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  • Pedrosplaything6 June 2006
    I thought this was a very thought provoking film from early 90's. However I am a little biased tho because "Molly's" place was actually my place that I shared with my very good friends John, Jake and Marcus. The big fight scene we were downstairs and thought this was the coolest thing in the whole world!! JD if you read this I miss you!! The back alley of Molly's was the best place to have your gager's because it was so secluded. I loved living in Vancouver and I hope to move back there so I can take even more advantage of the place. Just going on the sky-train is totally cool. The last stop when I lived there was Scott Rd. but I'm sure it has changed. But I could go from Waterfront to Scott Rd. all day long especially when the races were on -Main St. to Stadium and back again...Bobbi Jo Erichsen Pedrosplaything@hot
  • Love Four is a fun romantic comedy about a group of lovers try to figure out love and life.

    Think of what love would be like from four different points of view. Some characters are sad how their love life has gone, while others are very happy about falling in love.

    This is a gay friendly film and treats its subject matter like life treats people. Blunt, honest, real yet with smiles of sunshine on occasion.

    I recommend it highly since I was at the shoot and know most of the people in the crew and cast.

    Great independent effort!

    Hope to see the sequel... ;)