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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mutated hillbillies can be a real pain in the arse. And eye socket. Basically, more of the same from the franchise that wants to be the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This time out, instead of Eliza Dushku, we get the quite gorgeous Erica Leerhsen (from... wait, you'll never guess - The Texas chainsaw Massacre remake) and the less than lithe figure of Henry Rollins as the main characters.

    A reality TV show show called The Apocalypse sets up it's cameras in the same mutant-infested forest as the last film and the local residents quickly set about slicing and dicing the interlopers like an enraged Gordon Ramsey. Body parts fly off in every direction and blood gushes, spurts, leaks, drops, squirts and cascades in virtually every scene. If you could define this movie in one word, it would be "wet". There's a gratuitous boob shot and obligatory sex scene to keep the titillation quota up in between the carnage, but there's so little story that you could write it on the back of a matchbox. Not that story actually matters here one little bit.

    Rollins is an ex-marine turned TV presenter who, when he realises the hills not only have eyes but bear traps, axes and other assorted blunt and sharp weaponry, turns into Arnold Schwarzenegger faster than you can say "Last twenty minutes of Predator". I'm not giving anything away by saying the bad guys get killed and the prettiest girl survives, but poor old Hank? Well, let's just say he's not likely to feature in another sequel...

    All in all, it's your typical teens/twenty-somethings against psychos scenario. All is played out with arse-numbing inevitability, with only the gore and death scenes to keep you wondering what's going to happen next. Basically, if you didn't like the first one, then you'll hate this. Oh, and it contains probably the most unintentionally stupid tagged on twist ending I think I may have ever seen. One of those moments that if you're watching it at the cinema, you'll burst out laughing, feel embarrassed for a second or two before you realising everybody else has done exactly the same.
  • First, i must say, I'm kinda bored by now with the variations of inbred, genetically deformed n so on cannibals, but i thought i give it a try as a no-brain movie, the only real reason to watch being the participation of Henry Rollins. Also, its quite entertaining how the genre tries to outbid the last movie with even more cruel gore than the last one. I guess its become a practice , in which they have a violent film, that gets an uncut edition on DVD, so it might sell more. As i said, as a no-brain, its entertaining, a great film to watch not alone, but with friends-so you can comment on the gory parts.But honestly, the remakes and the stealing of old ideas has become so lame
  • In Greenbrier Back Country, West Virginia, the retired military Dale Murphy (Henry Rollins) is hosting a tough survivor show where the winner takes US$ 100,000.00. The proposal of the reality show is to survive in the woods in the most adverse conditions, following predetermined rules. Sooner the contestants find that they are really fighting to survive against a strong, sadistic and violent cannibalistic family with the appearance of monsters. Further, Colonel Dale discloses that many years ago, an abandoned pulp mill released chemical wastes on the creek, killing the animals and transforming the descendants of a local family in deformed mutants. Without animals to hunt or fish to catch, the next generation chases travelers to feed themselves.

    "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" has an unoriginal story that I have seen many times, and seems to be a replay of parts of many other movies, like for example "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Hills Have Eyes", "Timber Falls", "Wrong Turn" plus breasts of a sexy girl and a collection of clichés of the genre. However, this film is surprisingly good, having more gore and originality in the deaths than the usual; and works, hooking the attention of the viewer until the very last scene. The death of Kimberly Caldwell in the beginning gives a great introduction of how bloody this film is. When I see this type of movie, I try to guess what will happen to the potential victims, if they will survive or die, and the gore resolution of this movie is good. The make-up and the special effects are impressive. In my opinion, fans of the genre will not be disappointed with this film. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Floresta do Mal" ("Forest of the Evil")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, ANYone who hates American Idol (I watch it, but ONLY the auditions and even then just to laugh at the bad ones, but I digress) will absolutely love the opening sequence where Kimberly Caldwell gets hers. The main plot revolves around a crew of youthful contestants for a Survivor-esquire reality TV show hosted by ex-military man Dale Murphy (the always kick-ass Henry Rollins). Playing their game in the remote backwoods of West Virginia, they soon find out that deformed hillbillies are hunting them. Having extremely little to do with the first "Wrong Turn" (which I enjoyed as a fun lil' diversion), this direct to DVD sequel is surprisingly pretty good none the less. Not only that I truly believe it could be the best DTV sequel of 2007 hands down, thanks to a likable cast, a fun storyline, and not skimping on the gore in the least.

