Anna: Why don't you just kill us?

Peter: [smiling] You shouldn't forget the importance of entertainment.

Paul: Okay, we bet- what time is it?

Peter: 8:40.

Paul: That in, let's say, 12 hours all three of you are gonna be kaput. Okay?

Anna: What?

Paul: You bet that you'll be alive tomorrow at 9 o'clock and we bet that you'll be dead. Okay?

Peter: They don't want to bet.

Paul: Well it's not an option. There has to be a bet.

[turns toward camera, breaks fourth wall, addressing the audience]

Paul: I mean, what do you think? You think they stand a chance? Well, you're on their side, aren't you? Who are you betting on, hmm?

Peter: But, wait, what kind of bet is this? If they're dead, they can't live up to their side. If they win, they can't live either.

Paul: Yes, they'll lose either way. That's what I'm saying.

Paul: Whether by knife or whether by gun, losing your life can sometimes be fun.

Paul: So much stress for politeness' sake.

George: Why are you doing this?

Peter: Why not?

Paul: Okay, let's play another game. It's a guessing game.

[Paul takes out a golf ball]

Paul: What is this?

[Paul drops the ball on the floor]

Paul: [to George] Sir?

George: It's a golf ball.

Paul: Correct! It's a *golf* ball... But why do I have it in my pocket? Hm? The lady knows why. Because... Well?

[Paul, exasperated, turns to Peter]

Paul: Well?

Peter: Because you didn't hit it.

Paul: Correct! Because I didn't hit it! And *why* didn't I hit it?

Peter: Because something stopped you.

Paul: Correct. Because I had to test the club in another way.

Anna: [realizing what has happened] Where is he?

Paul: You must admit, you brought this on yourself.

Paul: You know, if you'd let Peter help you, it would hurt less.

Peter: I'm happy to help, really, I just don't want to impose.

[last lines]

Paul: Ann sent me over 'cause some guests dropped by, and she was wondering if you could help her out with some eggs.

Betsy: Well I guess so.

Paul: It's okay?

Betsy: Yeah, come on in. Just wait a second.

Paul: You shouldn't have done that, Ann.

Peter: [to Ann] Would you be so kind as to go and make us something to eat?

Paul: So, what do you want to do? You want to call someone? An ambulance, or the police? I won't stop you. Neither will Tom. Right, Tom? Well, what are you waiting for?

Paul: You can see it in the movie right?

Peter: Of course.

Paul: Well then she's as real as reality because you can see it too. Right?

Peter: Bullshit.

Paul: Why?

Paul: Hey, Beavis.

Peter: Hey, Butt-Head.

Paul: You have to admit, Ann... I'm being very generous here. You can prove to your pussy husband how much you love him.