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  • The concept of this show is about people with special powers similar to mutants in the Marvel universe. And how the characters cope with it and what they decide to do with it. The main drive of this show isn't necessarily the the superpowers, but the subconscious and the philosophical aspects that revolve around power. Unfortunately this is one of those shows that has a very captivating and entertaining first season, but goes downhill from there. It probably has to do with the fact that after the first season it was first planned to introduce new characters with brand new main characters with just Suresh (who is sort of the Beast character from the Marvel universe without the furriness). Which didn't go into effect because they wanted to keep the main cast that become dis-likable and annoying as the seasons drags on. The writer strike could have been a big factor why the show started to go downhill after season 1. I think season 2 was the most boring season of all. Season 3 it sort of picks up, but just about everything is so inconsistent with the story and the character that it takes away a lot form the experience. The 4th season revolves around a mutant carnival and they just seemed to drag that on way too much. And the constant love, hate relationship between Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) and Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) gets really really annoying...Like super annoying and irritating. As a matter of fact most of the chemistry that starts out strong in the first season goes downhill. The story gets poorly written for each season after one that even the characters decisions and motives makes no sense sometimes. Especially the villains in the shows, including Sylar. And to increase the running time of the show, it has multiple story arcs that doesn't go anywhere. One of the most disappointing part about the show is the showdown between Peter and Sylar. The constant plot-holes and tons of time paradoxes when it comes to time travel doesn't make things better. Overall this is a show that has a good start but gets worse and worse with each installment. Who knows, maybe just maybe the fifth season could have been a boost with the world knowing about super humans and might go in the direction like "True Blood" except people with super powers going out into the public. And Sylar's redemption might have been cool to watch. To sum it up it's one of those shows that soars skyward with the first season and spirals downward. I give this show a 6.4/10 because I found some of the philosophical aspects to be intriguing.

  • I loved the first series - innovative, good story, slick cgi, great cliff-hangers. Sadly season 2 seemed to lose it's way (story wise), and it all started to get messy - worse still it was full of moments when you say "what the... why would you do that?!!!?!" for example, you've had a major fight within your arch nemesis & for once he's on the floor unconscious - now is your chance -finally! - so what do you do - would you a) pick up the gun on the floor and take the 2 seconds to shoot that person, or b) leave & then come back later..... let me see now...

    Let me give you another example - you are a Dr, and the former most dangerous man in the world, who you know murdered countless people & almost brought the city to the edge of destruction, comes to visit - but you find out he's lost all his powers. He "thinks" you can help him get these powers back with an injection, do you a) give him the injection - knowing he'll probably be unstoppable & continue to murder his way through humanity, or do you b) give him an injection of something like saline, or even better some sort of poison - which he wouldn't have known you were doing as he had no medical knowledge??? Again, let me think....

    Too many moments like this made it silly and unbelievable, which is a shame....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you love "Heroes", but don't have time to watch it, you can save that time by making your own "Heroes" plot generator. Just take a bunch of poker chips, and write the following plot points on them: Sylar kills somebody. Sylar's dead. Sylar's alive. Mohinder is trying to figure out who the good guys are. Claire cuts herself with a knife. Claire jumps off a building. Claire's dad appears to be good. Claire's dad appears to be bad. Hiro jumps in the air with his hands up and yells "We did it!", Peter's hair is in his eyes, Nikki is wimpy, Nikki is kicking butt, A character has a new power, Adam is doing something jerky, etc. Now put the poker chips in a bag, shake them, and lay 10 of them out on the table. You've got yourself a "Heroes" episode.
  • Heroes is one of the most controversial shows of the decade, but not for the reasons you may think. When Heroes premiered, it was one of the most popular shows on television. Fanboys were created around the world, but disaster struck: Heroes, for reasons unknown, started to suck after a wonderful first volume. Fanboys were in denial everywhere: Was their precious Heroes really going down the drain, or was it just a hiccup? People expected old Heroes to come back when volume three came to us, and.... Heroes was awful. People stopped watching, but as they stopped, the old Heroes we loved slowly came back in volume four. Now the show is in volume five, and did the show returned to form? Read on...

    VOLUME ONE: GENESIS - Here's the thing about Heroes: Instead of having "seasons" like normal TV shows, it has "volumes" to be more like comic books. Volume One is where everything starts. In it the Heroes must stop a nuclear bomb from exploding in NYC, but all of the Heroes are scattered around the world and none of them except one knows about it. We're introduced to the main cast that has remained with us up until recently. The best part about superhero stories has often been said to be the "discovery" phase, and the whole first season is devoted to that. As the volume progressed, the characters become more accustomed to their powers, showing the natural stages of average Joe to superman. The magic of real people having superpowers captivated the world. The only major downside to this volume was the average finale. People expected a grand finish for the volume, but one wasn't delivered. Maybe I wasn't disappointed because I watched this volume after the fact, but fans were just plain angry. Despite the sub par finale, expectations still soared for volume two...

