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  • saprater18 December 2006
    Let's face facts...the Lifetime Network isn't known for the best drama's on television, but every once in a while they will put out something that is palatable to watch. The Road to Christmas was just such a film. I Tivoed it on a whim and found myself skipping through only the commercials. The rest actually held my interest. The chemistry between the two leads was good, the storyline not too unrealistic, and the comedic elements weren't heavy handed or doled out at the cost of the characters. Claire came off as a city girl but not bitchy (as many of these city girl meets country boy stories tend to do). Her sensitivity and likability as a character had you rooting for her to find a happy ending. And other than one semi-sappy moment which was scripted to state the obvious, I found this film to be a refreshing change from the heavily played melodrama's that seem to plague this channel.
  • kw_kmouse-118 December 2006
    This take on having to surmount obstacles to get places at Christmas is fresh and believable. The dialog is what you'd expect these characters to say - not the usual cliché chatter that a lot of romantic comedies have these days.

    Surprises abound on Claire's road trip to the alter. Claire's photo shoot in Chicago is canceled allowing her to leave for Aspen, CO earlier than planned where she plans to marry Lorenzo on Christmas. Bad weather forces a landing in Nebraska, with no other seats or rental cars available. This is a common theme in this type of genre, but it's the remainder of the trip that is full of interesting twists and turns. In parallel to Claire's journey, Tom Pullman and his daughter Hilly are driving from Chicago to Vail, CO where they plan to spend Christmas with Tom's mother. Tom comes to Claire's rescue under the most unlikely circumstances. The unexpected is what makes this made for TV movie well worth a look!!
  • donnetterr-125 December 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was a very enjoyable holiday movie. The actors were great, and it was so nice to see Jennifer Grey again. It's cute, and a fine way to spend two hours watching Lifetime TV. I've seen Clark Gregg on the New Adventures of Old Christine, and I like him on that. His character in this movie is more likable, though. Less immature and better fleshed-out. The girl who plays Hilly is adorable. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did, even though there was a formulaic "lost dog" plot device. Also, Jennifer Grey is so beautiful. I found myself wondering how old she is, and so I looked her up on IMDb. 46!! No way, she doesn't look it. Not that 46 is old, it's just in my part of the country, 46 looks a bit different than it does on Jennifer Grey.
  • Although this TV movie had a lighthearted storyline and predictable ending, I thought the characters were highly developed and very believable. After seeing this movie the first time, I actually checked TV listings hoping to see this movie for a second time in December 2007. Happily, it was playing on Lifetime, so I watched it again and enjoyed it again. (I also enjoyed seeing Jennifer Grey act with her real-life husband.) I plan to add this movie to my list of Christmastime favorites. I think if one were to give this movie a chance, it will prove to be a pleasant and entertaining experience. Happy Holidays!
  • Without stooping to the campy.. this movie was relaxing, funny, touching and leaves you with a warm fuzzy. Sort of like The Goodbye Girl. Though you know where it's headed, and there's no big surprises along the way it's rather nice to watch a couple hours of movie with no killing, crashes, hatred or violence.

    What's more it's not a remake of some other Christmas movie like the 400 incarnations of It's a Wonderful life, or A Christmas Carol, so highly recommend it for absolutely anyone who wants to just chill by the fireplace and feel Christmasy... think we'll watch it again tomorrow when my Mom visits...
  • This is one of those "coming-together/finding each other" movies, which occur and recur every Christmas season.

    Like nearly all of them, its ending is predictable, but then any presentation within this genre would be less enjoyable if not.

    The three lead characters are engaging and likable. Some have said Clark Gregg's role and performance lacked warmth, but I thought him more realistic than would have been expected, but I liked his more realistic demeanor, portrating a man who didn't go instantly quivering and stammering upon being thrown together with the sophisticated, beautiful big-city lady. Meagan Park was cute and charming and did a fine acting job (especially since she was 20 while playing the 13-year-old daughter). She indicates she's in the 8th grade - and seems believable; no mean feat for someone who in real life would be at least halfway through college.

    I don't remember seeing either of these previously, and had seen Jennifer Grey only a long time ago, in "Dirty Dancing." I had sat through that flick for its entirety because of my companion. I have always found watching Patrick Swayze for any length of time akin to a root canal without anesthetic. But I remember a younger Grey as attractive, despite an extremely prominent proboscis. She's a woman who is not only beautiful, but now capable of passing for somewhat younger than latter 40's, if required. And there can never be, in recorded history - past or future - a greater example of the desirability, where warranted, and the benefits of, rhinoplasty.

    A pleasant couple of holiday hours.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This heartwarming film features a structure that serves as (a) a road picture, (b) a romance, and (c) a Christmas film all packaged into one!

    The clever device of the film is the frequency with which Tom Pullman and his daughter Hillary (Hilly) bump into Claire Jameson as they are traveling west for the holidays. It almost seems like fate has destined that the threesome will join forces after Claire's flight in cancelled. The result is a road picture in an old jalopy traveling from Chicago to the Rockies.

