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  • This show is what Blue Collar Comedy-whatever should have been! A TV gem that I hope, hope, hope gets another season or three. I admit it's a little rough around the edges. But, the fact that I found myself laughing more frequently with each episode means they streamlining their craft. I think another season would do the trick. This is the sort of show that could become another American Institution like the The Simpsons or The Daily Show. Naked Trucker (Dave Allen) could use a few more funny lines, but being nude makes up adequately for his being straight man/den mother to David Koechner's T-Bones, who might be one of the most brilliantly crafted character on TV these days.
  • Comedy Central has a weird habit of cancelling their best shows and trying extremely hard to promote and keep their worst shows.They cancelled this show,Big Lake and Dog Bites Man but they pushed that awful Nick Swardson show and do the same with the equally unfunny Amy Schumer show.They cancelled Big Lake before the first episode aired but re-played that terrible Kröd Mändoon show for years, hoping people would grow to like it.Anyway, this show starred David Koechner.Not only is he one of the funniest people who ever lived, he's been been in countless movies and a few very famous TV shows(SNL,The Office,Still Standing).Yet most people have no clue who he is.This show was about T-Bones, a hilarious character he created for SNL.Since SNL is against being funny they quickly fired Koechner.Thankfully Comedy Central gave us a few hours of this great character.Everything about this show is truly funny.They even had huge guest stars in every episode.I would recommend everyone watch this show but Comedy Central has literally made that impossible.They won't release a DVD and they won't allow it on Youtube.Even Google ignores it.You can type the entire title in their search engine and it won't recommend anything.What a shame.
  • I went to a taping of this the other night. Very funny stuff. Live studio stuff intermingled with taped segments featuring Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Paul Rudd, etc. I can't wait to see the finished product! I just learned of these guys, but apparently they've been doing this as a stage show for years. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when these two ultra-familiar faces walked on to stage and started to interact, it was hard not to laugh. They sing songs like "Two Dollars and a Hand Job" and "American Dream" backed up by a great band. If you can believe that someone named "The Naked Trucker" would be the straight man to the freewheelin' and freeloadin' "T-Bone" then this is one for you, pal.
  • This is a different show for sure. I like it because of David Koechner's character. I don't think any promo made this out to be a high-minded show. Compared to the crap that Hollywood puts out of it's sit-com factory with the same lame jokes and lousy laugh tracks, this is a breath of fresh air. This is more like a stage show that is televised. Koechner demonstrates yet another unique character in his arsenal. I love his willingness to make an absolute fool of himself. I enjoy him in most of his film rolls. The "naked trucker" is a nice foil to T-Bones even though he wears no clothes. Its a shame there aren't more episodes!