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  • Perfection, or the closest thing possible is achieved with GTA IV. This may sound weird but it's hard to not think that this is a real breathing city. If one word could sum up the game I think it would be 'detail'. Every aspect of the game is as detailed as possible and it is easily the best game ever made respective of the technological possibility. For instance, the AI of the people walking down the street is almost creepy, it seems like these are living people. The dialogue is truly impressive, I believe that this game could compete with some of the best films around. Some people say that the cut-scenes have errors and other minuscule details are slightly askew, but truthfully if they are looking that close for errors they are missing the grand picture. Fantastic acting, worthy of film awards, breathtaking graphics, beyond realistic physics, and just enthralling game-play make this the first truly next-gen game that goes beyond just better graphics, pushing the limits of what I thought was possible. It's one hell of a deal for only $60, it's easily worth hundreds. Rockstar is genius for a making a game so immersive, so realistic, but yet manages to keep that funny, satiric GTA feel. Congrats Rockstar, you deserve your success.

    P.S. screw off anyone that believes that video games cause people to do crimes. That's just being lazy.
  • I have never given anything a 10 out of 10. In my 33 years of life, I've thought a perfect rating was unachievable. . . until I played GTA IV.

    The craftsmanship in this title is simply stunning. It is clear that it was designed and implemented by people who really wanted to produce something that was revolutionary, and without skimping on the details.

    I'm not much of a gamer, so I can't compare this to other titles. But what I can say is that I have been, and continue to be surprised with what the game is offering.

    It seems almost limitless. From AI cars flashing their high beams when you're driving on the wrong side of the road on a collision course with them, to the seamless integration of the radio stations with the world you influence, to . . . well, a dozen pages could be written on the details alone.

    And then there's the characters. Niko is great. He's likable, despite being a murderer. As the story progresses, you find yourself empathizing with him more and more, which is something I'd never expect from a video game.

    Some of the other characters are annoying, but they ultimately lend themselves to a plot that is just fantastic. I would recommend to anyone playing the game to not seek out spoilers; the story is compelling and full of surprises, to the point where a plot turn will have you sitting in your easy chair, holding your controller, dropping your jaw saying "wow", with a little bit of drool rolling down your face.

    Yes. It's that good.

    Players of previous iterations of the GTA franchise will be happy to know that Niko is not some dopey guy who does whatever anyone tells him without reason. Whereas CJ from GTA:SA was unquestioning in his desire to just make everyone happy, Niko is far more complex. There are times when you think he's doing things out of dumb sense of "I guess I have to do this", but then you discover it's something else. Something more believable.

    It's rare that a title has this much hype surrounding it. It's even more rare when it actually delivers on that hype.

    And what were seeing with this game is history. Video games are a new genre of entertainment. Until recently, they've been resigned to the domains of hard-core gamers, with developers seeing how far graphics or sound can be pushed. But it's never been seen as a legitimate art form, like cinema.

    GTA IV changes that. It suggests that a video game can be, in essence, a beautiful work of art. With this as a starting point, it's likely that in another 20 years interactive entertainment will be considered just as worthy of critical praise as film, or painting, or music.
  • I've spent several hours playing this now, all I can say is WOW this game is truly different and truly stunning the graphics are incredible, the level of detail and care taken over everything is astounding. The story is amusing and engaging and the game is very playable. Something you might find difficult especially if you have it on the PS3 is that the controls are completely different to GTA3/vice city/san andreas but after a few hours youl find your feet and get endless pleasure doing amazing handbrake turns into things. The screen has had a lot of the clutter moved away creating for a more movie like experience and the new mobile phone option adds something truly fun/helpful/original to an already groundbreaking series. I would recommend purchasing, in fact i'd near insist upon it, it's even worth paying out for a nu-gen console for it. The only downpoint is that the game isn't being released on the Wii... which would have been a lot of fun... it is shaping up like the best game ever though
  • GTA III on the 6th generation of consoles was a breakthrough in Gaming in 2001. back then 3-D free-roaming had not been accomplished like Rockstar and take-two interactive had done it. Pretty soon, Rockstar improved on their franchise greatly with Vice city in 2002, and then San Andreas in 2004, proving that they could push the capabilities of their game twice as far as they'd done before.

