Many fans criticized Georgia Van Cuylenburg's performance as Vanille, singling out her supposed unauthentic Australian accent, while simultaneously praising Rachel Robinson's accented performance as Fang. Ironically, Robinson is from Los Angeles and Van Cuylenburg is from Melbourne.

This is the first Final Fantasy to not feature the Final Fantasy Theme Song, the Victory Fanfare that plays at the end of every battle, or the Prelude of the Crystal.

The playable character, Sazh Katzroy's looks are based-off of the American singer, Lionel Richie.

For the English version, this Final Fantasy title had over 80 English-speaking voice actors involved with the character voice production. At the time, it was the largest amount of the voice actors featured out of all the other games in the Final Fantasy series; however it was surpassed by Final Fantasy XIII-2 (2011), which had 114 voice actors, and then later by Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (2013), which had about 240.

This is the first "Final Fantasy" main series to have the young adult appearance of Cid out of all series. Cid from all the previous series have always appeared as middle-aged or elderly men.

This is the first Final Fantasy main video game series in which Nobuo Uematsu is not involved.

This is the first "Final Fantasy" main series where the players cannot attack themselves or other party members. All the previous Final Fantasy main series featured the ability to attack themselves or other party members.

Lightning weapons are gun-blades and the name of one of the weapons she can obtain is called Lionheart. This is in reference to another Final Fantasy character, Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII (1999) who also wields the gunblade.

This is the first main Final Fantasy video game series where it doesn't feature visiting towns or villages to buy equipments or rest at inns. The gameplay is taken place in a complete one-way battlefield to destination with save points that provides the shopping.

One of the only Final Fantasy installments in which the characters do not travel to an area with an arctic or otherwise wintry climate. However, the crystal covering the areas of Lake Bresha and Oerba could easily be mistaken as snow and ice on the ground if cut scenes didn't point it out as being crystal.

According to the president and CEO of Square Enix, Inc., John Yamamoto, one of Leona Lewis's song called "My Hands" will replace the original Japanese theme song for the US and European release as well as the recently released Japan-only International version on Xbox 360.

This is the first Final Fantasy game where shops can only be accessed through a save point.

The Xbox 360 version of this game is released exclusively for the US and Europe only. However, Square Enix recently announced that they will release the International version of Final Fantasy XIII (2009) in Japan only for the Xbox 360 in the "Ultimate Hits" package. It feature new contents not found in the original version of Final Fantasy XIII (2009) such as the new Easy mode. The voices and theme song are from the US and European release which is in English. However, it does support Japanese subtitles as well.

The ships that comprise the Sanctum Skyfleet are named Palamecia and Lindblum. These also happen to be the names of towns from earlier Final Fantasy games. Palamecia is a castle/town in Final Fantasy II and Lindblum is a castle/town from Final Fantasy IX.