    VOLUME TWO: GENERATIONS - Volume Two dealt with heroes from the past, and the heroes also had to stop a virus from being released. Sounds exciting... at least on paper. In execution however, this volume was horrible. Nothing happened in the first 4 episodes. It was BORING. These people have superpowers, but they aren't doing anything. Things started to pick up, but none of it seemed to be planned out. As the volume started to be interesting, the volume was cut short due to the writer's strike. What we're left with is a boring mess that made fans want to tare their hair out. Tim Kring apologized for the show's 180 degree turn in quality. Fans laid the blame on the writer's strike, so expectations soared yet again for volume three...

    VOLUME THREE: VILLAINS - Volume three had the heroes trying to stop a formula which gives normal people superpowers from being mass produced, and would therefore destroy the world. This season started out by introducing new characters to us and created exciting new twists that should have been awesome. After the premier though, things started to suck. Instead of things being too slow now, they were too fast. Random things were happening left and right, the plot was spinning out of control, and fans everywhere gave up on the show. Thankfully, this volume was only half the season, and Heroes then segued into volume four...

    VOLUME FOUR: FUGITIVES - After the events in volume three, the show rightfully decided to ignore most of volumes two and three. This volume had the heroes on the run from the US government. After the madness of the last two volumes, people had given up on the show. Something happened which I started calling the "Heroes effect". The Heroes effect is this logic: The last two volumes of Heroes were so awful that Heroes is bad forever no matter what. This of course is not true. With this volume, the plot slowed down and the heroes started doing rational things. We started to actually care for them again, and they did things logically again. The magic of the show started to return, but by this point there were only about 10 people left who cared enough to notice. The volume also slowly drifted away from most of the show's usual tropes, and fans started to actually look forward to next week's episode. With Heroes starting to get back on track, we now have the current volume...

    VOLUME FIVE: REDEMPTION - This volume, aptly titled "Redemption", shows how the writers have learned from their mistakes. The cast aren't bouncing off the walls like in Volume Three, but they aren't sleeping like in Volume Two. The heroes did things we can relate to again, the new villains this round were the most interesting since the first volume, and most of the stuff they did was logical. It started off a bit slow, but takes off with episode 4. After that most of the episodes were awesome up until episode 12; then the volume became really boring. Almost Volume 2 boring. It kills all of the momentum it built up. It's like this for a while, but then the last 4 episodes are fantastic. This volume, unlike all of the others, actually has a satisfying ending. If it didn't have those really slow episodes in the middle, Volume Five would be just as good as Volume One. It's certainly more entertaining than the previous three volumes.

    Looking back, it's a miracle how the show got back on track. Heroes promised so much in volume one, but didn't deliver any of it. Heroes had fallen so far that the turn around in quality doesn't even matter now. Most people who watched the show are now biased against it, and the ratings are so low that the show's future is in doubt. Luckily NBC's ratings suck this season, and Heroes is still one of its better performing shows, so Heroes might get lucky.

    If you plan to watch Heroes for the first time, skip volumes two and three. They'll make your brain hurt.
  • This must by far be the worst butchering of a TV series ever. It is almost impressive how they totally trash a tremendous show along the way until only a burning wreck remains. The writers responsible should quit their jobs and live in shame for the rest of their lives. This is a painful display of inconsistency and incompetent writing. I was actually excited when I heard about "heroes reborn" but now that I have just finished s4 I am not so sure anymore. Maybe I will watch it out of pure curiosity and I am telling myself that it can not get any worse. This show desperately needs Hiro to go back to the start of s2 and bitchslap everyone around the writingtable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's impossible for me to find a rating that reflects the overall quality of the show. It started out strong; the first season was far from perfect, but it had an energy and a message that simply felt good. There were incredibly fulfilling episodes, such as Homecoming, Company Man, Five Years Gone, and heart-warming character moments not just for a few, but for most characters. I felt safe with this show. Anyway, one of the show's biggest problems became obvious in th finale, when all the character came together for a mostly underwhelming showdown. Somehow, Heroes was best when it did not follow closely to a plan, but allowed its characters some room to develop naturally. The best moments and characters of Season 1 are thanks to the writers having enough sense to use the opportunities that opened up. When Noah Bennet proved a more interesting character than previously hoped for, his role became bigger. The same for Sylar. The enmity between Mohinder and Sylar. Molly. It all grew naturally, and lost its momentum only when everything was yanked back into the intended showdown.