    And then 2008 arrived on the calendar. Rockstar finished working on what is now a classic, Grand Theft Auto IV. Remember what I wrote before how Rockstar could push their franchise twice as hard as before? Well, GTA IV goes beyond twice. There is just So much to do. as Always, you don't even need to follow the story to have fun. You can just hotwire a 69 Charger (known in the game as a dukes) or steal a late-80's, Early 90's era Camaro (known as a Ruiner) and just go bombing through the city running people over, getting in trouble with the law, and hiring Sleazy women for their dirty services (you get to pick which one you want, and the game actually shows it happening this time! Yay!) Sure, you could do that before. but you can also play darts, pool, and go bowling with your girlfriend.

    Another addition is online multiplayer, A first for the GTA series. You can gather up to 16 friends (or enemies) and go bombing around liberty city looking to kill each other. I just experienced it for the first time today, and man is it ever fun.

    Now to the story. It's modern day, 2008. Niko Bellic is an immigrant from Europe (it's not clear where he's from, he could be from Bosnia, Serbia, or Russia, but the most reliable sources say he's from Serbia) and he's come to Liberty City, U.S.A. The initial Idea is that he's coming in search of the American Dream, but really, there are 2 reasons; 1, To escape the horrors of home, which include witnessing slaughtered children during a war 10 years before, and evading bad men to which he owes money. 2, During the war, He was on a mission with 14 other men. someone in his group betrayed the whole team for money. 12 men died. Niko is not guilty of betrayal, but he knows the other 2 are. and he knows one of them lives in Liberty City.

    If you're over 17, and you have 20$ to spare, this game needs (that's right, Needs) to be in your game library. I'm serious. if you aren't playing GTA IV, You're not doing yourself any good.

    Rated M for mature.

  • Oh, finally a real gaming experience that allows you to be a mafia member. The setting, music, situations, and even graphics really make you a part of the whole experience.

    You get to explore the sandbox world of the game while getting into dangerous missions that include mobsters, criminal missions, and you even have time for your personal life.

    This is a great experience that demonstrates that new millennium systems capacity to recreate a parallel universe that will transport you in a parallel life to say something...

    Maybe I'm over praising this video game but believe me, until you play it, you will understand the whole experience...
  • This game is extraordinary, the storyline, characters, game play.EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING You are Niko Bellic coming from Europe to wash his past, and live the American dream alongside his cousin Roman Bellic, together they will conquer liberty city.Characters are so amazing in this game, and funny too! GTA V may have new exciting things, but this one is still the best GTA ever. There are new things like, strip clubs, cellphones so you can call your friends to go to strip clubs, bowling and darts! This game will make you continue it even after you finish the actual game, trust me I have played this game 3 times and this is still fun & playable for me. Play this if you want a good storyline, game play, and extraordinary atmosphere. Liberty city feels alive in this game, it doesn't feel empty at all! So go buy this game now!
  • This game is is near-perfect, that game that many GTA fans have been eagerly anticipating, and I personally couldn't be happier about the result. I haven't beaten it yet, but I can still post this review, because I know that no matter how far I am from the end, I am, with the risk of sounding arrogant, completely confident that it will remain enthralling and entertaining throughout.

    Something must be said about the details: I would consider this a waste of a review if I didn't mention them. Sure, the graphics may sometimes be a little rough during cut scenes, but that little quibble makes so little difference that you would be cheating yourself to pay too much attention to it. The lighting is great, the textures are awesome, and I love just looking around sometimes. Whether you see someone struggling with their groceries on a sidewalk, a car that occasionally backfires, or cops that are pursuing criminals that have nothing to do with you, the lovingly added extra touches are very satisfying. I love the driving, even though it does take a little getting used to. And the aiming system! Man, the aiming system is definitely a hundred times better. You can take cover behind virtually anything wide enough to hide your body. And while the half-press-for-free-aim-full-press-for-auto-aim is initially a little annoying, by the time I had completed the fifth or sixth gunfight in the game, I hardly noticed it.

    The story is great, of course, and the voice acting is superb. There are many more things I could discuss here (comedy clubs, dating, internet, and much more) I will end my review here with these words: if you own a PS3 or an Xbox 360, and are looking for a game that can keep you occupied for up to at least 40+ hours, then BUY THIS GAME! You won't be disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    About a week after the long anticipated release of the 4th addition to this infamous family, I purchased it at the local gaming hole. The first thing I thought when I popped it into the console was, "Ok, another game with better graphics and more advanced driving...But what about gameplay?" So, I popped this baby into the disk tray, started it up, and so began my journey into the new and improved Liberty.

