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  • Am very afraid that my new favorite show is going to be canceled by ABC because of the less than great ratings this is getting. If you haven't tuned in yet...please do! This is an intelligent show that has multidimensional characters who are not only real but smart, funny...I could go on and on. The chemistry betwn Anne Heche (Marin) and James Tupper (Jack) is so electric, you can almost feel the hum radiating from your TV. I have been using my DVR to catch this show so I can re-watch...ABC doesn't post the replay on this one online...but should!

    Check out this charming, sexy, smart show that lots of folks are calling Sex and the City meets Nothern Exposure. The similarities are obviously there due to the setting and writer/creator, but the characters are much more likable and realistic. The Jack/Marin interactions are great, watching them find how they fit together is a well as the young/new love story of the adorable Patrick and sweet Annie. These two stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

    I find myself grinning through every entire episode...and they aren't predictable/canned comedy episodes. There are twists and turns and realism that makes you feel like you're getting to know these "people."

    Give this show a chance on it's new night Thursdays after Grey's Anatomy on ABC. We NEED to get the word-of-mouth movement going to get the ratings up on this one so ABC will pick up more seasons to come. I'm telling everyone I know to watch...tune in this week and get addicted too.
  • Marin (Anne Heche) is an author of books dealing with relationships. She is quite successful. However, her own fiancé cheats on her and turns her life upside-down. Taking a speaking job in Alaska, she believes she has landed in dullsville and drinks a bit too much before her big moment. The men in the town, outnumbering the women by a large margin, are less than impressed with Marin's advice. Through a series of circumstances, Marin becomes stranded in the small city. Wonder of wonders, she begins to like the change of venue. There is a handsome rescue worker, a congenial inn manager, a nice lady next door, a cute raccoon who takes a shine to her, etc. Could it be that a NY denizen can make a transition into life in the rough and tumble 49th state? Even with out spinning classes, hair dryers, and the like? This is a nice little series. Heche looks beautiful and makes Marin a very attractive damsel in distress. The rest of the cast, though unknown, is a delight. The Alaskan scenery is beyond lovely and adds much to the enjoyment of the story. Although the pace of the opening episodes was quite rapid, in order to get the story and characters off the ground, one hopes that it will settle down into a comfortable rhythm. All those who like humor, romance, and a storyline about fish out of water will like this series. It has a sweet and sarcastic edge that is very appealing.
  • one_way198313 January 2007
    When this show first came out, I thought that it was going to be dumb and full of cliché and i did not think that it was going to last very long. I thought that it would be canceled after the first episode, but I was wrong. I found myself watching the pilot because there was nothing good on TV. Then, I found myself watching it the second week and so on. I found myself relating to these various characters. It became one of the few shows on television that I made it a point to watch. I was hoping that ABC would try there best not to cancel this promising show. ABC gave them a chance by putting the show right after Grey's Anatomy (show I personally love).

    The characters are quirky and lovable after you watch just one episode you will be a fan. I was not particular a Helen Heche fan, but I became one after watching this show. The guy that plays Jack is sexy, sensitive and seems to get Marin (Heche). I just hope that the writers don't drag their love affair.
  • rachelforney3 January 2007
    I love this show. I can't get enough of it. It was great humor and it doesn't drag things out over multiple seasons. It is a show many can relate too. It is my most anticipated show every week. Rerun or not. The characters Jack and Marin have great realistic chemistry. The other relationships that have developed fit all molds. I believe there is at least one relationship that someone can relate to. That is what the show is about right...relationships. The location for filming is absolutely breath taking. There is a true appreciation for the beauty of being in the wilderness. It is a captivating show altogether. My husband does not like what he calls chick flicks or shows but it has become a weekly show for us to watch together.
  • Feeny090225 December 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I agree with those who, like myself, have found themselves addicted to "Men in Trees". It is a smart, funny, witty show, that is very needed after losing Sex and the City, Frasier, and Will and Grace. It asks the relationship questions that all of us at some point have had to face, and then finds the answers, or the closest thing to an answer in the experiences of the colorful and slightly off-beat, but still extremely lovable characters.