    My Grade: A-

    Eye Candy: Crystal Lowe gets topless
  • This movie essentially carries a plot and contains scenes we have definitely seen before. All the actors are cliché actors and everything you see has been done before. However, this was done better than most other movies.

    The plot revolves around a reality TV show in the woods and of course the cannibals are there. It is simple but was good enough to keep me intrigued to go with the movie. There were characters you root for and characters you wanted to die like in any movie, but the way they died was awesome. There was a plethora of blood and guts and even some tense moments.

    A lot better than most other sequels in regards to similar movies like Jeepers Creepers 2, The Ring 2, The Grudge 2, Hills have eyes II, etc. I do recommend renting this so you can cheer for those awesome gory kills and waiting to see if they get their revenge.
  • Low-rent slasher sequels are usually garbage, I mean has anyone seen Hostel 2, The Grudge 2 or Hills Have Eyes 2? As a result I really wasn't expecting much of this movie despite enjoying the first, not merely for the gorgeous Eliza Dushku either. The premise is nothing new, but the characters, gore and inventive kills make it well worth watching.

    The always cool Henry Rollins (who I'd pay money just to see reading the bible) plays a retired Army Colonel who is now hosting a faux-post apocalyptic reality game show. The setting: the woods. But not just any woods, this is inbred hillbilly territory and they are only too happy to devour a bunch of young city folks.

    Erica Leerhseen (who seriously does not look as old as she is) plays Nina, the cynical, jaded one of the group who keeps her cool when the guts start spilling. Usually with these movies you can tell exactly who is going to die and in what order, but Wrong Turn 2 still managed to seem fresh. I wasn't simply waiting for characters to die or wishing that they'd hurry up and meet a grisly end, since such fodder are usually highly annoying.

    The one thing that I didn't like was the utterly flat photography. The original had a dark, grainy and hardcore look to it but the sequel just seems so clean and bright and open. I think that if Joe Lynch was perhaps a more experienced director then the film would look tighter and more dynamic, as it is the cinematography does little to compliment the above-average production design.

    If you are a fan of the first movie then I totally recommend that you give this one a go. It surpassed my expectations and I'm usually quite a snob when it comes to movies.
  • Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, what I expected to be total trash turned out to be one of the better horror sequels in a while. Wrong Turn is a decent horror movie that I usually recommend to my friends, it had a fresh new feel for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre genre. So when my boyfriend and I were looking for a film to watch, we came across Wrong Turn 2: Dead End at the video store, I was like oh, no, another crummy sequel to destroy a fine film. But he wanted to see it, so we watched it last night, I have to say that I was completely wrong about what I thought this film was going to be. Actually, this was a fun horror movie, you didn't even need to see the first one to get it, that was a bonus that not too many sequels give the chance for. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a fun and gory sequel that offers lots of blood and entertainment.

    A group is about to film another "survivor" type of reality show in the middle of the woods. It's called "Apocolypse" where they have to pretend that the world is gone and they're the only survivors and whoever's left standing wins a hundred grand. But things take a very deadly turn when the gang is attacked by blood hungry hillbilly cannibals who want to have them for dinner, if you know what I mean. So this turns into a real survivor show when the gang is now fighting for their lives and try to make it out of the woods alive.

    While there are some stories that had no point to them, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End still has an awesome story over all. The deaths were absolutely cool to see, I know that sounds bad, but I just love a good horror film with the great death scenes. I think the first girl had the best with the ax, but I'm not going to give that scene away, just trust me, it's a very cool one. I was very impressed with how cool this sequel was and I highly recommend this movie for any horror fan, it's a fun one to watch.

  • Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, the obvious sequel to the Terrific 70s Style Horror film Wrong Turn which starred the beautiful Eliza Dushku and Desmond Harrington (and which I surprisingly really dug and loved), was probably my most anticipated film ever for more than 2 years due to many different reasons, hence I was really looking forward to it and couldn't wait to see it. However, it was taking FOX forever to properly release it, so I waited really long for it to finally come out on October 09th, and well, having finally seen the film, all I can say is - WOW, was the wait worth it!, since the film completely exceeded all my expectations, and turned out to be one of the best Horror Sequels I've seen since Aliens and Evil Dead II. The film revolves around a group of 6 reality show contestants (we have the heroine, the black guy, the army chick, the funny guy, the nice girl, the slut, and the 7th contestant who is very brutally eliminated in the amazing and brutal opening scene of the film), their producer, and the host, who start getting killed off one-by-one while participating in the low-budget reality show by a group of sick, horny, and hideously deformed inbred hillbilly cannibals who plan on making them all their dinner. However, unluckily for the hillbillies, the remaining contestants and the host start fighting back for their survival, unaware that the hillbillies have different plans for them and their body parts.

    Hvaing watched the film, I have to say that without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of the film is the gorgeous and talented Erica Leerhsen (whom you may recognize from the underrated Blair Witch 2 and the terrific Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake) who is simply terrific in the movie, and fortunately plays the most interesting and likable character with a saddening back story, and is great to see that she has actually has a decent-sized role as I always thought she was heavily underrated.

    Henry Rollins steals the show as well and kicks some serious ass in the movie, and let's face it -there's nobody else who would do it better than Rollins; the man is simply a genius and should get more roles like this. Worth mentioning are other talented cast members, including Texas Battle, Aleksa Palladino, Daniella Alonso (who actually has much more to work with than in The Hills Have Eyes II), Steve Braun, Crystal Lowe, and Matthew Currie Holmes, and I have to say that Kimberly Caldwell is also great in her debut role, and delivers a fine performance in the brutal opening scene of the film.

    Despite that all characters are pretty stereotypical, you actually care for them (which is very rare in Horror movies as most characters in Slasher films are one-dimensional), and I have to admit it is pretty hard to predict who is going to survive or die, thanks to the writers, Turi Meyer and Al Saptien, who have made a surprisingly effective script. There are a few plot holes and cheesy lines here and there, sure, but who cares?

    The direction is amazing as well. Joe Lynch does an outstanding job as the director, and with his many homages to other movies (including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead II, Aliens, Rambo, The Blair Witch Project; mostly 80s Splatter flicks), and brutal death scenes (hint: opening scene), he is definitely one of the reasons why the sequel turned out so great.

    And how does Wrong Turn 2 do in comparison with the original? Well, damn great if I may say. Seeing as the original is very serious, eerie, and scary, the sequel tries to be quite the opposite - just a simple, hardcore, highly entertaining, no-brain, and brutal Splatter flick which doesn't take itself seriously, and luckily, it succeeds. It's very different from the first one, and quality-wise - I love them both equally as they're entirely different, but equally amazing. Also, don't let the fact that this is a direct-to-video film put you away, as it's definitely the best straight-to-video movie I've ever seen, and just proves that sometimes even a little, direct-to-video sequel can live up to its proceeder, and even stand on its own.

    So in all - is Wrong Turn 2 completely flawless? No, not really. Is it a perfect film? Nope. But is it a Highly Entertaining, Fast-paced, Memorable, Gory and Amazing Horror Sequel which blows away most 2007 Horror flicks? Damn straight it is. Honestly, I really don't understand why FOX sent this direct-to-video, and The Hills Have Eyes II in theaters as Wrong Turn 2 is tons better and a much more enjoyable flick.

    In short, Wrong Turn 2 is hands down the most entertaining and goriest Horror Sequel I've ever seen. It's not flawless or perfect, but I still love it, so if you really are looking for a worthy sequel with amazing acting, great direction, brutal and inventive deaths, likable characters, and lots more, Wrong Turn 2 is definitely then the right turn, and an amazing Horror flick you should surely check out! Highly recommended.

  • I was a little tired of all these survival kinda movies, all being alike. But if you truly like gore fest, this one's a keeper.

    Most importantly, WT2 manages to keep you entertained with some pretty cool new tricks, while all other sequels (saw, hostel etc...) were not really imaginative when it came to kills.

    Here, it's a hell of a ride with really cool kills sequences, unseen yet. And the survivors (if any) are absolutely not predictable.