    You're Niko Bellic, a Serbian immigrant traveling over to the states in hopes of a better, more lavish lifestyle with his estranged cousin, Roman. In numerous emails, Roman has accounted his many women, his big house and 10 or 20 cars. But, as soon as Niko gets off the boat, he learns quickly that Roman's life isn't all glam and glitz as described in the pages of lies that were emailed to him. Roman, instead of owning a lavish manor, owns a taxi service. And he has many cars, all of them smell like weeks old babaganoosh and cabbie farts and have probably had more hookers riding them then the johns themselves. Niko is furious when he finds that Roman has been lying to him for months. He soon finds that not only has Roman lied about his lifestyle, he has also failed to tell Niko about his mob troubles and pulls Niko into the betrayal, murder, and thievery that is the mob underworld. Hoping that he may be able to get Roman out of his debts and find a long lost "friend", Niko reluctantly jumps at the chance to join the mob activities and do small odd jobs for those in bloodthirsty need of his services.

    GRAPHICS - 10/10 - Stellar graphics, large attention to detail, gritty back alleys and streets that overtake the beauty of this city leave us breathless. Each island has its own feel. Broker has the run down but somewhat comforting feeling, Algonquin has its lit up streets and cold alleyways, and Alderney, the equivalent of New Jersey, has its gritty industrial zones and ladies of the evening, outlined by suburban settlements. Definitely the best environment in the series hands down.

    GAMEPLAY - 10/10 - Movement, Combat, and overall gameplay have been greatly improved from its ancestors.

    INTERACTION - 10/10 - I don't usually do an interaction title in my reviews, but this game deserves it. Remember when they introduced CJ's ability to reply to people's comments on the street in San Andreas? Imagine that interaction, but 10x better. Beggars ask for money, Cabbies give you rides to your destination, interiors that you have visited in previous missions can be revisited, people are more intelligent, not to mention that movement affects almost everything. Damaging the environment has been added into the game(Firing rockets at buildings will NOT create massive holes or collapses), Crashing a car into another car could send you flying out the front windshield or killing the driver in the next car, and falling from a height can ACTUALLY KILL YOU. Get this, this city ACTUALLY has a TV network. No more hearing about these shows and never getting to see them. You can watch TV in your safehouse now.

    SOUND - 10/10 - I was really surprised to go through the radio stations and hear songs that I know from the real world FINALLY make a breakthrough in liberty. No more Punjit Kavaskar....or w/e his name was. Another thing that you have to love, is the voice acting. I think this was probably the best voice acting I've heard in the series. Niko and Roman MAY have some accent issues, but we can excuse them.

    CHARACTERS - 10/10 - The characters in this game are so cinematic. It's almost like you would see these people in a real mob movie. Development of the main character has been toned down to further the interaction with others. No more sex appeal or stamina or health upgrades. Just change your clothes and your on your way. Interaction between the characters has been revamped to usher in the new era. Your own decisions can make or break friendships, relationships and even end lives. Morality is playing a big part in this game.

    STORY - 10/10 - The best story I've seen so far in a game since Half Life 2. A man comes to America in search of a better life only to get sh*t-canned and dumped on by mobsters and criminals. The greatest thing I've noticed is that the game has a more serious tone to it, with some humorous undertones. Niko Bellic is by far the most interesting character I've played, again, next to Gordon Freeman.

    OVERALL - 11/10 - Ya'know, they tell me to grade it on a 1-10 scale, but I gave this game over ten, because that's just what it is, over ten. It's the best game I've played this year, and if it doesn't win GOTY, then there is something seriously wrong with people. Rockstar drags you into a world where the impossible is possible and anything can happen. A gritty underworld of crime, treachery, and betrayal. a world of sickness, greed, and despair. A sickening thud on the American Dream. When Rockstar takes chances, they go beyond the call. Thank god that this game was delayed for those 6 months, because without them, this would have been another generic mob simulator. But with those 6 months came the opportunity to witness something truly amazing, something that broke the rules and gave us the chances to live out our most daring and criminal fantasies. This is the new generation of GTA games, IV.

    From the Reivewer's Square (sending a big TY to R* for the Best Game Ever) JP
  • Since some time now I have bought GTA 4 for my XBox 360 and its is far better then I expected, but before I begin my review lets look back on the previous GTA-games and what I personally think about them.

