Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    The film follows several intertwining narratives as the security cameras watch over the characters in several different areas: a gas station, a high school, a mall and an office building. The story lines progress over the course of one week and many of the characters end up interacting with each other in the course of their lives.

    Tony Gilbert (Hayes MacArthur), a manager at a housewares store at a local Los Angeles shopping mall, openly flirts and touches several of his female co-workers. He is seen having sex with one woman, Lydia (Nichelle Hines), in the warehouse space of the store. A day later, Lydia eventually hears from one co-worker, Naomi (Rachel Vacca), that Tony has had sex with her as well. When confronted, Tony tries to twist the conversation around, citing that Lydia's married with three kids, and eventually reconciles with her through more sex. Other security camera footage shows Tony having sex with multiple employees. A few days later, Tony attempts to hit on Courtney (Sarah Jane Morris), a new employee, who flatly refuses his advances and notifies him of a previous sexual harassment lawsuit that she had to settle with her previous employer. Courtney eventually tells Lydia, and it turns out that Lydia told Courtney that Tony would try to flirt with and seduce her and advised her to threaten him with a sexual harassment suit. However, Lydia pretends that she never fell for his womanizing charms and that only idiots sleep with Tony.

    Marty (Ben Weber) is a nerdy office worker who seems to be born of bad luck: an ATM eats his card, he is awkward with social interaction and he ends up being the target of several mean-spirited pranks at his firm by two co-workers, ranging from spiked soft drinks and drawers filled with sour cream, to the wheels from his car in the garage being removed. Over the course of the film, Marty becomes increasingly upset by the wide range of pranks pulled on him. He complains to his supervisor about the harassment, who is completely unsympathetic and refuses to believe Marty due to his nasty and crafty co-workers covering their tracks every time. Marty eventually explodes his frustration onto the co-worker who pranks him, who remains unfazed.

    Ben (Paul Shackman) and his wife Louise (Jennifer Fontaine) install cameras into their house to look after their baby while they are at work. Ben is a lawyer and Louise works as a loan officer at a local bank. Their six-year-old daughter Megan (Bailee Madison) ends up being the target of a shadowy pedophile over the course of two days who wears a blue sloush hat to hide his face from local CCTV cameras, when she and Louise shop for clothes, housewares and toys.

    One day, Ben runs into George (Chris Williams), a fellow lawyer who works in the same courthouse and shares the same gym. Unbeknownst to his wife, Ben is involved in a romantic homosexual affair with George. The two later go to a restaurant, where George tells Ben that while he is still in love with Ben, he cannot share him and happily leaves him with his wife and family.

    On the second day, the pedophile with the blue hat makes his move and approaches Megan in the mall food court while she is waiting for her mother to return with their meals. Louise, unable to gain assistance from the surrounding diners in locating where her child went, contacts security. The pedophile is revealed at this point to be Marty, the office nerdish worker.

    Meanwhile, two sociopath men are pulled over by a cop on the highway, but end up overpowering the officer, shooting him and driving his vehicle into the ditch. They later rob a woman using an the ATM at gunpoint, lock her in the trunk of her car and leave it in a mall parking lot where they seal another car. The pair then make their way to a convenience store, in which clerk Willie (Giuseppe Andrews) and his friend Carl (Miles Dougal) hang out during the late night hours. The first time the pair visit passes without incidence, as Carl is covering the store for Willie who is persuaded to get back together with his girlfriend. On the second time, Willie has recognized the pair as the "Candid Camera Killers", as the cop's footage has hence been circulated on television networks. Willie then writes down their license plate number on their latest stolen car and calls the police. The pair of killers make a swift getaway as the clerks watch on a news camera, before colliding head-on with another vehicle. The police make their arrests on the seriously wounded men, one of whom dies at the scene.

    Sherri (Spencer Redford) is an outgoing, sexually aggressive high school student who admits to her friend Holly (Heather Hogan) that she has a secret crush. She eventually reveals that her crush is on Berry Krebbs (Jamie McShane), one of her teachers. Sherri attempts to flirt with Berry several times but he refuses, citing that he is married and that his wife is expecting their first child. However, he finally relents when she corners him at his car late one night on school grounds. The two have sex in the driver's seat before Berry drives off. Sherri calls Holly shortly thereafter to confirm that she and Berry had a sexual encounter, and Holly then spreads the word all over school. The next day, the police arrest Berry on sexual assault and rape charges. Sherri's true colors are finally revealed of her being a devious and manipulative sexual predator who targets various men to seduce and cry rape on them.

    At the police station, Sherri gives a passionate testimony, suggesting that Berry forced her into the vehicle and had unprotected sex with her, but she instantly clams up when the police mention that her school is equipped with surveillance cameras and that they have a copy of the tape. Sherri's parents sit down to watch the tape, horrified of their daughter's actions. While Sherri decides to drop the rape charges, Berry's life falls apart as his wife Joan (Kimberly Quinn) decides to leave him and move back to Philadelphia; and Berry himself, due to the videotape evidence, is charged for statutory rape and is forced to register as a sex offender. Berry's lawyer (who happens to be Ben), advises him to plead no contest at his trial to have his sentence reduced to ten years.

    A minor story line occurs when a dark-skinned man accidentally leaves his knapsack on a bus. The bus is eventually evacuated and the bomb squad is called in, revealing that the knapsack contains nothing more than college textbooks.

    In a montage during the epilogue:

    Joan Krebbs gives birth while Berry is incarcerated, and Sherri is seen being expelled from school.

    Willie and Carl are awarded $50,000 at a public ceremony for the information that led to the arrest of the Candid Camera Killers, while the sole surviving killer is found guilty and sentenced.

    Ben and Louise return home to their housekeeper without their daughter. With them is a sympathetic police detective who tells the distraught couple that the police will keep looking for their daughter as well as the unknown man who abducted her despite that they have very little to go on as the man's identity (Marty) has not turned up on any criminal or sex offender database.

    The sexual predator Tony is shown in a drive-through fast-food place.... with his wife and children, who are all clearly oblivious to the fact that Tony is a sex addict as well as his secret life of seducing other women.

    George, having been rejected by Ben, is seen at a local gym and scouting potential guys to pick up and have a relationship with.

    The darker-skinned man is seen graduating from college.

    The woman inside the trunk of the stolen car at the mall parking lot has stopped producing noise after several days, while people and cars (including mall security people) pass by... oblivious to the woman (clearly dead by this point) in the trunk.

    A day or two later, the pedophile sociopath Marty goes to work as usual in the free and clear... happy and confident. A little later, Marty is approached by a police officer at his office cubicle. Fearing that he is about to be arrested for the abduction of the little girl, Marty is instead horrified to learn that this is yet another cruel prank against him: the "officer" ends up being a male stripper, hired by his mean co-workers who laugh and hurl homophobic insults at him. The entire office staff then join in on the laughing and homophobic name calling (all of them continuing to be oblivious to the fact that Marty is a pedophile madman who will continue to go out to abduct little girls after work hours). The image zooms back to show dozens and hundreds of security camera frames in the screen as it turns off and the end credits roll....