    That's why I liked it, a script with at last some new ideas unlike all the bullshit out there.

    Watch it, you won't regret it !
  • "Wrong Turn 2:Dead End" provides a really amusing way for our latest victims to end up in trouble.They're the contestants on a Survivor-style reality series.Because our six contestants and a few poor producers are actually tramping around the lair of mutant inbred cannibals...This tongue-in-cheek horror flick is nastier than the original,but the violence is more cartoonish."Wrong Turn" by Rob Schmidt was quite serious,in "Wrong Turn 2" the gore flows more freely.Henry Rollins is fun to watch as the tough survivalist who kicks some cannibal ass.The pace is fast,the characters are well-developed and the mutants look ugly.Give it a whirl.8 out of 10.
  • dmuel12 October 2007
    This movie sequel was made because the first in the series was a hit. In this one, once again we meet the mutant, redneck cannibals who live in the sticks and wait with growling stomachs for the next bunch of kids to stumble into their rustic hell-hole. The mutant clan is a little larger in this version, including some mutant horny chicks, and their backwater shanty comes complete with assorted grisly machines and sundry horrors. Into this mix we add Henry Rollins as a misfit marine hired to lead a reality-based TV show and its several amateur entrants into a backwoods survival game. Among this group are the obligatory obnoxious elements, a few babes with repulsive personalities, and one or two heroic types. Maybe this sounds good to you so far, but the plot is so poorly developed that the movie quickly becomes a just another slasher/gore fest which manages to sustain very little tension. Too bad, it was not a bad idea for a sequel, but the writers butchered this flick. Watch it only if you're bored or addicted to the genre.
  • The set-up for Wrong Turn 2 is pretty awful: a production team (consisting of three seemingly inexperienced twenty somethings and a presenter) take a small group of hopeful contestants into the wilds to film a survivalist reality TV series. Here they become victims to a bloodthirsty family of cannibalistic hillbillies.

    Now I'm no expert on the finer points of making TV programmes, but just four people on the crew of a complex reality show?!?! Gimme a break!

    Fortunately, the silly initial premise doesn't get in the way of this film ultimately becoming an extremely enjoyable (and very gory) film, and kudos must go to director Joe Lynch for making this sequel to the 2003 original such a fun ride.

    Amongst a cast of relative unknowns (horror fans may recognise some faces, but your average film-goer won't), Henry Rollins obviously stands out, as the ex-soldier turned show host who uses his military experience to turn the tables on his attackers. But the REAL star of the show is the brilliant array of splattery special effects that regularly paint the screen red. Copious blood and gore is definitely the order of the day.

    Lynch starts as he means to go on, opening with a gruesome OTT death scene which sees a pretty blonde cut vertically in half with an axe, her guts spilling messily onto the floor. Gorehounds will have a field day! And so it continues, with plenty of messy death scenes, a smattering of female nudity, and even a touch of incestuous mutant sex thrown in for good measure. You can't say that this one doesn't try to be a crowd pleaser!

    Also rather welcome is a nice sense of unpredictability: early on, I thought I had pretty much figured out who would survive the ordeal and who would end up in the cannibals' hotpot. However, after one particularly unexpected death, it becomes evident that the makers are out to screw with viewers preconceptions. It's a nice move that works well.

    Wrong Turn 2 isn't a great film, but it is a good one, and I recommend it to all fans of backwoods horror flicks.
  • A group of reality show contestants and the show's producers find themselves fighting for their own survival against hideously deformed cannibal hillbillies who plan on making them all their dinner. Yes, this is the plot of Wrong Turn 2. However, believe it or not, the whole reality show sub-plot is actually better than it sounds, and thanks to the clever writers, it vanishes 30 minutes into the movie. Speaking of which, I have to say I was pretty satisfied with the end result since Wrong Turn 2 to my surprise turned out to be the best horror flick of 2007 I've seen. Think that's not saying much since 28 Weeks Later and Grindhouse were the only solid releases? Well, ahm, for a little direct-to-video flick that surpasses all expectations one might have - that's really, really good. Not saying that this is the best genre offering since Halloween, but as an enjoyable, pure fun and gory Slasher film, the flick just delivers.