    The second season put a damper on the mood. What fans wants to wait a whole season only to find out one of their favourite characters died between seasons? I'm one of the few who didn't mind the new characters. They felt fresh and gave new impulses, showed us new perspectives on their power. What really slowed the series down to a crawl was the need to force certain other characters back into the plot, even though they no longer had any purpose, and should in fact have died in the season finale. Since the writers could not think of what to do with these characters (Nathan, Peter, Claire mostly) they simply rehashed their previous story lines. But there was still enough to keep me interested, and I thought that if I could see the problems of Season 2, then surely the writers could see them as well.

    Sadly, Season 3 came and was a nightmare, a disaster. Characters were written off, other characters had their backstories and even basic motivations retconned. The once international cast was suddenly down to three (two of which are the Asian comic relief), and all the characters who had already run out of steam by the end of Season 1 were now front and centre, source and solution of the problems. Showrunner Tim Kring now declared that Heroes was actually about the Petrellis and the Bennets. Had I known that from the start, I wouldn't have bothered - I started watching when he described the show to be about "ordinary people across the globe". Instead, Heroes is now about a bunch of upper-class New Yorkers ensuring one another that it's okay they started a genocide. Heroes did the impossible with Season 3: they made a show that bears little to no resemblance to Season 1. They also managed to make Sylar into one of the most obnoxious characters on TV. They shed all pretension of being interested in diversity. Consistency and continuity have been tossed overboard, not just in regard to previous season, but even with things established just an episode earlier.

    I chose the rating to reflect this disappointment, too. If I was to judge only the first two seasons, the rating would be considerably higher. But in the end, the complete product shows a disrespect towards the audience, a hatred for its own characters and story lines except a few precious upper-class New Yorkers, like I've never seen it before. It leaves a foul taste in my mouth. As a viewer, you're lost. Can I grow attached to this character, or will he die, or will the next episode forget he existed, will this storyline be dropped or will his entire personality be switched around? Probably. What reason is there to watch?
  • I first saw the teaser commercial for Heroes at the end of Medium's last season and started salivating. And now that I've tuned in I'm hooked. The premise of super-humans has been done before and most recently in Mutant X. And I've been around to check these shows out. The misfit one with Courtney Cox was an old favorite. But none of these shows garnished the pure mystery that Heroes had going for it all the way to the end of the pilot. Plus a killer cast should make it a surefire hit.

    I've loved Adrian Pasdar since he chewed up the screen in Profit and while he seems to be playing a similar role here, he is balanced by Milo Ventimigilia as his kid brother with a more human heart and dreams he can fly.

    But the real scene stealing of the show belongs to the ladies. Ali Larter creates a believable single mother with serious money problems. Her strange gift is actual scary and has yet to have been fleshed out. The sequence where she awakes to find things have gone horribly wrong in her favor are chill inducing.

    And on the flip side Hayden Panettiere's discovery of her gift is grueling, bloody, and refreshingly ironic as a modern day Supergirl. All her stunt work in a cheerleader's outfit made me smile. And by the show's end a revelation comes about her family life that made the show even more interesting.

    With a painter who creates art that sees into the future and a comedic turn by Masi Oka and his abilities it's hard not to enjoy heroes. It twists and turns in only an hour and keeps you grounded to the characters and the situations they fall into. The previews for upcoming episodes made me actually want more. If your not tuning in on Monday nights, you might be missing something spectacular.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first year of this series started out as a 10, but the series declined as the seasons went by. One of the biggest problems was the self-destructive need to maintain actors and actresses that were becoming popular outside of the series well beyond their relevance to the series. For me, this was greatly exemplified by the continued presence of the Petrilli brothers. Their sacrifice at the end of Season 1 crowned that season and, if they had died as it was thought they would, the two characters would have been remembered as glorious examples for future "Heroes" to emulate. Instead, Peter's character became an unwieldy plot point because his powers were truly as ultra- powerful as Superman's. Likewise, Nathan's character vacillated between corrupt and good. I had heard that the original plan was that many of each season's characters were supposed to die at the end of each season.. This would have greatly helped the series for me. I can only imagine that this idea was rejected by the producers of the series. No new characters were ever allowed to stay for long, and so the fun of each good character's journey to Hero was removed. The Villains were usually a mixed bag, and the one good Villain, Sylar, was bound to the same overly extended stay on the series that the popular Heroes were, to the point where his fans began to lose their taste for him. Let this be a lesson: let the writers rule. If necessary, have them write a series Bible that details all plot lines, but don't have them re-write to adjust to what the producers think that audiences want. Producers are usually to insulated to know that answer.
  • s13racer11 November 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    How they could've ruined such a wonderful thing is beyond anyone's imagination. Season 1 was magnificent, with an addictive plot, great character development and a slow unveiling of what's to come.

    Season 2 was so so but slow, and take any 20 minute segment in Season 3 you understand the show has gotten unbearable. They don't explain a damn thing and the plot is too convoluted to care. Instead you see how the writers using their now totally uninteresting storyline as an excuse to make all the good guys become the bad guys and vice versa. Do this enough times and you're going to loose an audience. It's like trying to keep a child with ADD interested with flashy magic. The little side adventures with the vortex guy or mind controller guy were completely uninteresting.

