Claire Jameson: What is going on?

Lorenzo: What do you mean Clara?

Claire Jameson: This.

Lorenzo: This? Oh, Michele and I are going over the schedule for the wedding.

Claire Jameson: In bed?

Lorenzo: Is more comfortable.

Tom Pullman: Give me your phone!

Claire Jameson: No! You'll break it!

Tom Pullman: Got that right!

Claire Jameson: Oh,

[picking up the creamer]

Claire Jameson: this cream looks like it's older then I am.

Tom Pullman: That old uh?

Claire Jameson: Can you please not fondle my underwear?

Tom Pullman: [Holding her bra, having picked it up off the ground] I wasn't fondling it, I was looking at it.

Claire Jameson: How would you feel if I fondled your underwear?

Tom Pullman: [Shrugging] Whatever makes you happy.