    Have to say I was impressed with Mr Lynch's direction as well, since this was unbelievably his first ever motion picture project. The cast is also truly impressing for a DTV title; Rollins kicks ass as always (and sadly gets his ass kicked), the Palladino girl is even better than in Sidney Lumet's films, and once more Erica Leerhsen impresses even more and shows how very underrated she is, the woman should get more roles. The kills are effective and simple, the story ridiculous and enjoyable, and the flick is pure fun. Not brainy, not serious, just some great Slasher fun.

    Worth your money.
  • After four years of anxiously awaiting Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, I was not only incredibly surprised, but it ended up as one of my favorite films ever. Lightyears better than the first movie, Wrong Turn 2 is legions ahead of most movie sequels and is not just intelligent, but nasty, strange, funny, and wholly unpredictable. The whole movie is one non-stop thrill ride, and the ending is simply perfect.

    So does the movie tie in well with the original? Yes, it definitely does! Besides a few inconsistencies with the two surviving characters from the first film, this sequel brings back two of the cannibals and introduces a vast family of creepy disgusting inbreeding freakshows.

    And let's talk about scares and gross-out factor. Was this movie incredibly disturbing? You bet your sweet ass it was! The acting was not just amazing for direct-to-video fare, but the directing and cinematography are stunning. For once, we have a highly original plot slightly in the vein of Halloween: Resurrection, but far superior.

    The characters were all incredibly likable, and I love how there were several scenes that really give you an idea of personalities, character traits, and utilizes fantastic dialogue and some of the best and most creative gore sequences on film.

    Overall, Wrong Turn 2 is not simply some crappy direct-to-video waste of time--once again, this sequel is so far superior to the original, and a new horror masterpiece. For the horror fan, Wrong Turn 2 absolutely CANNOT be missed.
  • So cool that Henry Rollins is in it and he was nothing but cool in the whole flick. Every time he was on the screen it was the right movie.

    Rollins plays the host of a stupid looking reality show were the contestants pretend they must survive a post-apocalyptic world, but they soon discover how real that scenario is, as they end up taping the show in the same woods as a group of psychopathic killers.

    In this film, somewhat of an origin story is given to the inbreed family that does the slashing in the woods, but I have to say, the group that did the killing in the first film were far more better. Just a little bit more creepy and creative in Wrong Turn. In Wrong Turn 2, it seem they were trying to up the extreme of these characters when it was not needed.

    By itself it's more of a Stereotypical horror film with elements of Predator-like action, thanks mostly to Rollins. As a franchise, while the original brought freshness to the genre, it's sequel was stale.
  • "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" is the second movie of the Wrong Turn series and in this one we have a group of reality show contestants who are fighting for their lives because they are hunted from a cannibal family who want to kill them all.

    I did not like this movie as I liked the first one because this movie did not have the suspense that the first one had and I did not like the plot of this movie. I believe that it was not the sequel that many horror movie fans expected and that's obvious in the ratings of this film.

    Finally I think that "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" is a simple horror movie with which you can spend your time and nothing more.
  • First let me say I'm astonished at how many good reviews Wrong Turn 2 has. These people are either trying to market the film and getting a paycheck for it or are MTV-lobotomised children who see gore and wet themselves with excitement.

    Plot - yet another take on reality TV gone bad. I mean come on, reality TV is old hat now never mind movies emulating it (badly).

    A group of dislikable nobodies sign up for a reality TV show which just so happens to be filmed in the same woods the inbred rednecks from the first movie inhabit and oh my god I'm bored just trying to explain it....

    All you need to know is the acting is awful, the direction and script are childish, it's predictable, boring and I can't honestly think of any redeeming features.

    Rewatch the original instead of wasting your time with this.
  • First let me say I'm astonished at how many good reviews Wrong Turn 2 has. These people are either trying to market the film and getting a paycheck for it or are MTV-lobotomised children who see gore and wet themselves with excitement.

    Plot - yet another take on reality TV gone bad. I mean come on, reality TV is old hat now never mind movies emulating it (badly).

    A group of dislikable nobodies sign up for a reality TV show which just so happens to be filmed in the same woods the inbred rednecks from the first movie inhabit and oh my god I'm bored just trying to explain it....