    There are many flaws with the script, but off the top of my head here's one: They build up Adam as this super powerful/influential guy and beside the healing ability they don't even explain how, and then he gets easily killed to make room for the next big villain.

    Cancellation is coming soon! Quit while you guys made some money.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When Nathan sacrifices himself saving brother Peter Petrelli and flying of to explode in the sky. They could have simply stuck a knife / or shard of glass in the back of his head. As per earlier episodes with Peter and Clare Bear. And 'froze/killed' him. Actually why couldn't Peter fly? Just no need for Nathan to die, unless there is moral statement regarding salvation or redemption and it just ain't that deep. There seems to be a new breed of serialised drama which follows a basic pattern of lots of characters and little air time per person as in soaps. Little character depth or plot development. As entertaining as the series was there could never be a real ending, and ultimately this just falls flat.
  • ffx21026 September 2006
    I just watched this today (recorded it from last night) and quite honestly, I'm pleasantly surprised. I was convinced the hype machine would kill this show, building up expectations so high they could never be met, but Heroes has measured up nicely, hitting on all marks in my book. I'm as a huge a 24 and House fan as is out there, but Heroes may have just taken TV's top billing in one night.

    I must admit, shows now-a-days tend to go down hill after the pilot, but NBC's latest offering seems to have set itself up with a concept and tone that could carry on strong, at least for a season. My initial reaction was that we would either see clichéd super hero garb or some awkward NBC drama soaked in hero juice. What we got instead was a surprisingly good pilot that brought enough "hero material" to live up to its name, but not too much as to make us think we were watching an X-men ripoff.

    The writing and the interweaving plot and characters is compelling and interesting, nothing dumbed down, but nothing contrived either. The direction fits the concept perfectly, it grabs you as much as it should, without being distracting. The acting is most surprising in that it's actually good. Masi Oka, who plays "Hiro Nakamura", is quite possibly the best of the cast, though he never speaks a word of English (unless you count "Spock"). Overall the cast is nothing big on paper, but they all manage to hit their marks well.

    Last but not least, there were some pop culture references and nods to comic book lore that just made me smile. There seems to be a very cool hero/comic book hip feel that makes you trust the writers on this one.

    Again, shows have been known to start strong and fall off soon after, but in this case, Heroes has made a strong enough showing that everyone should check this out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first heard about heroes I liked the idea very much. It wasn't original in any way (Basically X-men brought more realistically because of low Special Effects budget), but it managed to peak my interest. The beginning wasn't bad, original cast members who were well suited for their roles.

    unfortunately that is were the good ends. The build up is way to slow, and often mainly filler material to get to a full season. Things get dragged out, and become boring. Basically, the only reason I stuck with it was on the hope of getting a spectacular ending.

    The ending however, was even worse. The writers throw out all logic for their convenience, and there is not 1 exciting or spectacular moment in the entire confrontation with sylar.

    Peter spends the entire series learning new powers, and what does he do with them. You guessed it, absolutely nothing.

    Sylar, who has basically been doing the same thing, does what he always does: he uses his telekinesis, and only his telekinesis. Boy, it sure was good he robbed all those powers! And apparently, his super-hearing gave out, as he was surprised by both Niki and Hiro.

    Niki, finally joined with her alter ego Jessica, puts her great strength to good use. She hits Sylar over the head with a parking meter, before Peter tells her to back off. Else, the makers of the show might have had to spend some money on special effects. Another character who turns out to be a great help! Clair? Well, basically, she stands around a lot. Doesn't do anything. Didn't see that one coming.

    Parkman thinks it's a good idea to shoot Sylar. Something simple as a bullet must do the trick right? Wrong, since Sylar uses his Telekenesis (didn't see that one coming either) to bounce the bullets back to Parkman. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope he dies.

    And then of course, Hiro. All those valuable sword lessons by his father really payed off, since Hiro now understands that with a sword, the best fighting technique is to point the pointy end of the sword towards your opponent, and then run toward your enemy screaming until you impale him. This must have been the most idiotic part of Sylar Season 1 demise. Apparently, their was no money for fight choreography either The only conclusion you can make: very disappointing indeed. Living proof that even complete rubbish can be a big hit (Lost syndrome perhaps?)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Should have written this review a long time ago When I first watched Heroes' pilot I thought :"Hey, a great show coming up". Scenes were shot nicely, actors seemed to be doing a good job. We were slowly being introduced to the characters who were trying to figure their powers out. What I expected was exactly what this show claimed to offer: "Ordinary people discovering their extraordinary abilities".It was like 4400 with good acting and a better budget and as the story progressed we would get some X-men like action. That was the good. If they did that all perfectly and surprised me a few times, I would give this show a SEVEN. Here comes the bad

    1) The characters have no limitations to their powers, and this makes this show quite ridiculous. Because of this, the heroes who are too powerful start losing their powers and gaining them back randomly after a point in the story.