    I really enjoyed GTA 1 and 2, and even though many people have mostly forgotten about those 2D-classics, in my opinion they were still the best incarnation of GTA. GTA 3 wasn't a bad game in my opinion, but it was really over-hyped at the time. Even though it was the first true 3D-installment it never really appealed to me. The graphics were too cartoonish, you couldn't even shoot through the front window of a car, and it was just getting boring too quickly I think. Vice City I have to admit I never really played thoroughly so I can't say too much about that. When San Andreas came out it really annoyed me since it was yet another stand-alone modification of GTA 3 in disguise. The graphics were still practically the same, the characters still looked like cartoon-characters and the overall story and gameplay wasn't good enough to keep me playing.

    Since San Andreas I never really thought about GTA anymore, until GTA 4 came out. It was kinda funny as well since at the time of San Andreas I read in a interview with developer Rockstar that San Andreas was going to be their last GTA-game. I guess popular demand forced them to make another GTA-game, and I have to say I'm glad they did. This game has worked out a lot of mistakes from the previous GTA-games. For the first time if a car is locked, your character will automatically smash the window in to enter the car. Weapons feel a lot more realistic this time, and the overall atmosphere is more realistic as well which was a great plus for me. Speaking of realism; the game also features ragdoll-physics for the very first time which is very cool.

    The story is in my opinion the best in GTA, along with the various places you can visit to hang out with NPC's to play some darts, pool, or bowling. Even though the voice-acting gets a bit corny here and there, it still manages to impress. Overall cruising around the city is more fun as well, and where the people on the streets in previous GTA-games had only a few animations and lines, the people in GTA all react different. Sometimes somebody walks on the street with a ice-cream, or a box and if you happen to bump into him/her he/she drops it on the floor. These small details add to the overall realistic feel. The details on the cars are insane. For example if you smash your car against a road-sign, you will see a significant hole in your car. You also again have a wide selection of radio-channels available.

    It goes without saying that every GTA-fan will most probably love this game. To me, the game is even better since the last GTA-games just didn't impress me that much and overall weren't really my cup of tea. Its not just the graphics that are worked out better in part 4, but the overall atmosphere and gameplay are a lot better as well. Highly recommended!
  • Seriously: BUY. THIS. GAME!! I've been running around all over the city trying to buy it today but they were all sold out everywhere. I finally find a copy at a kiosk where I usually buy movies. I think I bought their last copy, haha.

    Anyway, so I get home and install it (it takes only a couple of minutes to install on PS3) and I start to play and the first thing that strikes me is the unbelievable freedom of movement in this game. I start driving around and speed up and hitting the brakes and running over people and so on and it's the most intense experience I have ever had playing a GTA game.

    And just you wait till you get out on the street, there's no walking through other people on the street in this game, no, in this game you actually run into people, knock them over, and make the very angry with you. Hehe, I got a lot of people running after me my first time on the street. I know how that sounds, that sounds like bad AI right? Wrong! It actually felt extremely real being chased.

    So go out and get this game, but the people who live in my town has to wait a week cos I bought the last copy in the entire city.

    Peace out!
  • martin-heron30 April 2008
    Ach, what can I say? Immense, completely immense. Didn't think Niko was going to be such a likable character at first, but he's brilliant (not as good as CJ, though :P). Brucie's got to be the best character ever in the series.

    The missions are great, the taxi service is brilliant, finally the tedium of driving cross-city is over, and there's nothing better than running into a guy, making him retaliate and having HIM arrested. Brilliant!

    The funniest thing about GTA:SA was fat CJ, so it's a shame you can't get fat Niko. But hey, when you can play online against 7 friends, all in helicopters, fighting police copters, you tend to forgive the little things. :D
  • I picked the special edition version up at Midnight with my best friend and then I called in sick to work the next day. This game has the best story line that truly makes feel for the main character Niko. The dialogue is amazingly realistic and the missions are unique and allow you to beat them at your own pace. (very few timed missions are a plus). Bottom line on single player... detailed, humorous, engaging and dramatic.

    Now to the part of the game that puts it over the top of EVERY next-gen console... Online Multiplayer! You can play with up to 16 people in a wide range of scenarios. From team deathmatch to racing, this game has it all. Its like COD4 collides with Forza 2. The graphics and city area do not change when playing online, so you have more freedom than any game out there. The multiplayer also allows you to change settings such as traffic, police, and weapons of course. (I know what you're thinking... Rocket Launcher!).