    Anne Heche's character is a great representation of the female psyche, as she finds her way back from heartbreak after her fiancé cheats. She goes on a much needed detour, and in the process finds real insight and real people with hearts that are learning and growing, just like her.

    If you're not addicted, then you haven't watched it.
  • Sydney110613 February 2008
    One of my favorite shows is Men in Trees. I used to watch Northern Exposure, but love this show even more. It's sometimes hard for me to *believe* that it's supposed to be taking place in Alaska, cuz they don't always wear a coat or jacket and I like to think that it's really cold in Alaska, so that really needs to be addressed. But I love the characters of Marin, Jack, and Cash (especially Cash) (smile). The others are an essential part of the cast and have their own particular quirkiness that adds to the storyline. I like the combination of animals w/the storyline - adds to more of the reality of the theme and of being in Alaska. The fact that there really is a Chieftain, tho' possibly not the same inside is nice, too.

    There is a lot of love and support that the fans give to this show and this is amazing, given that people are watching from all over, not just the United States and Canada. There are a variety of topics on the ABC MIT message board, whereby people are replying back and forth and you can even post your own.

    In addition to the great fans on this message board, they've also put action together to buy food trees (Plant it Forward) to further their commitment. You can find a link on the message board to find out more information on that.

    Plus on behalf of the fans, I created a fan site which has lots of info, a guest book, and LOTS of pictures on it of the cast. I even somehow or other managed to put a song up on one of the pages.. now that was fun! You can find this fan site at: and so I hope you will visit and sign the guest book, too!