    In the love connection, the starting point for the relationship of Claire and Tom is an apparent mismatch of the city slicker Claire and the more down-to-earth Tom. But, as the film progresses, Claire lets go of the sophisticated lifestyle of a fashion photographer in the Windy City, and Tom regresses from an uncouth demeanor back to his earlier life as a heady sculptor, prior to the death of his wife Angie. The character transformations in the film were aided by the excellent performances.

    A turning point in the film is when Tom, Claire, and Hilly give a ride to a wise old owl, who senses that Tom and Claire are in love. Later, the crusty grandma Rheudel is spot-on when she observes that it is important to "expect the unexpected" in life.

    The filmmakers were able to pull off the miraculous in making a road trip interesting that included a flat tire, getting stuck in a ditch, staying at the Apache Motel with a rat or a mouse scurrying about, and a visit to the International Hubcap Museum. These mundane experiences were made palatable due to the growing chemistry between Tom and Claire, as well as the feisty daughter that may have discovered her new mom along the road to Christmas.
  • jewelch13 November 2020
    Loved this amazing Christmas story. And it was good too see Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing again. Yes I recommend it. James Welch. Henderson Arkansas. 11/11/2020
  • The story was subtle and that's what I actually enjoyed. It didn't go for over-the-top or cliché' but instead was just a really enjoyable and nice movie. I liked it. There's something to be said for focusing more on the simple locations and finding the magic in everyday things. Cooking at the holiday's. A small town diner. Those places you find yourself when you didn't expect to be there at all. At one point the main characters find themselves looking for a lost dog in the middle of a field in December. It just so happens this sort of thing exactly happened to me and my wife before we fell for each other. SImple and solid movie. Enjoy.
  • NikkiBay829 November 2013
    Even for a Lifetime movie, I didn't really enjoy this one. Jennifer Grey played a high-maintenance celebrity photographer, who tries making it in time to her Christmas Eve wedding in Aspen. Plans go awry when she can't catch a holiday flight. After many mishaps, she finds a ride with Clark Gregg and his teenage daughter in their old, rusty pickup truck.

    I found Gregg's acting to be quite lacking. The arguments between Grey and Gregg were very poorly acted by Gregg. Their arguing was supposed to be sexual tension, but it seemed that Gregg despised Grey's high maintenance so much that he put a sour taste in my mouth. So what if she tries ordering a latte at a dive diner? He didn't have to condescend her for it. I did enjoy the performances by Grey and Megan Park, though. They made the movie semi-enjoyable. I do wish there was snow in this Christmas Movie. Snow would have been nice.
  • This film has it all. Dang it's good. A real modern classic
  • lamont-hard18 December 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Warning Spoilers........ A decent little movie with a small and believable cast. The story was told in a manner as not to be complicated. But for a Christmas movie it was a bit cliché. Such movies like this, is a romance formula in girl saying yes to marriage then the writers finding reason where it does not happen. In order for this one to work it would not have been very believable if she all of a sudden feels she does not love him just from traveling with a single widower guy and his daughter, but cast her fiancée as gay, so the wedding most definitely won't take place, and of course the back up plan is she met someone else anyway. I don't want to sound to cynical but just how does a woman getting married one day and the next finds out her guy is gay have a great Christmas is beyond me. To write a story and make it work as this one tries, comes off a bit forced. The acting was great as the director was the silent true hit in this film.
  • Kirpianuscus3 December 2019
    For many reasons, it is a surprising film. For the chemistry between lead characters, for the comfortable manner to introduce the details, for the resurrection of old passion, for the fine delicacy and something who can not be defined very precise. It is easy to define it as magic or Christmas spirit but, in many senses, it is a film about the force to use the loneliness for be not alone. Sure, many unrealistic moments, the fail of wedding motif being the most obvious. But, a real nice film, decent performed , giving the fair story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been watching this movie every year since its release. Love the premise, although Claire is essentially emotionally cheating on her fiance prior to finding out that he may be gay. Initially I couldn't place Jennifer Grey, she looks so different from her Ferris Bueller and Dirty Dancing days. Plastic surgery. Interesting that her love interest Tom is actually her real-life husband. Filmed in Toronto and Hamilton.
  • PattiJoA3 December 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER: The demise of Claire's wedding was very apparent within five minutes of the movie, but I wasn't so sure Claire and Tom were going to hit it off. He seemed to disdain her simply because she was classy and used to good living. She didn't look down her nose at him, but her jokes about him being Grizzly Adams were gentle ribbing, not insults.

    The romance that developed was very sweet and natural. I liked that they connected as artists, and that she connected to Hilly since she had lost her own mother early on. She also seemed to develop a compassion for Tom due to the intense loss he felt for his wife's death, and that it had affected his passion/drive for his art.

