this match, and feel that it is underrated. Kennedy dominated a lot of the match which helped build his credibility. It did have its slow points but it was still an entertaining match. For as long as this match was it did have a pretty lame finish, but it is still worth watching. 8/10

    Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero - I really didn't like this feud. This was a different than I expected from these two. They brawled into the crowd and still used some high flying moves. There were plenty of nice spots. Very entertaining match. 7/10

    William Regal vs. Chris Benoit - This match was made during the show, and as i expected from these two this was the match of the night. It was very different than any of the other matches on the show. It was a very stiff and technical match. This reminded me of their match at the Brian Pillman memorial show. What a match. 9/10

    Fatal 4 Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista vs. Finlay - This was originally supposed to be just Booker and Lashley, with Batista and FInlay a separate match. I would have preferred that but these four put on a pretty good main event. It had a good pace and was very hard hitting. There was also some blood. Good ending to a very good pay per view. 7/10

    I was surprised by how good this pay per view ended up being. There were many quality matches at No Mercy, especially during the first half of the show. But the best match wasn't even scheduled before the show. Benoit & Regal stole the show. I would definitely recommend No Mercy 2006.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well Smackdown PPV's are just always my favourite as, Smackdown is the best brand so far in WWE in my opinion. This PPV was no indication, as it was a good event that was not disappointing at all.

    FIRST MATCH- GREGORY HELMS VS. MATT HARDY Not a bad way to start the show. The action picked up well throughout the bout, as a lot of intensity was shown between these two men. Matt Hardy wins after nailing the Twist Of Fate on Gregory Helms. 5/10

    SECOND MATCH- PAUL London & BRIAN KENDRICK {CHAMPIONS} W/ ASHLEY VS. KC JAMES & IDOL STEVENS W/ MICHELLE McCOOL FOR THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS A very impressive tag team match this was, a lot of nearfalls and moments that made this quite enjoyable. Kudos to Paul London & Brian Kendrick, these two teams are just the best. Paul & Brian retain after a double team somersault. 6/10

    THIRD MATCH- MVP VS. MARTY GARNER This is MVP's debut match. This is probably the only boring match which is on the card, MVP is boring and still is as off today. MVP obviously wins after nailing his finishing move the Playmaker. 2/10

    FOURTH MATCH- UNDERTAKER VS. MR. KENNEDY This was very close to being named Match Of The Night. I liked the way how this match progressed as each wrestler was focusing on each other's body parts. Great match as Undertaker is a true legend & Mr. Kennedy has a bright future and will be WWE or World Champ someday. Kennedy wins by DQ after Undertaker knocks him out with the US Title. After the match, Undertaker tombstones Kennedy & the referee. 6/10

    FIFTH MATCH- REY MYSTERIO VS. CHAVO GUERRERO W/ VICKIE GUERRERO IN A FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH I gotta be honest, I did not watch a large part off this match due to the DVD freezing, but I did catch the near end moments for me to give it a rating. Great feud between these two men as I think it's the best if WWE just let's Eddie rest and admire his great accomplishments instead of mentioning his name in story lines. Mysterio wins after nailing a 619 from a barricade area. 5/10

    SIXTH MATCH- WILLIAM REGAL VS. CHRIS BENOIT This was added as a bonus match by Teddy Long earlier in the night. This was also Benoit's return match that year. Pretty good submission styled match, as both of these two men were doing grappling moves and focusing on each other's body parts. Good match, could of been better but nothing to complain about. Benoit wins after Regal taps out to the Crossface. 5/10

    SEVENTH MATCH- KING BOOKER {CHAMPION} VS. BOBBY LASHLEY VS. BATISTA VS. FINLAY IN A FATAL 4 WAY MATCH FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP I have not seen that many Fatal 4 way's in my 4 years as a hardcore WWE Fan. But I have gotta say that this was the best that I have seen among them. All four men involved gave it their all throughout the match, as this was indeed Match Of The Night. Kudos to all four of the men involved. King Booker pins Finlay after Batista slammed him with a Batista Bomb to get the win & retain his World Heavyweight Championship. 6/10

    Another great Smackdown PPV which was very enjoyable and is a must see. Great action from every match, except for MVP's debut match. But nothing to complain about as this event has exceeded my expectations.

    Overall I'll give it a 7/10 & a C+