    All you need to know is the acting is awful, the direction and script are childish, it's predictable, boring and I can't honestly think of any redeeming features.

    Rewatch the original instead of wasting your time with this.
  • Here's the plot: Hillbilly Cannibals attack reality TV show crew and contestants. Gore and nice make-up follow, but also pretty cliché and weak characters, average acting, bland dialogue and some boring scenes. But if you liked the first, this should be still up your alley.

    WT2 is pretty much a rehash of the first, and if you're a fan of the first, then you should be pretty happy with the results from the second. I didn't enjoy the first, cause I thought the acting/dialogue was pure grade A crap. The same thing applies here unfortunately. Even more so actually. Though the thing that made Wrong Turn one worth-watching was the hillbilly cannibals and the gore. And like I said above, some cool gore and make-up effects are the winning parts of this film as well.

    I suppose Wrong Turn 2 is a perfect follow up to the original. It's almost exactly the same. Though unfortunately to all the Doucheq fans out there, she's not in it. Though there is another hot chick and this one actually shows some boobs. So that's a plus. But unfortunately the downsides of the flick are a little too much. Maybe with Wrong Turn 3 or 4 or maybe even 5, they'll get it right and really go for some real suspense and maybe even cast some actors with experience. Here's hopin, cause Psycho Inbred Hillbilly Cannibals are pretty damn cool.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (the 'R' in Turn is actually written backwards on the opening credits not that it matters much...) is set in Greenbrier Back County in West Virginia where a new reality show called 'Active Survivors' is being staged, six contestants are there to survive the tasks & maybe win $100,000. The six contestants are paired up, it's Nina (Erica Leerhsen) & Mara (Aleksa Palladino), Jake (Texas Battle(!)) & Elena (Crystal Lowe) while Amber (Daniella Alonso) is stuck with Jonsey (Steve Braun) all of whose first task is to find food. Tracked throughout the playing area by hidden cameras they discover finding food isn't as easy as it first sounds, their problems increase even further when a bunch of inbred cannibals decide they want to eat all the contestants & production team. Stranded miles from the nearest town & unable to contact anyone the contestants must fight back in a real life game of survival or become cannibal food...

    This American Canadian co-production was directed by Joe Lynch & one has to say for what it was Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a throughly enjoyable & pleasingly gory horror thriller, a direct to video/DVD sequel to Wrong Turn (2003) one has to say I didn't have high hopes for it as cheap sequels to horror flicks usually aren't very good & ones that go straight to video/DVD are even more likely to suck. To be fair both Wrong Turn films rip-off other films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Deliverance (1973) & just about any other slasher film you care to mention & by all rights both should be crap but surprisingly neither are. The script by Turi Meyer & Al Septien does exactly what it sets out to do, it's a straight forward backwoods slasher flick with loads of over-the-top gore & violence. Call me easily pleased but I loved the gore in this film, call me slightly sick but I loved the level of violence & the films intention to deliver lots of blood soaked set-pieces is, in my opinion, highly commendable. Some unenlightened viewers may say the film is full of pointless gore, well as far as I'm concerned there's no such thing as pointless gore! The character's are alright, I must admit I liked the army veteran Dale as he turns the tables on the cannibals & turns them from being the hunters to the hunted & I also liked the main heroine Nina as I thought she had a bit about her, she was vulnerable when she needed to be yet strong when it comes down to it. At only 90 odd minutes in length the film moves along like a rocket, your never far from the next blood soaked killing & the climax literally paints the screen red with blood, imagine a slaughterhouse but instead of cattle insert human beings. I even liked the ending which points to a sequel & features green toxic waste & an ugly mutant baby!

