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  • napierslogs7 June 2009
    Spring Breakdown stars Amy Poehler, Parker Posey and Rachel Dratch as three thirty-something losers. They are 15 years out of college and now they are going on a spring break vacation.

    The high school or college losers are very common characters, it was a pleasure to see the older version of the cliché characters.

    The movie is riddled with clichés, you will know what is going to happen next, but I still found myself laughing along with it. There are a lot of great actors in this movie and they all embody their different characters perfectly.

    The movie is short and spends just the right amount of time necessary to give us the background information needed on each of the characters. The movie does not take itself seriously so it works very well for a quick, funny comedy.
  • Reading some of the comments on the message boards here I was expecting this movie to be a complete letdown - but when I watched it I could not stop laughing! It has officially become my new favourite movie.

    I don't know what all the hate here is about, maybe it's because a movie of this kind has never really been around before. I am at a loss to name another completely female driven comedy. Plenty of comedies will have one or two actresses in the lead, but there will be a lot of supporting male characters. This one was almost ALL women - with the exception of Seth Meyers, Justin Hartley and the brief appearance of Will Arnett - and it worked. All of the actresses delivered very funny performances (especially Missi Pyle) from a quirky and lovable script.

    The charm of this film, to me, seems to be in its subtle feminist message: accepting who you are, female success in the public sphere, the strength of female friendships and breaking gender roles. Light-hearted though it is, each of the lead characters face a challenge as their attempts to be more 'fun' conflict with their feminist values and who they knew themselves to be.

    Missi Pyle proposed that this film missed a theatrical release because of its all-female cast and lack of a big-name actor to get the studios behind it, and I have to agree. Everyone I've recommended this film to has loved it and I think it's a shame that a comedy celebrating female dorkiness hasn't been widely accepted and successful.

    I highly recommend this film to anyone with an open mind or a love of female-centred comedy.
  • Becky (Parker Posey) works as a sub-underling for a powerful senator (Jane Lynch). Her closest friends from high school, Gayle (Amy Poehler) and Judi (Rachel Dratch) also live nearby and they often take vacations together. One day, Gayle, a dog trainer, gets rejected by a handsome blind man (Poehler's real life hubby, Will Arnett) and Judi comes home to find her fiancé in a clinch with another man. These two are so ready for the coming vacay. But, Becky's plans change and, consequently, so does the other gals' destinations. The senator, a possible vice presidential candidate, has a daughter, Ashley (Amber Tamblyn) on a college spring break and she asks Becky to go keep an eye on her child at South Padre Island. Actually, all of the older women are fairly excited, for when they were at the university, they got rejected by sororities and never went on a spring vacation. When they arrive, the trio of ladies are greeted by a hotel clerk (Missy Pyle), who brags she is experiencing HER 18th spring break. Now, this hotel worker is going to ensure that Becky, Gayle, and Judi "party hearty", too! Along the way, the gals meet handsome younger men, witness salsa-tub wrestling, and decide to put on a singing act for the island's talent show. Will this be a memorable spring break or a breakdown, for Ashley is still under observation, after all. Well? This is really a cute story, which Dratch helped write. All of the three principals do a great job as the trusted friends, with Posey the biggest surprise, for her role is sweet and naive, not her usual sassy type. The rest of the cast is also great, with special praise for Lynch and Pyle, they are utterly hysterical. The scenery, naturally, is beautiful, making one want to hop on a plane to SPI NOW. All of the other film attributes, such as costumes, script, camera work, and direction, are worthy, too. If you like romantic comedy or any of the cast members, seek this film out. Springing a few bucks for a view will be the best decision you made all week.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let's set one thing straight: this movie does not seek to redefine the genre, it's not Dr. Strangelove o Young Frankenstein. It's a silly flick, with three great female leads (can't remember any other comedy with similar characteristics), Rachel Dracht and Amy Poehler from SNL and indie queen Parker Posey, charming as ever. The story is basic: the three gals were "losers" in college, and are still after wards it. Poehler is a dog trainer (who can't even get a date with a blind guy), Posey is an assistant for a senator (who "hasn't been touched by a man since Clinton was in office"... i catched that one several minutes later... i'm a little slow, OK!), and Dracht has a gay fiancée (Seth Meyers from SNL, funny). They have to prevent the "uncool" daughter of the senator (the always cute Amber Tamblyn from the TV series "Joan of Arcadia") to embarrass her during spring break. So of course they have to go to watch over her, and some hilarity ensues. All in all, a light, simple comedy, quite short, and quite enjoyable
  • I don't think this movie is for everyone. But I saw it this weekend in Seattle and I thought it was so funny. I haven't laughed that hard during a movie in long time. I thought the entire cast did a great job. You will find yourself laughing from the first moment through the very last scene. I suspect some moviegoers (especially the ones who take themselves WAY too seriously) will be turned off by this brand of humor. Not me. The movie was a real surprise. And the entire theater was rolling with laughter throughout the showing I went to which makes me think that a lot of people enjoyed themselves and were happy to have a good time at the movies for a change. I cannot wait to see it again! If you're in the mood to LOL then this is for you. Funny funny funny funny!
  • Dude this movie rocks with great conflict comedy, social satire and the deliciously sexy Sophie Monk in one of her biggest roles yet! If you are at all enlightened/political you will love the female GW Bush character, the environmental jokes, the feminist humor amid wet tee-shirts,...