    I really do hope that ABC renews this show not only for the 2008-2009 season, but for however many episodes Jenny Bicks and her team can write! Thank you for letting me post a comment.
  • cherubmom681 November 2007
    Hi, I just wanted to say that MIT is my favorite new show! I agree with previous posters who commented on the chemistry between Jack & Marin. It's so amazing! Especially knowing they're a real life couple! That just makes it more exciting! I hope ABC won't cancel this show! I'd be so upset! It's so funny & romantic. I love the fact that it take place in Alaska, where there are 10 men for every woman! There are some really great lines in this show. Makes you think! I love the music as well! I just love everything about it! The men are gorgeous, & the women are beautiful & funny! I'm really into all of the story lines, but I'm especially hoping Jack & Marin get back together real soon! & I hope Jack puts Marin's name on his arm next! Lisa in CT
  • bilida8 December 2006
    I love the show Men in Trees. It is funny, dramatic, thought provoking, touching, and a little different. Men in Trees helps fill the gap left by Sex in the City but Men in Trees is even more realistic to everyday people. I hope now that it has moved to Thursday night more people will be exposed to this fantastic show. I love how it has the big city girl and her sensibilities in the small town Alaska setting. It is great to get the view point of "real men" as well. Sex in the City was great but I don't run into "metrosexuals" all the time and it is nice to see guys that I would meet on a day to day basis. Men could not relate to Sex in the City but they will be able to relate to Men in Trees and women will love getting the view points of real men. You should watch the show at least three times and you will fall in LOVE with it.
  • rajahtiger19 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is a refreshing mix of humor, romance, and adventure. The hot guys on this show make it worth watching even without the rest. It is nice to see a messed up female character who has to figure things out. Especially to figure out the opposite sex. Anne is refreshing as the main character. The writers have this down to keep it fresh, fun, and each show (so far) has an unexpected twist. I hope this carries through the season and that the show is renewed for next year. There is a raccoon follows her around. The animal is a scene stealer. This is a must watch every week. I do not want to miss one witty line of this new show.
  • Men in Trees is the my favorite show on television, hands down. The stories are fun, the characters are compelling and different, and though many people like to call them "quirky," they seem to me to be the most realistic mix of real people on television. Not everyone is some plastic cut-out or Hollywood beautiful person...this cast's appearance is as unique and real as their attitudes and the Elmoian obstacles they overcome every week. Yes, I am a true fan and feel it's my duty to not only continue to spread the word about how great Elmo and it's inhabitants are, but how great it's viewers are as well. The most loyal of us are known as TreeHuggers and we have begun a really great campaign to save the show that we love. It's currently on a "hiatus" until it returns at the end of February. At first, we had just hoped to persuade the network to stop pulling it off the air and swapping time slots more than Marin changed shoes! But now, a very real and heartfelt campaign has started that will not only save the show, but will also feed the hungry as well. If you are a fan, if you're not a fan and just a philanthropist, whoever you are, if you are reading this post, do yourself a favor and check out the Men in Trees message board over at and see what you can do to save this great show while giving to a great cause. I guarantee it will make your day a little brighter, and you'll find out what it really means to be an Elmoian. Not many shows encourage you to become a better person. Men in Trees does every week. Every TreeHugger knows this, and now you can too. Please do yourself a favor and check out the Men in Trees message board at and look for the subject titled "Plant it Forward." Then be sure to tune in to Men in Trees Wednesday nights at 10pm starting Feb. 27th. Become a TreeHugger before it's too late!
  • I really like this show but i was disappointed this week with the Jack, Lynn and Marin situation...i thought the scenes with Celia were great..that should be ongoing because she is a little too miserable...i was disgusted with Jack's role in this particular episode...i stay up to watch it and i just got disappointed...kinda sad he would play two women but i think the way the writer had Marin and Lynn handle themselves was a great piece of work...very nice to see something written that doesn't have women degrading themselves by getting hysterical or extreme to the point of fighting over men..excellent...Patrick and Annie back together was great...should be interesting what will happen with Ben
  • It is not a coincident that Sex and the City's creators had a hand in making Men in Trees. It's chosen Elmo, Alaska. I have always loved Anne Heche even though she has her own problems but she always has proved to be a good trooper. I love Cynthia Stevenson and thinks she's not being used enough. John Amos is great as Buzz. I also like Abraham Benrubi remember him from his days on ER. The cast is mostly masculine since the show is called Men in Trees and set in small town Alaska. You can't help but love Alaska if you have been there. Men in Trees is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia and it's surroundings. I think the writing could be better and work more on Marin's personal discoveries. Just because a woman is alone is not the end of the world, it only appears to be thanks to society's dictation that women should not be alone and mated with a man right away or a partner. I think the show is a lot better than Sex and the City and Northern Exposure where a neurotic New Yorker is left behind. Marin loves Elmo for most of the right reasons maybe it's the nature and the less complicated life behind in New York City. New York City is not all that's cracked up too be. Maybe New York's over-rated.
  • bubblingbrown22 January 2008
    My favorite show on television is Men in Trees. Well, recently, I went to their website because I had noticed that my Tivo had stopped recording the show. No new ones, no repeats, zilch! Well it turns out that ABC has taken this great show off of the air (some are saying it's because of the strike, while others believe that it's just another move for this sophomore show and it's constant time slot changes) with new shows to resume on Feb. 27th at yet another new time slot, Wednesdays at 10pm.

    I decided to go to their website at ABC.COM to get the scoop, and there was no scoop to be had. Just a bunch of confused fans chatting about the things they could do to make sure that the network, who they truly believe is trying to kill the sweetest show on TV, keeps their beloved show on the air. Some of the action they are taking is impressive. They have resolved to write letters, send rocks to the network (a plot line only a TreeHugger would love and get) and make some noise about saving Men in Trees.

    So, I am doing my part. As suggested by a fellow Fanne and Treehugger, I am writing this blog to let everyone and anyone who is interested in reading this that there are millions of fans of this show and we will not sit idly by while ABC ruins it's chances of survival. If you are reading this and you are a fan of the show, check out the Men in Trees message board and follow the link entitled "Action We're Taking For Love of MIT" and find out what you can do to save the trees! If you haven't seen the show, go to that site and watch an episode, then take action (because I know one episode won't be enough.) Every bit of of everyone's effort will be helpful! Let's so show the networks and the advertisers that we want a real show, and not yet another reality show ripoff that will bore US to death and save THEM money! We work hard! After a day at the office, another shift in the rat race, don't you deserve to come home and unwind with a real program you love? Of course you do. Trust, if you give it chance, I guarantee that you'll love Men in Trees!
  • MIT is a clever and wonderfully well written show that triggers a great amount of emotion in the viewer. Here is a show that is creative and hosts a great cast in which each and every character is well thought out and lovable. MIT's fans are absolutely in love with this show, they are loyal and prove it through their posts on ABC/MIT. Unfortunately ABC does not do the show justice and does not advertise it appropriately. ABC has also taken the show off the air for many months at a time "to give other shows a chance" and made MIT fans extremely upset. Just recently after the show coming back on air, ABC chooses not to run the show consistently again. The episodes are ALREADY TAPED and ready to go (this is well known fact among MIT fans and we are waiting) So what is the problem? We are left hanging once again and very frustrated. One can really connect with this show it is truly a gem amongst the drivel in t.v. land. I love each and every character and look forward to watching each week. I have not missed a single episode despite the network giving the fans the run around with not airing MIT consistently. I think it is high time all of us MIT fans were to fight back and win.
  • CaliBlueEyedDevil30 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've been wondering who'd make the first (and obvious) Northern Exposure connection. While I like this new show, perhaps it's due to longing for the older, smarter, and, yes, I'll use it: "quirkier" show.

