C.P. Agent: They're beautiful children.

Judith Leavitt: I thought about leaving I-I just didn't think about this part - about what happens now.

Judith Leavitt: You're not a god, Josiah! You can't control these women and children. You don't own our children and you don't own me!

Josiah Leavitt: [laying on the bed, right hand on stomach, gazing at Judith] Look at you. You are so beautiful. I've missed you.

[tapping sheets]

Josiah Leavitt: Come over here and sit down.

[sits up on his side]

Josiah Leavitt: Tell me what's on your mind.

[Judith sits]

Josiah Leavitt: Could you undo your hair for me? Jamie's young, Judith.

Judith Leavitt: I know, but I...

Josiah Leavitt: I know he works hard. Tithes well. Can I help you with this?

[unzips her nightgown]

Josiah Leavitt: Judith, if it helps at all, our working supports our work. They will be married. Didn't I tell you that I would speak to the Prophet? Hmm?

Judith Leavitt: You did.

[begins kissing her]