Tim Roth has said making this film abused him, and he'll never watch it. He said he was particularly disturbed because Devon Gearhart resembled his own son.

The film is a shot-by-shot remake of the Austrian Funny Games (1997), also directed by Michael Haneke.

As of 2017, this is the only film directed by Michael Haneke to not have had its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

The production crew used the blueprints from the 1997 original. The set of the house in the 2007 American remake has the same proportions as that of the 1997 set.

Cameo: Susanne Haneke - The woman on the boat with Betsy, introduced as Betsy's sister in law, is played by the director Michael Hanneke's wife, Susanne.

When Peter and Paul are trying to guess the age of Ann (Naomi Watts), they guess that she is 30 to 37. Watts was in fact 39 at the time.

This is the second time that Michael Pitt has played a character inspired by the real life murder committed by Leopold and Loeb in 1924, the other role was the character Justin Pendleton in 'Murder By Numbers.'

According to Naomi Watts, the only suggestion that Michael Haneke accepted from the actors was that Ann got undressed earlier than she did in the original movie. Haneke agreed with Watts that this would make Ann even more vulnerable.

During the film, Paul (Michael Pitt), breaks the 4th wall and speaks to the audience. He has the ability to not only speak to the audience, but even rewind when he is unhappy. This shows that he is always in 'control'.