    Sure, MIT is cute. But it's a classic example of how difficult pitching an original idea really is. The creators were less than creative, putting a slightly different spin on virtually the same small Alaskan town, swapping main character genders, and replacing the moose with (so far) a raccoon and a skunk.

    We have the transplanted New Yorker (Anne Heche) immediately attracted to the town hunk, the sexual tension dialed down to fit the gender reversal (part of the deliciousness that made Northern Exposure such a delight was the prolonged love-hate between Joel and Maggie O'Connell, played by Janine Turner).

    We've already seen Marin's former fiancée appear out of nowhere. I believe it wasn't until episode 5 when Elaine Schulman, Joel Fleischman's soon to be ex-fiancée, arrived in Cicely.

    Marin is initially more or less obsessed with the same luxuries as was Dr. Joel Fleischman (perfectly portrayed by Rob Morrow until the series death null arrival of his replacement, Paul Provenza). Of course, Marin seems more focused on attire than where to practice her golf swing.

    At last! A striking difference: Marin is quite content in Elmo as doing so aids her escape from reality, e.g. her failed relationship and failing career. Joel tried anything and everything to return to the Big Apple, forever escaping indentured servitude to the State and Maurice Minnifield.

    John Amos steps into Janine Turner's plane as the local bush pilot. The local bar, the Chieftain, is operated run by an odd couple, separated and dysfunctional, vs. Holling and Shelley's May-December committed romance as proprietors of the Brick. The always likable Abraham Benrubi, large man that he is, combines two rolls as Ben: filling the shoes of John Collum's Holling, as well as Barry Corbin's pompous Maurice Minnifield, Cicely's money man; Ben a former high powered executive, Maurice a former astronaut.

    John Corbett as Chris Stevens, the D.J., quoted everyone from Jung to Shakespeare, while spinning everything from Mahler to Bella Fleck and the Flecktones. Occasionally accompanied in the booth by Ed Chigliak, Ed's (Darren E. Burrows) character supposedly had a high IQ, but you'd never know it from daily conversation. Again, role reversal: Marin broadcasts her advice to the lovelorn, relieving the affable yet arguably less informed Patrick from his on-air duties of talking about his mom.

    There's even the grumpy female forest ranger: MIT's is sexually frustrated, NE's was one step removed from a dominatrix.

    The latest episode revolved around the death of a beloved local, the town elder, "Franklin Cook." It harkened back to NE's third episode, "Soapy Sanderson." I couldn't help but wonder if they were going to skip ahead by simply stealing an unforgettable scene from NE and catapult the old guy's coffin into a lake!

    On a positive note, so far, this is the most likable character of Anne Heche's career.

    Town meetings, sister townships, will the parallels continue ad nauseam, ad infinitum? Too soon to tell... sort of.


    Sept. 21, 2007

    Okay... almost a year later and I'm watching the re-runs. I give, I give!! It's a good show.

    But Northern Exposure WAS the original, and still better.

    "When my life is over, will my wasted time be refunded?"
  • boojazzweb25 January 2007
    Here's a prime example of how Hollywood likes to rehash something from the past and make it into a blander, cleaner, more accessible version of something that was brilliant, and then wonder why the ratings aren't there.