    The lady hitchhiker was not necessary to the plot, neither was the horrible truck full of men she rode with. Although, their stranding of Claire was essential to the plot. It was just unfortunate it was done with such hateful men.

    I liked the scenes at the farmhouse where she felt true "home" and comfort. Watching her face, you could tell it meant something special to her.

    The last 10 minutes were rather disappointing in the writing. It could have resolved a little more romantically. It almost made it seem that she came back to Tom only because things didn't work out with Lorenzo, not that she came to the realization that she didn't love Lorenzo and had fallen in love with Tom, and couldn't live without him.

    I felt the 3 main actors did an outstanding job. I love Jennifer Grey, no matter the condition of her nose. She has always impressed me in all her films, and she has aged so beautifully. I think she's lovelier in her middle age than she was as a teenager (has nothing to do with the nose). And Clark Gregg really got to show off his talent in this movie, as opposed to The New Adventures of the Old Christine. He plays such a shallow character in that show - it was nice to see him in a larger range of emotions and subtleties.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How to say anything without it being a spoiler (on some level)? There are medium spoilers and big spoilers for this great film. My spoiler is probably an obvious one early on anyway but, I don't want to be blacklisted! I was surprised it was so good and ended so well. I kept thinking the male lead was Will Arnett and then realized he was in the New adventures of old Christine. This role reveals the true depth of his abilities. The timing and emotion shown by all the lead roles wasexcellent. The setting is modern day, near Christmas time in Colorado but, could be any season or location. Love, family,self honesty and serendepity are main ingredients. If you want a warm movie, both humorous and sad at times--but with a happy ending, get a latte, or Folger's, a scone and enjoy the road to love!
  • I ended up watching this with my teenage son and thought it would be okay. The language wasn't great and storyline was really slow. The chemistry between The two leads wasn't even believable
  • Professional photographer Claire Jamison (Jennifer Grey) is desperate to get to Aspen for her wedding with her rich Italian boyfriend Lorenzo whom none of her friends like. She is stranded when her plane is grounded. She gets on the wrong bus and grabs a ride from some weird hunters. When she's abandoned at the roadside, she gets a ride from 13 year old Hilly (Megan Park) and her dad Tom Pullman (Clark Gregg). He is still sad a decade after losing his late wife. Hilly immediately connects with Claire. It's a troublesome road trip as the trio bond.

    This Lifetime Christmas romance faces a difficulty in chemistry both in personnel and in story. Grey and Gregg don't come across as romantic. Quite frankly, she has more chemistry with the daughter and I would have loved this as a friendship movie. As a Lifetime movie, a romance must be executed. The fact that Claire is getting married makes the relationship hurdle very high to overcome. She doesn't know his cheating during the trip and it makes any connection with Tom rather icky. I really like her and Hilly's relationship more.
  • I loved this movie. The actress Jennifer Grey was so likable and pleasant. She really made the movie. The actor was excellent as well. It did annoy me a bit that he was so reluctant to help her at first and even to like her.

    The scene where they both wake up in the motel room and pleasantly look at each other was well done. The movie was effective in the humor of the obstacles that were occurring to keep her from getting to Aspen.

    A few criticisms that did not hurt the movie. The role of the 8th grade girl played by Megan Parks was actually 20 years old (she seemed like a 16 yr old). The lead actress and actor were 46 and 48- they were playing 30 something roles.
  • *** May contain spoilers. ***

    The Road to Christmas spoils realism in the name of empty dramatic devices. Jennifer Grey is fine, but sad to say the lead actor here shows about as much charm as a bent nail. The more Jennifer Grey seemed to like the leading man, the more sorry I felt for her.

    The outdoor photography was appreciated. And the story concept, even if a bit familiar (50% PLAINS TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES, and 50% standard boy-meets-girl), could have been fun to watch if there was more simple realism and charm. I give this made-for-TV movie a 50% rating. There are many better made-for-TV romance movies than this one.
  • sorbonne24 December 2007
    I didn't know the movie was Canadian. After five minutes it began to dawn. Lousy dialogue, lame directing, typical Canadian film with the actors, as usual, looking and sounding like actors on a stage. A serious waste of Jennifer Grey's and Clark Greggs's talent. Canada can't make quality motion pictures. Period. That's why these subsidized duds almost exclusively run (usually for a week or so) in so-called "art" cinemas for the blah-blah in-crowd. Main theaters avoid them like the plague. And "Road to Christmas" is a typical example as to why. (PS - You would say that Canadians should know how to come up with something that resembles real-looking snow. Uh, uh..not here. I don't know what they used, but it came in all sizes.)
  • I wanted to like it. Clark Gregg is a great actor. But this is awful. Jennifer Grey's character is deplorable, the daughter is not a great actress, Gregg's character is all over the place, and their chemistry is non-existent, and the end... just don't bother.