Film was first rejected by Melbourne and Sydney Film Fests before scoring invites to over a dozen international film festivals including Locarno, Shanghai, Moscow, Split, Sao Paulo, Hofer-Filmtage, Kiev International and Mannheim-Heidelburg.

Director spotted young actor William Traeger at a community quiz night. He sung a tune from theater production of "Oliver" in which he was performing at the time.

A three hour version of the film is in circulation

Debut theatrical feature film directed by Australian director Alex Frayne.

In 2007, the picture in Paris, France won the Best Non-European (Foreign Film) Feature award at the ECU / European Independent Film Festival.

The film was shot on 16mm and then blown-up to an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 for release.

This Australian film, which played at numerous international film festivals, only was selected to screen at one film festival in Australia, which was the Adelaide International Film Festival, where it had its Australian premiere in 2007.

This picture made its world premiere debut at the Moscow International Film Festival in Russia in 2006.

The film won a Silver Award for cinematographer Nick Mathews awarded by the ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) in 2007.

The film world premiered at the Moscow Film Festival in Russia due to its comparisons with the films of Russian auteur director Andrei Tarkovsky.