    It's obvious that "Men in Trees" is a Xerox copy of "Northern Exposure." And like most Xerox copies, you end up missing all of the details that made the original worth replicating. (Remember "It's Like...You Know" which was ABC's Xerox of Seinfeld? ) For those who watched Northern Exposure, it was an amazing program... dealt with very intricate themes. "Men In Trees" has the Northern Exposure play-book down pat, complete with bush pilots, local friendly tavern, radio show, quirky citizens, and transplanted New Yorker. Even the Alaskan town name "Elmo" suggests a flip side to Northern Exposure's "Cicely."

    The problem here, is not that they stole from Northern Exposure. Look at how many variations of the same doctor or lawyer programs there are. No, the writers forgot to steal all of the GOOD elements of Northern Exposure. NEX's characters were a vast assortment of oddballs in all shapes and sizes, including age groups. With the exception of the exceptional old guy John Amos, everyone else looks like sexy 30 something's that jumped out of a Eddie Bauer catalog. And what good is featuring a radio program without all of the detailed philosophy? And where's the edgy, quirky music? Also note that NEX's Dr. Joel hated being stuck in Alaska, whereas Heche's character lives there by choice. So much dramatic tension is lost from simple plot devices that were ignored.

    In summary, simply snagging the surface elements of great programs does not a television show make. You can still wind up with a decent show, but you'll lose all of the magic from the original.

    For those who love the program, and will hate my review of it... I ask that you subscribe to Netflix or Blockbuster and rent Northern Exposure. You'll be glad you did, especially if "Men In Trees" is one step from cancellation. You may not like what I have written, but for many of us, NEX still holds a special place in our hearts. (If NBC aired a television show called "Mashed Potatoes" about two guys nicknamed "Bazooka Joe" and "Sonar" members of the wacky staff of an army hospital during the Gulf War, you'd be upset too.)
  • I know MIT is not the most intelligent show on TV, but there is something about it that brings me back every week. I love this show! I love the relationships, the amazing scenery, and everything about this show! I look forward to watching every week, and have never missed a single episode. I really hope it gets picked up for a second season. I really can't stand the way these idiot network execs play with our emotions by canceling a great show--or replacing it with garbage--just when we are forming bonds with these characters. They did the same thing with studio 60--a great, funny, and intelligent show, and now it's gone and some idiot show about the mafia is in it's place. Just what we need--another show about moron criminals! Is there any email address for ABC that I can send my opinion to? I want them to know how much of a mistake they will be making if they cancel Men In Trees. I checked on the ABC website and saw no link to emailing them.
  • wdawson-14 December 2010
    i watched this show because there was absolutely nothing else watchable. this show taught me that, once again, all some American TV producers think people need to make a show watchable is boppy music, dime-store philosophy, rampant sexual undertones, every cliché imaginable, sadly predictable 'story' lines and stereotypical characters. unfortunately, for me (and most discriminating viewers) content needs to be evident, also. i stayed with it for the first 5 episodes and hate myself for doing so. that it is a poorly disguised rip-off of northern exposure is almost forgivable, but the parallels are not.
  • I am dismayed to find that we are about to watch the Last Ever Men In Trees - because some shiny seat in a TV company decided the figures don't stack up. Well they did this to Due South, twice in fact, and it rose from the dead to become a classic and this could go the same way.

    Men in Trees is pure joy to watch, it's light, sad, funny and poignant all at the same time. all the people drive you nuts one week or another but that's just like real life. I am so sorry to think that this delight of a series is going to end. what will we do without chief Celia? Ma Mai? Annie? Jerome? and... and ... and..

    The best criteria for a good comedy series is whether it treats its minor characters with respect - and this does. They are all real, three dimensional figures and when the central characters get a bit tedious, they are there to soothe and entertain.