    2) I knew right about the middle of the first season that the writers were not capable of putting a decent story together.Its like they wake up in the morning and say:"Why don't we throw this in the story?". Its not planned at all, most of the events are painfully without relation if not directly contradicting.

    ****SPOILERS FROM NOW ON****** (feel free to read there is not an actual story to spoil in this excuse of a TV show)

    1 Explained in detail: EVERY SINGLE SCENE with heroes' fights and showoffs were ridiculous. I mean why does Sylar throw planks at Claire&Peter with his telekinesis instead of just pulling her or nailing her to a wall? Why does future Hiro attack professional soldiers with guns using his katana? So,OK Hiro is the dumbest hero even among this show's complete dumbness, but why doesn't he get shot?. Apparently Sylar can stop bullets after he HEARS them shot (If you ever saw a bullet fly,which is hard to see actually, you know why this is impossible)he doesn't even pretend to act fast he just raises his hand normally, but he can-NOT act fast enough to stop the idiot with the katana, who doesn't stop time and is kind enough yell a warning to him, from running up and skewering him. Ehm.. The story? I think a lot of people can agree that the story gets crappy after the second season so I'm not gonna dwell on that. What amazes me is that people actually think the first season had a good story. It started out well, there was a mystery killer hunting people and opening their brains. A drug addicted painter oracle predicted a nuclear bomb would go off in NYC. There is some secret organization hunting down special people. All so great right? WRONG! When we have such great story elements to work with, Why? WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU MAKE ME WATCH HIRO TRY TO FIND AN ANCIENT Japanese SWORD? There are also plot holes that I can't list here since there are too many. The time travel was outright ridiculous throughout the series. In every single movie or story with time travel there is one question: "Can we change the past? Or are we going to just make it the way it is? If we can change it how do we change it?. Hiro just keeps popping back&forth in time sometimes he changes stuff, sometimes he makes things the way they are, what the hell? He meets his child self and talks to him and goes back, nothing changes. Then he starts feeling guilty (I mean writers start feeling dumb) and stops time traveling.I didn't watch regularly after that but I saw one scene where he was trying to fix the past again, I think it was fourth season,I can't really know since I had to turn the TV off after 45 seconds to prevent myself from vomiting on the carpet.

    ******SPOILERS ENDED*********

    The worst thing of all is I watched this show for two and a half seasons regularly. I will never forgive myself. If your IQ has three digits please do yourselves a favor and don't go anywhere near this show, do something useful with your time instead. English is not my native language so I hope you can forgive me for any typing & grammatical errors.
  • leong_ting_lui7 December 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    The characters are dumb, like really dumb, story is inconsistent. That bad guy has the super hearing ability yet more than one time someone sneaked to his back. And is there anything u can't do if u can time-travel and stop time? If u can't make the characters use the power intelligently don't give them the damn power. Whatever the characters do or say it's often the stupidest option humanly possible. A complete waste of time, insult to viewers and the production crews.

    "oh i can fly which mean the human understanding of biology and physics need a complete re-study; but no my stupid election is much more important." "hi my body can heal itself and my hobby is hurting myself randomly just to see it regenerate."

    I mean wow guys turning on the TV will also automatically turn off ur brain too? Or u all have a superpower of watching TV without thinking?
  • The basic idea was great. We all love superheroes with special powers. We love how they are above everyone else and can do what they want.

    When I first saw the previews I could not wait for the show to start. It seems like finally some fresh wind in the genre. And at first it seemed like it. Great visuals and great filmography with a cool narrator. But then I started noticing how the story was not moving anywhere, how the narrator started getting annoying and sometimes had the dumbest of lines. Then there were numerous plot holes, we started getting way too many heroes(for the writers anyhow, they were not capable of properly incorporating them into the story so they became a nuisance) and the worst of all in my book, because of too much material and inability to tie it all in with the story, the viewer never gets to see the proper development of the heroes and accepting their powers and using them while not constantly b*tching about it. Basically all of the heroes acted very unrealistically. Except Sylar, who was a really well portrayed bad guy, everyone else was just a mess. I did not buy the story nor the motivation of the characters. And do not get me started how some of the characters are so annoying I actually always skipped their segment (Niki and the little kid anyone? ).

    The seconds season and afterwards is not worth mentioning. The stupid pictures and all that just seemed forced. They should have finished with that. Though in any case the writers just mess it all up. The story becomes unwatchable and the characters behave even worse I thought possible.