    I have to stop this review now and get back into the game. If you own a next-gen console or are thinking of getting either an Xbox 360 or PS3, this needs to be at the top of your list when picking out your next game. Thank you for reading.
  • MateoVega29 April 2008
    i just bought this game today, and its awesome! the script is very well written and the voice acting is great. the gameplay is very nice and the targeting from previous GTA's has improved.

    The game features a great cover system similar to that from Uncharted and Gears of War.

    The graphics are very realistic and detailed sometimes it looks just like real life.

    The online mode is really fun. you're with 16 guys in Liberty City and you can kill, each other, help each other and do missions together

    I recommend this game to all PS3 and X360 owners this is really the best game for those consoles until the moment
  • I think this is the 3rd revolution for the video-games. First one was the Half-Life at 1999 and 2nd one was the Crysis at 2007. But this game has its own cons, lots of cons. Biggest problem is the frame rate per second problem. This game runs very slowly because it is very big and it is not optimized well. But I think this is the best story and physics of GTA games. It deserves better point.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game is a classic in every aspect. After spending a lot of time on this game, I finally completed it like I never thought I would. I am not the best at completing games but this one I found quite easy. The story is in every sense great, the characters are great from beginning to end. Basically the game is great. The thing so great about Grand 4 is that it pulls you right into the game. You get to know these characters and their lives, you get to make choices for these characters that are so difficult. Niko Bellic is a great character. He meets a lot of crazy people in his life in liberty city. In fact, that brings me onto the graphics and setting of the game. Right so, The graphics: In the original Grand theft Auto's, the graphics weren't really a big deal. All the games focus on is story, character and fun. Nor did they focus on realism. Like in Grand theft Auto: San Andreas where you can get a Jet Pack cheat. (Although San Andreas did however use certain elements of realism; like where CJ would be able to go to the gym and work out to increase his strength and to learn new fighting moves). In this game, you pretty much have a mixture of both. The graphics are amazing for a 2008 game. Most games now don't even compare to the graphics in Grand theft Auto IV. The streets, buildings, hospitals, cars are all well thought of. Its got amazing graphics.

    Pedestrians: Another great thing about this game in its realism aspect is the way pedestrians act. They walk around, buy hot dogs from hot dog stands, talk to each other, do exercise. It focuses on real life a lot (this game).

    Characters: This is probably the most best part of the game: The characters. Like Roman and Little Jacup, they are made very realistic. And even the part (SPOILERS) at the end where you can have everything but lose something close to you. It's just great stuff! So this is my conclusion: Go and buy it! Don't rent it, buy it! It's addictive and you probably would refuse to give it back when you rent it! When you get it, play it, love it, watch it, enjoy it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    best game ever as soon as I got my ps3 people recommended this game so i gave it a try thinking it will be rubbish as Grand Theft Auto 1 2 3 were all rubbish and liberty city was alright and the only good one was San Andreas but they proved me wrong by they can make good gta cant wait till Grand Theft Auto 5 I would certainly recommend this game for ps3 or xbox. also if u get this game get it with Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City.

    but there is a let down as some missions you see in the beginning sometimes appear later in the game but just with different characters.

    but there is another good side as in some previous Grand Theft Auto games you had to keep repating the cheat but no it gets saved on the game in the characters phone.
  • When I first played this game I was amazed by the sheer realism just when the credits started and the main protagonist Niko landed in Liberty City. I had played Grand Theft Auto III on Playstation 2 and the following sequels but when you begin to journey into the new and improved version of the game series, you begin to wonder how much effort Rockstar Games must have put into making this entire city come to life.

    The protagonist Niko Bellic is a very interesting character, not much is known about him except for the fact that he wants to live the American dream but also wants to put his very disturbed past behind him.With a variety of interesting characters, some top-notch dialogue and some excellent cutscenes, you begin to praise the game as not just a part of a terrific series but as one of the best games ever made.

    The storyline of this game is something that can only be seen in a movie with well-crafted dialogue, hilarious characters and character who is just as bad as he is good. Even though some missions do become repetitive at times, side missions can rid the stress if you are having a hard time passing a certain mission or quest but once you're done with that you still feel like beating the game all the way to 100%.

    The graphics and gameplay in this game is also another achievement even if it borrows some of its duck and cover mechanics of numerous games the ragdoll physics and realistic environments take the game just that bit further. When cars are being blown up, someone being run over or other various acts of crime happen you actually believe that its really happening right there at that very moment that makes it the best.