    Otherwise I guess it's onto the DVD.
  • I am a survivor from the 60s' and enjoy the show "men in trees" on many levels... lots of eye candy and lots of laughs. There are serious reflections in narrative style of the insights from the main character, on the complex nature of life and loving. Marin is played by Anne, the relationship coach in the series and an actress who speaks from her heart and experience. She is an authentic source for the insights on this beautiful series. The fans have backed the show and its' humanitarian attitudes with a campaign. The fans feel that by accumulating the numbers of fans who donate to the "trees for life organization" ( and presenting those numbers to the American broadcasting corporation (ABC) it is hoped the series "men in trees" will be assured a third season. ABC gets lots of free publicity and for the fans that is better than the "no publicity" attitude from ABC. The series, "men in trees" has survived and the fan numbers are increasing while the show has been off the air for weeks. Next show-time for the series, "men in trees" is: Wednesday, Feb. 27th, 2008, at 10 p.m.

    It will return with the answer to the heavy drama on the sea and the comfort of the friends and lovers in the little town of Elmo, Alaska... If ABC will allow the series, "men in trees" to be seen for the 11 episodes at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays, the fans will be able to know the whole story. Already fans are yearning for a third season and more after that...

    To catch up, see the website from France which has a complete photo display of all episodes. The official site for Anne is wonderful to visit or to take up residence. Many fans find more than the comfort of home there, sincerely, from d. sky view.
  • I just love this show! In Australia it started in our summer season of 2006/2007 as a 'filler-in' in the 7.30pm slot for a few weeks, then almost disappeared into the 10.30pm slot without warning. At the end of summer it totally disappeared, and has returned for this summer and I have been watching it and still loving every minute.

    The characters are all wonderfully portrayed and the story lines keep me waiting for more. I also thought of the similarities between MIT and Northern Exposure, but decided to take this show and watch it on its own merit.

    I will be devastated if this show is axed!! It is bad enough that I may have to wait until next summer to see more episodes. I hope MIT's rating do well in America, so that it will not be cancelled, and I can see the show again next summer in Australia!
  • This show is finding its voice and direction. About 2/3 of the way through the first season it seems to really hit its stride. More sophisticated dialog and some clever plot twists, but more importantly, the actors seem to be comfortable with each other - and things really loosen up and become more 'authentic'. Anne Heche really begins to shine, as well. I found her really annoying at first and have grown to love her. She can play vulnerable quite well given the constraints of network TV. ABC is doing a good job, here, as much as I hate to give props to any network station. The last, so far unaired episodes are fantastic. I won't spoil the fun for all the fans, but they are really great. Looking forward to Season 2.
  • The first episode was good, but (of course) reminded me of Northern Exposure. I've never been to Alaska, but I imagine its not too different from north Finland or Sweden or Switzerland, where I have lived, and therefore seriously cold. That's not very realistically shown in the program.

    Anne Heche fits the part very well, Sarah Strange (who I've only seen before in ReGenesis) is excellent as an actor (and very good looking), and the rest of the cast are really good. I was doubtful about how appealing the series would be, mainly because I could never get interested in 'sex & the city', the big thing Jenny Bicks wrote before (well, sometimes when Kim C was particularly outrageous), but the writing was OK. I don't think I'm likely to get all of the series DVDs like for Northern Exposure, maybe not any, but I will watch more of the series with interest.
  • I disagree with the other viewer's comment about keeping same sex relationships out of such a "nice" show like Men In Trees. I personally think it's refreshing to include another part of reality to the show. Do we not realize that homosexuality exists in every corner of our country and every corner of the world? We aren't living in the 1950's. Come on people, it's time to be more open and understanding to the diversity that exists everywhere. It's not like it's a Disney show on Saturday afternoons. It's a modern adult show, which happens to talk about sex already. These days, even in Alaska, I would think it's possible to find an open gay couple. If you don't want to see it on TV, you don't have to watch it. Watch the family channel or rent a G movie.
  • mnstack4177830 September 2006
    Love It
    Was skeptical because it's on Lifetime (aka woman's victim network), but I love the show. A fun show for woman or romantics. Marin (Anne Heche) relationship coach discovers her fiancé' has cheated on her while giving a talk in Alaska and decides to stay. While in the town Marin slowly develops relationships with the locals and an attractive local guy. Marin finds her skills as a relationship coach increasingly useful despite her failed relationships and rumored death in New York City. I've enjoyed all the episodes so far and hope that this series will continue, I wish it were not on Lifetime since I generally would not even select the channel, I happened by it after seeing a preview on another channel.
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