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  • Its a pity that not many people have heard of this film. Its a relatively simple story about the relationship between a son, a daughter and their estranged father.

    Its one of those movies that get you thinking long after they are over. There are many questions that may arise in your head, and the script is such that it ties up all loose ends. There's not one moment that feels clichéd even though the story could get slightly predictable towards the end. However the superlative acting by all the cast and the fast-paced editing keeps us hooked right up till the end.

    Special mention should be made about the minimalistic background score which provides the movie just the right atmosphere. One of the most emotionally powerful movies to come out this year.
  • Well, first of all I'm a fierce death penalty opposer... but this great debut by Alessandro Angelini hardly seems to indicate that really prison can cure your soul if you're an old criminal... neither Fabio, a professional as a prisoners assistant and teacher, for welfare services, can do really something to get his real father (which more than 20 years before left his family and little child - i.e. Fabio) at least to show some normal and human feelings...

    ...anyway I really loved this movie, and it's been a beautiful surprise to see lot of people watching it despite of colossal Apocalypto...

    ...and there's at least one great actor: it's Giorgio Colangeli as the old prisoner (Fabio's father): not just the only one good performance in this movie, but surely excellent!

    Hope this to be the beginning of a great career for director Angelini!