• WARNING: Spoilers

    Welcome to Liberty City. A place where corruption ferments and freedom is dead.

    You are Niko Bellic. Your cousin, Roman, has told you many things about his lavish lifestyle in America. His numerous women, cars and hottubs to accompany his big house have been the subject recent emails sent by Roman. You arrive by boat, meet Roman and take a trip to his place....Unfortunately, his place is anything but lavish.

    The only money Roman has was money borrowed from the wrong side of the fence, the only women Roman has are the ones that took his taxi that morning and the only hottub Roman has, is the boiling hot water in his sink.

    Angry, but noticing that Roman is in hot water, Niko sets out on a crusade to help Roman in his crisis, pay his debts, and do some pretty nasty things while he's at it in this instalment of the infamous series.