    The driving and combat mechanics has also been thoroughly improved, when Niko steals a vehicle its not as simple as getting into the vehicle and starting it, it takes time as Niko will break into the vehicle and then have to hotwire it to get it started which can cause suspicion for surrounding police officers, but the control of the cars is just as realistic and damage to certain vehicles is also amazing.

    Fighting or shooting is one of the things that make it a excellent game as well like ducking for cover, sliding on the ground, blocking a big punch or finishing them off is something that can only be seen to be believed as the ragdoll physics once again comes into play.

    Artificial intelligence in this game has been upgraded to its absolute maximum with bystanders moving out of your way as you walk pass or runaway when a weapon is pointed at their head they have become more clever and more realistic as they react to what is around them.

    Interactions with certain characters is also a well-praised experience, going out with friends or on dates makes this game just as interesting throughout as gaining friendship or companionship leads its rewards but at times when you're doing missions with them you do feel like you're the only one there especially when you're trying not to get hit by bullets or getting blown up by massive amounts of explosives.

    Police in this game can be very frustrating at times but can be very easy to get away from e.g. just driving a couples of kilometres down a straight road will pretty much fix your problems but when the heat gets too much you'll have more trouble trying to escape in one piece.

    Customisation is brought back as well, maybe not as much as San Andreas but it gets very close even though you can't customise Niko physically you can always make look more accessible to the outside world or just trying make him look like the biggest bad-ass that ever lived.

    There are many upon many of things I could add into this review but I don't think I can handle the mere strain of it all. Like I said, awesome characters, excellent settings, funny dialogue and a story like no other, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games ever made.

    Perfect 10 as it has everything you need in a game trust me whether it be on Playstation 3 or XBox 360 nothing can stop this amazing game.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV marks the beginning of Rockstar's HD era, where a vastly different approach was taken when compared to most previous titles.

    The GTA series has mostly been about entertainment value, absurdness & well constructed missions, but GTA IV is a lot more complex and morally ambiguous. Truly, it is the only entry in the franchise that challenges the player to think about what is right and what is wrong in the world that is displayed, and poses a very subtle message about what leads man to commit violent and murderous acts. This is for the most part thanks to the fantastic addition of the protagonist Niko Bellic, who is without a doubt the greatest protagonist in the series. He is ofcourse outstandingly voice acted by Michael Hollick, who captures the Serbian accent and the many tones of Niko perfectly. His character is also an example of perfect writing, as his tragic wartime backstory in the Yugoslavian wars makes Niko a character with loads of depth and moral ambiguity. This is not a monster, but a man that has been made into what he is today due to a childhood consisting of murder and violence. He is forced to kill to survive, because it is the only thing he knows how. In a couple of conversations with his cousin Roman ( Also excellent voice acting by Jasom Zumwalt ) these morals are really put to the test, as he tries to admit that there is good in Niko. As Niko struggles with his morals and himself, he finds out that he cannot escape his past, which in the end results in quite possibly the greatest single character arc in videogame history.

    There has been some criticism on GTA IV's bleak color palette, but one has to keep in mind that these visuals have to add to Niko's story and mood. This game is bleak, because the story is bleak. There is admittedly less use of varying color than the previous GTA's, but there is a feeling of social isolation and disconnection, a feeling of impending doom and desparity in these grey visuals. There are very few locations in videogames that feel as vibrant and alive as Liberty City does in GTA IV. The sinister visuals combined with the fantastic dynamics of rain, ambient noises or people talking really provide this incredibly immersive experience with an extra layer of genius. The sound effects are superb. The art design is top notch.

    Generally, every GTA has had excellent voice acting, but GTA IV's voice acting is even more impressive than any other entry in the series. Largely carried by the fantastic performances of Michael Hollick & Jason Zumwalt, there is a lot of genuine emotion & poignancy in these voices. But the real difference maker here is obviously the depth and variety in which these characters have their conversations. This is ofcourse also thanks to brilliant writing. There is ofcourse still a lot of humor in GTA IV, as is standard in these series, but these moments all hide something sinister and serious, and the humor is never as absurd as it was in previous GTA's. It still, however, manages to still be a satire on everyday city life while maintaining its dark and complex plot.

    The storytelling is superb. Characterization is fully fleshed out and the writing of plot events or sub plots such as the whole 'Diamond' affair result in a lot of fascinating goose chases and twists. As stated before, the narrative is far more complex and immersive than in other GTA's, which thus results in one of the greatest plots ever seen in a videogame. The character arcs, the twists, the substances of the missions.. everything is connected.

