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  • WanderingGeek24 September 2008
    Awful, Pathetic and Stupid
    What can I say about 20 to 1? It is pure stupidity.

    Hosted by washed up talk show host Bert Newton, 20 to 1 counts down the top 20 Celebrity Scandals, Movie Lines, Heroes and Villains etc. Sure, it sounds like an interesting show. It's not. Each segment is filled with commentary by washed up Australian Nobody's such as former Big Brother house mates, rejects from Australian Idol, the list goes on and on, these people don't know what they're talking about, nor does anyone care. 20 to 1 is EXTREMELY biased to Australia, for example, in "Greatest Movie Moments" at least 7 of the 20 moments were Australian. Whoever makes these lists obviously has no idea what they are doing, especially in the case of "Greatest songs of the decade" which featured hits from the last two years, which was just crap. Not only do these list's suck, but they are repeated i.e. Movie Heroes and Villains" - 11 September 2007 and Movie Saints and Sinners" - 27 November 2007. And let's not forget the incredibly lame Bert Newton making lame cheap jokes in between each segment, Ugh.

    Avoid this show at all costs. It is pure crap.
  • mybah23 May 2008
    Some good memories and giggle
    I suppose this series could better research some of its featured items, but its often good entertaining stuff. So often I am brought back to some fond memories in TV history, music history and some of our quirky cultures and customs that we've had in the past.

    20-1 features so far have only been on a purely entertainment history. I would have liked to see some countdowns in other areas as well, such as top 20 criminals, politicians, disasters, moments in the last 200 years of Australian life. But I guess it feels it must stick to purely humorous stuff. The order of the 20 I would often dispute and waaaayyy off.

    Take it for what it is... good entertainment, that lets us reflect on some of our personal upbringing and the happenings at various times of it. Probably best not to conclude you could pass a history test after watching it though. It would make a good DVD collection, if they ever made it. That remains to be seen.
  • lozza98518 October 2009
    Very useless piece of TV
    Warning: Spoilers
    Half the time, Bert Newton is making terrible puns, while trying to brainwash the viewers of what Australian culture should be.

    We hear the opinions from a bunch of crap "celebrities" I've never heard of, and couldn't care less about their opinions.

    It's a poor excuse to glorify celebrities and to brainwash Australians into how the media thinks Australian culture should be like.

    I see it as brainwashing, dumbing, annoying typical TV. Surely Bert Newton can do better than this.

    And seeing as I need an extra 2 lines, let me just say how much I dislike it. I am being very generous giving it a 2/10. I can't think of anything else to say about this show, and I'm not sure it is deserved it.
  • LrgrThnLf25 January 2008
    Collective noun quiz: Crock of ?
    I often wonder when seeing this kind of "quick, to the archive footage, Robin!" type show if, because it contains "Australian Commentary" over what is primarily US footage dependent on the topic if it's considered "Australian Content" for the purposes of broadcast quotas in Australia.

    It seems as if the networks here in Australia are trying to "one down" one another in a race to the bottom. If it's not sport or Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday, chances are it's "made for TV dreck".

    File this uninspired collection of celebrity vox pops regarding archive footage as something perhaps to watch when you want to avoid infomercials. Sadly, however, the infomercials are often more interesting - perhaps what they're trying to achieve?