    All in all, the series starts great, great idea, great visuals. But then we have too many characters, story starts slowing down to a crawl, plot holes and loose ends, stupid confusing story, stupid heroes with unrealistic behavior who constantly complain about everything and as a viewer one does not get the satisfaction of seeing his favourite hero really embracing his powers and acting normally. Etc..
  • Heroes, in this writers opinion, is probably the most compelling pilot I've seen this year. Yeah there's "traveler" "Jericho" "Kidnapped"... they were good, but nothing that wasn't predictable. I must give credit to "Tim Kring" the creator of this series much credit for not treating the viewers like idiots. Superhero TV shows always have tendency to be wannabee big-budget Jr. movies. "Heroes" will have none of that! From reading the outline one would an expect "X-men" rip-off. Such is not the case for "Heroes." It is completely original in it's presentation. It would be a crime for me to give away plot details. I just hope the rest of the series continues to be this smart.By the way, it's nice to see "Ali Larter" given a provocative role like the the one she plays in this series, that's demonstrates her range as an actress. Kudos to all involved! Now only if NBC gives this darn show a friggin' chance!
  • akr8518 July 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    There are a bunch of spoilers here. Be warned.

    This is definitely among the more idiotic shows on TV out there - what with actors making weird expressions, grimacing and contorting facial muscles in angles that would make an anatomist wonder if their true powers reside in an alien like control of weird body language.

    I cannot even begin to say how many things are wrong with this show - and most surprisingly, it seems like a lot of the audience is as idiotic as the show's creators.

    The dialogue on this show is pathetic. The opening dialogue seems to be random excerpts about clueless observations from equally clueless people. The writers try, oh so desperately, to add this mystical combo of science, art, religion, astronomy etc. but it just falls flat because of the ridiculous amount of inconsistency to the entire plots.

    Lets begin with Claire - probably one of the cheesiest characters written. What is it that she's trying to understand about herself? She can bloody heal...OK so what the heck is so confusing to her. Get over it blondie - you are really very annoying. And even more annoying is her relationship with her father and especially when the two of them try to express emotions together. The dialogue then takes a turn for the worse and progresses to downright torture. I don't know if the writers have some kind of fascination with blondes but they give what I consider to be a highly annoying character way too much screen time.

    Second, we have Peter Petrelli, an equally confused soul whose confusion progresses at an exponential level with each episode with totally flawed skills on the acting front too. He almost seems like a whiny teenage b****.

    The season finale of the much raved about season one is really just plain pathetic. What could have been an epic battle between Peter and Sylar is turned into nothing with Hiro running like an idiot and stabbing him. And then we are led to believe that all the other idiotic heroes just stood there while he was somehow rescued by this other lame b**** who can make you see stuff. I mean, seriously, Hiro should have just cut off his head to make sure he was dead but I guess they needed him to keep the show going.

    Really, there is so much that is wrong with this show and really it is the very high level of inconsistency that bothers me. Do the creators really think we are so stupid?

    Let me point out other stupidities that the writers pull out. Why is that at the end of season 1, Peter cannot just fly away and explode? Why is it that while Noah is magically healed by Claire after being shot in the head, the same cannot be done for Nathan Petrelli after his throat is slit open?

    Later on, it is pointed out that Claire apparently cannot get drunk because her liver can regenerate. This is really very very dumb. They show that Claire is not dizzy even the slightest bit. Dear Writers - Alcohol makes you feel buzzed because it travels to your brain in your blood and among other things it affects cerebellar function. The liver is just the clearance house. And it takes some time for the liver to get damaged. A liver that regenerates very quickly would really not explain why someone expresses no signs of alcohol consumption. It would only explain that after years of alcohol consumption, they don't develop liver cirrhosis.

    And don't even get me started on the facial expressions that come out from Ando - Hiro's sidekick. Just bad - very bad.

    Summarily, this is a pretty bad show that has made me slightly dumber since I started watching it (I guess that explains why I continued to watch the show). To those that find this show good - you need to make sure that you are not suffering from some kind of brain malfunction.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I used to enjoy this show better but odd and convenient story twists get more and more annoying in the last half of the season 1 and progressively getting worse.

    • Originality

    None worth mentioning.

    • Acting

    Surprisingly unnatural and static. Almost like poorly re-voiced foreign shows. I don't think the actors are fully responsible though.

    • Characters

    As many as LOST but not as colorful. Lacking basic character development beyond the super-natural abilities. There are only 3 major characters or the point of views in this show, the good guy, the bad guy and the gray guy, not much detail for each character. Too many worthless characters for the story. A few talented and motivated regular casts with few more recurring characters could do the better job if writing is decent but...