    The gameplay lacks a bit of customization which therefore puts more of an emphasis on the already excellent storytelling abilities of Rockstar, and therefore this can never be seen as a con. The gameplay itself is quite simple but yet so extremely effective and gritty. The physics of cars in GTA IV are a stand out in its gameplay expertise. The cars are hard to control and do not turn as inhumanly quick as they would in other GTA's, which results in a game that is not very easy for the casual gamer to get a hold of, but all the more rewarding for the seasoned among us.

    Cutscenes often times feature many complex variaties in momentum, meaning that mood changes are very frequent. This makes the cutscenes fascinating, and creates a cinematic experience that is also one of the greatest ever seen. One of the greatest examples of this is the incredible cutscene exchange between Ray Boccino & Niko during the intro of the mission 'Museum Piece'.

    Niko's past, except from adding tons of depth to his character, also adds some poignancy to later events in the film. Near the end of the game there is an event where his past will come back to haunt him, and a choice is given that is probably as morally difficult for the player as it is for Niko himself, and this changes his character significantly. There is also possibly a phone call to Roman near the end where Niko will admit to 'Not knowing how much more of the killing he can take', as to say it really affects his character. Without spoiling anything, the ending ( Primarily where the ending takes place ) is really symbolic for the satirical look that Rockstar wants to convey about the 'American dream'.

    Grand Theft Auto IV is loaded with superb voice acting, intelligent writing, a fantastic plot and storytelling, a lot of characterization, excellent cinematics & physics, great gameplay while also creating a fantastic study on moral ambiguity and what makes an innocent child into a murderous killing machine.
  • Since the dawn of video game man has searched for the prefect video game and its has arrived the masterpiece is possible the greatest invention in the past 50 years god himself couldn't have done a better job creating a computer game. where to begin the graphics alone are outstanding and the gameplay surpasses any other video game known to man, and the story well its better than the crap they make in Hollywood today its could go down as being as good as the godfather stories or scarface. This is what i would call the holy grail of video games being a gamer myself i have long searched for a game the has everything and this does. The online alone would give halo a run for its money on the multiplayer mode on xbox live, and with the content download coming out in a few months it will give us even more to something that has already given us so much. If you have not played this game yet do so now drop everything your doing and go buy this game i promise you, you will get your money's worth out of it.
  • GTA IV is an excellent entrance to the GTA series, it not only provides an open world in the fictional city of Liberty City where violence and gang-related conflicts have sunken the city's reputation, it also provides a darker and more complex plot and atmosphere. I think that GTA IV is the most interesting, exciting and fun-filled GTA game out of the others. Not only does it gives us the ability to freely walk around the five borough of Liberty Coty, but it also sets a subtext which tells you to not possess drugs or weapons as it just demonstrated the consequences. Unlike GTA V, the characters in the game (like Niko) have a intriguing personality and has more sympathy.

    GTA IV, the game which never disappoints.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Grand Theft Autos have always been excellent, but GTA IV, set in Liberty City, is the best one yet! With excellent graphic, realistic scenarios and a newly introduced cover system, GTA IV really does bring this city to life with the ability to car-jack, drive around, and simply enjoy escalating the wanted level stars.

    I loved the multi-player mode, with up to around 16 players around Liberty City, either working together, capturing territories, killing each other, or many other options. The thing I don't like though, is the fact that only a, huge map can be played. But this is minor, you'll be so absorbed in massacring everyone that you'll fail to notice.

    The cheats have also been enhanced, now the quick-dialing of cheats can be accessed by using the phone instead of having to always dial the cheat when you want to use it, like many other GTA games.

    This game is recommended for all PS3 and Xbox 360 users. Congratulations, Rockstar!
  • sethmlanders10 October 2015
    This is undeniably one of the best GTA games of all time. I have the complete edition, which includes episodes from Liberty City and I recommend you get that copy for the full experience. The game is set loosely in New York City. You play as a Russian immigrant named Niko Bellic who comes to America with dreams of hope.

    There is a lot of driving and shoot-outs but that's what you expect from this kind of game. The controls are smooth and the cover system is flawless. You'll easily get distracted with other stuff, such as visiting famous landmarks, going to strip clubs, pulling off dangerous car stunts, and so much more. This open world setting is innovative and Rockstar keeps improving upon every game they subsequently make.