    Director Lynch does a good job, he has chosen to do away with the suspense, tension & atmosphere & goes for all out gore which I for one won't be complaining about. I love gory films, the nastier & bloodier the better & Wrong Turn 2: Dead End doesn't disappoint, people are chopped vertically in half with axes, people have arrows shot into their eyeballs, people minced up in huge machines, there are cannibal scenes, someone gets their throat ripped out & an absolute fountain of blood gushes everywhere, someone has barb wire wrapped around their wrists, , people are graphically blown to pieces with dynamite, axes in heads, someone has their back hacked away, there's plenty of intestines, body parts, decapitated heads, brains, offal, gallons of blood, bodily parts & severed limbs & much more. There's also a gross scene when the cannibals force Nina to eat some meat & there's little bits all round her mouth as she can't wipe it off which looks pretty disgusting. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a gore hounds wet dream, I guess I'm going to have to change my bedsheets tomorrow... I'm not sure if this is available in an 'R' rated & 'Unrated' editions but if it is you know which one you should go for & if you don't go & sit in the corner on your own until you do!

    With a supposed budget of about $4,000,000 this actually had a pretty decent amount of money spent on it, apparently shot in 25 days in Vancouver in British Columbia in Canada this has good production values & is well made. The special effects are good with a mixture between good old fashioned latex, rubber & fake blood along with some decent CGI computer effects. The acting is OK, I particularly liked Leershen the heroine who has a great way of looking surprised & is also very easy on the eyes. By the way, why would anyone call their child Texas Battle?

    Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a great horror flick which doesn't even try to be deep or meaningful & the whole reality TV show setting is more of a plot device to get people out into the open rather than a deliberate thing which to satirise or make fun of. For what Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is this is fantastic & it also has some of the best gore scenes I've seen in ages as well which help.
  • sharron17716 October 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was more than I expected. I am an horror fan and the horrorier a movie is, the better it is for me. I had my heart racing all through this movie. I love the special effects and often wondered how movie like these seemed so real even though it is not. I wish I could be in a movie like this and to be killed off in the worst possible way, even like Kimberly was killed! I have never seen anyone killed off like this before, Good Job. I do not think this movie made it to the theatres, why did it not? It is so much better than some of them that I had been to the Theatres to see. Maybe there is too much guts and gore in it. Anyway, this is how movie is supposed to be and if anyone who reads this can recommend a movie to me which is better than this, I will watch it.
  • The strongest installment in the series and very entertaining. Henry Rollins is very good and there is lots of gore. The story works well and I am interested all through. In my opinion ratings need to be based on expectations and what you want from a film of the genre and type you are watching.

    Blade Runner, Dumb Dumber, Dr Strangelove and Golden Eye can not and should not be rated on the same premises.

    This film is not a Texas Chainsaw Massacre - even if it has similarities - but it does not try to be. It is fun.
  • Most 'direct to video' films are hardly worth watching, let alone sequels that are direct to video. However this film did something few films do for me anymore, and that's make me jump. The opening scene is fantastic and includes a kill which is both unexpected and unlike many other, unoriginal death scenes. The movie does drag abit, but is almost nonstop action. Wrong Turn 1,and 2 are both worth watching, and a third should be out within a year or so (at least I hope it is)This franchise deserves a trilogy ending, and I will look forward to it, as much if not more then I looked forward to this one!

    If Saw can still be going strong after 4,5, or even 6 films. Wrong end can keep us interested for at least a third!
  • I'm glad this movie got good reviews, It really deserved it. Now, i won't spoil anything but this movie kicked some ass. I thought part one was OK. So now onto Wrong Turn part 2. Well, i had first seen the trailer online and thought this movie looked to be pretty damn interesting. Also, it seemed kind gory but again, it was just a trailer, so i thought it would be a good idea to watch this. This movie was great. I admit it was far better than part one. Very gory and full of blood. Thumbs UP!!! Great horror film and highly recommended, a must buy if you will!!! Go get this movie and buy it for a collector's item!!.
  • brislev17 November 2007
    I'm pretty sure I will regret wasting that 90 minutes of my life!! That is what you would call absolute CRAP. I know it's low budget, I know it's direct to DVD, but this is the sort of tripe that gives horror movies a bad name. STAY AWAY FROM THIS. Even Henry Rollins is bad in this. Anyone that had anything to do with this should retire. If I could give this less than 1 I would have. Buckets of blood do not make a movie cool. I seriously cannot believe I watched it till the end. Call me harsh, but this is BAD BAD BAD. Just having to write 10 lines about this movie is embarrassing, but I warn anyone that even considers watching this, don't say I didn't warn you
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