    • Writing

    Many many inconsistency and disconnects. Too convenient. No logic, no good theme and no fantasy. Too many meaningless hold backs. The spaceship in 23rd century firing phaser makes 100 times more sense to me...
  • panther111227 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    not much of a spoiler in this post. i wouldn't worry about it, but it's there for safety's sake. i guess the disappointing thing about heroes is that, judging from the pilot alone, the writers at the helm don't seem to have the finesse to fulfill the premise's potential. it's a difficult thing to balance - an interwoven group of characters who all develop superpowers - a fact made evident by the pilot. the "catch" for each of the characters is okay, but is substantially weakened by the writer's desire to shove them into new york by the end of the episode. there's really not much of a cohesive concept, and so much of the dialogue is self-important and blatantly expository, it's more of a distraction than an addition. this film could potentially benefit from a better group of writers. and, quite frankly, while i appreciate the attempt to set up the lives and moods of the characters, poorly executed homogeneous direction, coupled with the pitfalls of the initial premise provide the viewer with little more than a forced and crypto-pedantic show. this is thus far a squandered opportunity. we look forward to bigger and better things on the horizon, for other shows, as well as this show.
  • Although the show's concept is sort of a ripoff of the X-Men concept of people evolving to have super powers, I have to admit it was enjoyable. The acting was all very well done as were the slices of life that introduced you to each character. The effects are kept very low-key making it more believable than the typical super hero show. There is a great underlying darkness that permeates as well, giving one the feeling that some very bad things are about to happen. My mom even liked it, and she usually just sticks to shows about cops and politics (like West Wing, Law & Order, and CSI). If you haven't seen it give it a try. It's a very good show so far and only promises to get better.

    I will definitely be tuning in for the next episode myself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I began to watch Heroes, I had a very open mind about it. The pilot episode was pretty good, it had nice elements, wonderful cinematography, and it was intriguing. Somehow the show began to dig and dig and dig itself deeper into a hole. As the story lines got more "advanced", it became incredibly noticeable how weak the acting was. The writing is mediocre and the plots are dragging and predictable. But Heroes doesn't even try to keep it's viewers in suspense! It instead, informs the viewer five-ten episodes in advance what the finale is going to include, and then it plays out exactly as you expect it to. It's not intelligent, it's not even that entertaining, and scenes that they could've made memorable and touching were so rushed and devoid of emotion from the blank "actors" that you are left feeling like you wasted an hour of your life viewing this show.

    Soon, these "normal" people were no longer holding jobs, going to school, or seemingly doing anything but running around aimlessly trying to find swords, looking for someone or some other nonsense.

    This show does what I will call "reluctant killings" as they introduce character after character just for the "villain" to kill off so that they actually have a body count. You feel absolutely no connection for whatever character dies, and the story lines seem to lack steam and trudge along like you are riding a lopping pony at a fare. The legendary cliff-hangers it supposedly delivers are annoying, as you might've been getting into a scene finally (the last ten minutes is the only thing worth watching) then it ends.

    Next week, you've lost interest and when it returns, it spends twenty minutes recapping what happened last week as the show seems to think it's viewers have the memory span of a fish, then the exciting discovery to see whether or not a character is dead or not (which you could really care less by then) is finished and the party continues at a lagging speed, until it repeats itself over and over again...

    The music score murders the show worse than the villain Sylar and his head cutting kills the heroes. It's tuneless and seems to interrupt the scene instead of accompany it.

    The show always seems very slow:

    Ep 5: "We are going to save so and so!" Ep 6: "We have to save so and so!" Ep 7: "I'm going to go save so and so!" Ep 8: "Don't try to stop me from saving so and so!" Ep 9: "Because I'm going to save so and so!"


    The producers make the mistake of trying to make their show popular by giving the viewers (who must be fooled with the dopamine coming from their heads that the show is actually "good") what they want. Claire became a quick popular character, I even liked her... at first. So, guess what? The producers decided to show more of Claire, and more... and more... until her story was... dried up... HRG or Noah Bennet, her adoptive father was no longer malevolent and instead became a total sap that only wanted to protect Claire.

    Nikki also became popular with the men, probably because of that lovely crotch shot in the first episode, so they continued on her dull struggle to keep from becoming her alter ego, take care of her son and to not go to jail, when they finally put her in there, she murders some couple guards or something, and then... they release her! How come they don't put her on death row for that?

    Peter who was at first an innocent, sweet guy, who cared about everyone, and had dreams about flying, only became someone who was insecure and grumpy. He went from my favorite character, to my least.

    The main problem with this show is that they introduce too many characters and give them story lines that the original characters could've had, they don't add anything to the general plot, they just take up time to end up getting killed later.

    Also, the show attempts to run four plots at once in one episode, which gets quite confusing and frustrating when one plot gets interesting and they flick to... say... Mohinder looking through books or something irritating.