    Such an incredible game that is nearly perfect. They've also updated the wanted system and you now use a cell phone for missions. This is a great game that's worth your time!
  • Grand Theft Auto IV is almost to amazing to even put into words. The graphics on this game are astounding, astonishing, amazing, picturesque, and just good enough to blind you because you will be to stunned to realize how phenomenal they really are, and the whole game. The storyline is absolutely amazing. It had such a huge surprise and twist that I'm sure nobody saw coming.

    Not only this, but I think that Rockstar spent countless days and hours going over every, little, minuscule, tiny detail possible. Nothing in this game is unrealistic. I mean, I literally went looking for something I could complain about, and found nothing. The water, when looking at it from land, looks like real water. Seriously, when I saw the water I almost grabbed my bathing suit before I realized it was only video game.

    GTA IV also grips the viewer just like a dramatic Oscar award winning movie. The stress and relationships of characters in the cut scenes really make you believe that they are actually real people.

    I never thought I'd come to a point where I called a game "perfect", however, I am stating that right now: GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 IS COMPLETELY PERFECT AND FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game is perhaps the best I have played till now. Its not just a game,its an experience in itself, that is utterly wondrous. The game boasts of some of the most realistic graphics in history and I affirm that it does have one of the most realistic graphics ever, period. Just look what happens when you hit a street light. Unlike previous GTA games, they don't fly in the air as if they have no weight at all, they fall down properly. The game developers have taken minute, intricate details into consideration. Another example of great graphics: Look at the cars!! I you hit a tree, your engine would surely be affected in real-life. In GTA4, what exactly happens to the car is shown.For example, if I bang the front portion of the car often, it would break down and stop functioning at all. Similarly, if someone keeps shooting my car too often and it catches fire and I take time to escape, then sometimes the car's fire catches on to me and I am on fire. Remember in previous titles where you could ditch the car in the nick of the time when it is about to blow up.

    Probably one of the best stories ever, GTA too boasts of vivid characters with their eccentricities. Brucie, Packie, Niko, Roman, Michelle, Playboy X, Dwayne, ever the side characters are all different. They all have their similarities and their differences which can be unearthed through various interactions. Brucie is a show-off who maintains good relation with Niko but still tantalizes him once in a while, especially when he is taken to places that don't boast of extravagant lifestyle.

    The dialogs are the best in the GTA series and one of the best ever. The cut scenes themselves are so interesting, I wanted to hug them. The language is colorful, filled with F-words and a lot many other profane words that can't be mentioned but it never put me off, since it all looked so real. I wasn't like they inserted the words because they wanted to get an M rating, but because that's how people, especially criminals talk in their daily routine. This is probably the first game in the GTA series where I have watched ALL the cut-scenes, rather than skipping some and cutting to the missions directly.

    The game-play is sublime, with every motion of Niko well researched. You can take cover behind whatever you find as a shield and plan your strategy. One problem that I had was that that the cover system sometimes became annoying since I had to keep pressing R1 again to get out of cover and at times, Niko would take time getting out of cover. The guns are lesser compared to GTA San Andreas but have better effect. One problem with the aiming was that when auto aiming was turned on, I had difficulties and irritation shooting at certain people, especially when a crowd was around. Holding L2 half-down to take free aim is possible but I could hot it half-down for even a few seconds before it targeted someone.

    The side-missions are certainly fewer than SA but are better. The Vigilance missions are so much fun unlike SA and previous titles where it was an ordeal. Here, I could do them whenever I wanted, not worrying about reaching certain levels. The drug run mission too were fun. Brucie's races were unbelievable easy, probably Rockstar games was compensating for the tough air missions in SA. The opponents AI in the races was pathetic. I could get out of the car, eat a hot-dog, re-enter the car and still win!

    They could have included the firetruck and Ambulance mission since I enjoyed riding the fire-truck just by itself. A fewer more things could have been adding. But don't worry, the dating mission and the friend activities are certainly a hell lot of fun.

    The mobile phones are so essential in the game and so are the replay missions. I am running out of the 1000 word limit and so I have to end here by saying, it is the best game I have played till now. 10 on 10.
  • First off,I got this game for Christmas along with an Xbox 360 and some other games like Bioshock,which was also a really good game. But anyway,Grand Theft Auto iv is without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played out of all the other games that I've ever played in my entire life. Seriously. What could be better than killing innocent people in the streets and stealing their money. If that isn't fun,then I don't know what fun means. If you haven't played GTA iv yet,go get the game,put it in your console(only comes in Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)and start playing. Trust me,you won't regret buying the game.Overall score: 10/10
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