    The idea of how the heroes have their powers is ridiculous, putting it on a scientific theory that is an incomplete theory in the first place: "evolution" To say that a person needs the ability to fly is rather foolish as the brain is people's weapon, and if they want to go on Darwin's theory of evolution, they best realize that it's also "survival of the fittest" which goes into the idea of the food chain. It would be quite unfair to hunted animals if we not only have brains to figure out how to make weapons, but we also had the speed of the animal, everything would become extinct!

    For one, if people evolved, everyone would do it, not just a few. If we evolved from the monkey, how come monkeys exist?

    I tune in for a good laugh at how crappy the content can get, and I'm amazed when the viewers actually find something to theorize about- why bother as it's probably going to be explained... Usually they're right though, but as all fingers pointed to the conclusion... It's no wonder.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Many Spoilers be aware

    As the series went on I could only but be disappointed from what was a very good start. I would say that for the first 2/3rd of the series it really deserve a good 8/10, for its originality, the efforts made in creating different heroes and a real nasty and evil Villain. Then it turns into a family affair where every character is in relation of some sort with the other, with vague mention of a secret society that is not even fully exploited nor explained. Also there are more and more inconsistencies in the power of Peter Petrelli (replicating other's power) which is automatic when needed by the script (regeneration, be invisible, becoming radioactive etc..) and inoperative when really useful (replicating Sylar's powers at first, second or even third encounter, time travel from Hiro and so on) and not to mention that he never uses the ones he really need when he needs them (unlike Sylar), why did it take him the last episode to listen to anyone's mind (aside from the accidental encounter with Parkman), and why does he need his brother to fly him and play the firework while he can fly all by himself (his first ever duplicated power).

    So as you can see I'm really upset that a very good start turned into such an anti-climax. The cheap fight against Sylar, and the first few images of the teaser of the second season don't reassure me with the potential disappearance of Sylar's body in the sewage (how the Hell could anyone let him move even an inch) or Hiro in Medieval Cliché type Japan....

    Watch it when you really don't have anything better to do and watch Battlestar Galactica instead if you look for the best TV series ever (who said I'm subjective)
  • bgood2627 November 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Heroes" is similar to Marvel's "X-Men," in that its characters discover they have different powers. But where "X-Men" is driven more by action and plot, "Heroes" is more character-driven.

    The show focuses on an ensemble of eight characters, each of whom have a different power. Claire Bennett is a high school cheerleader with the power of spontaneous regeneration, DL Hawkins has the power to phase through matter, Isaac Mendez is a brilliant artist who can paint the future, Hiro Nakamura is the office worker who can bend and travel through space-time, LAPD Officer Matt Parkman has the power of telepathy, Nathan Petrelli is the ambitious politician who can fly, his brother Peter is an in-home nurse with the ability to absorb others' powers when he is near them, and Niki Sanders has super strength.

    But what separates "Heores" from most shows and movies is that each of our heroes are uniquely flawed. Claire, like most high school seniors, frequently forgets who her real friends are. DL is running from the law. Isaac is addicted to heroin, and can only see the future when he is high. The wonderfully geeky Hiro used his power for personal gain. Matt is dyslexic and has marital problems. Nathan cares more about his career than his family, particularly Peter, who suffers from depression. And Niki, a single mom and internet stripper, has a brutally violent alter-ego.

    Parents be warned: "Heroes" deals with some very mature subject matter, including rape, infidelity, drug addiction, and mental illness, and the show is rather graphic. But it is smartly written and very well acted, with deep characters you'll actually care about.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously, I don't know who wrote the screenplay. The show started without relevant expository, and the worst of all was the Japanese guy. He was introduced in the first scene as a normal geek and BAM, he controls the time/space continuum(repeated 1,039 times). I mean, if that is not convenient scripting, I don't know what is. The characters are all unbelievable. Is like they live their lives as normal people and BAM, hey you know what, I think I can fly/bend time/read your mind/paint the future/blah blah. After all the hype, I don't know what people sees in the show. The editing sucks, the dialogue corny, the direction confusing and worst of all, it pretty much like a stylized but dumb-down version of X-men! I'm no fan of series, and if this is what they have to offer, I will keep my staple of Simpsons and Seinfeld reruns.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OMG... the first season was perfect and absolutely interesting... but with all due respect by the middle of the second I finally got tired... Got tired of permanently clueless Peter Petrelli, who believes anyone he encounters even with READING MINDS ability... tired of powerless Sylar who - by unknown reason - is still in the series and that is when we already have a VILLAIN number ONE - COMPANY and ADAM...

    I am already bored of the time spacing creativity... I am still wondering WHY in the nine hells Adam is one of the creators of the Company... which still was the fact (I presume) in the future where HIRO tries to save cheerleader and DOESN'T visit 1671...

    I really can't understand WHY Peter did not get SUPER HEARING ability and did not hear SYLAR was going to follow them (he said that at loud)...

    Know what? YOU'VE GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP!!! You just made interesting series into complete rubbish...
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