    Gentlemen, don't be threatened by a chick-flick that straddles all sides of the aisle. Sit back and enjoy a drunk Rachael Dratch shouting "Do me!" as her friends haul her away. Parker Posey as the suck-up gopher who loves the environment and Amy Poehler as a wannabe "seven" girl also deliver in a big way.

    Then there is the delectable Sophie Monk. Thank GOD she's getting larger roles. Girl you got it going on. Call me!
  • LAlston14 October 2009
    Anyone who lived through the ages of Revenge of the Nerds and Girlpower will appreciate this film. It is one of those films that delivers everything you want in a "spring break movie" PLUS it makes fun of the college film genre. It's funny, it's got a cast to die for (Amy Pohler! Rachel Dratch!, Sophie Monk!, Parker Posey! Jane Lynch! Amber Tamblyn! Missi Pyle!) and its guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Writer/ actor Rachel Dratch is a comic genius and Sophie Monk is such a great villain. Wilson Phillips! OMG! (I'm just repeating myself now...) It will live on with girls who like Miranda July but feel like eating ice cream and pretending they're dumb.
  • How can a movie with Amy, Posey and Raechel have NOTHING funny in it? Believe it or not 'House Bunny' did this better and funnier. Hopefully the principals had a good holiday and got some money - this movie is an embarrassment to all of them. It is a cliché from beginning to end. Clichés can work well with a script, or at least an idea. This movie does nothing but use cliché after cliché rather than ideas or script. It uses the preexisting persona's of the actresses rather than develop characters. Bad, sad, and rubbish. Now I apparently have to have ten lines of text for a comment. Really? Why? As an IT ops manager this is another example of sloppy coding.
  • darla72523 January 2010
    This isn't Masterpiece Theater. You shouldn't go into it expecting that. This is pure girl FUN with the most fantastic cast of female leads. Like someone else here said, this is the film Baby Mama was meant to be. And the only downside I see to this film is that Tina Fey was not in it- besides that it stars the smartest and brightest girls on the planet. The film is pure silliness on the surface, but if you really watch you will know it has a lot of messages and deep meaning to any of us who wish they could go back and do it all over again in life knowing then what we know now. PURE FUN and I recommend it to anyone looking for 84 minutes of great escape.
  • I was interested in watching Spring Breakdown because the cast included various solid comedians.But before watching it,I remembered that,between all the genres of straight-to-DVD movies,the comedy uses to be the worst one for the simple fact that if they were good enough,they would be released on cinemas.Although I am against the practices of the big Hollywood studios,the truth is that they know how to win money,and they would not bury a good comedy in the digital cemetery of the straight-to-DVD movies.And Spring Breakdown belongs to that barren ground,for the simple fact that it is a very mediocre comedy.First of all,the movie has a weak premise because it thinks it would be funny to see adult women acting as teenagers.And besides,the movie wasted a good cast of comedians,although the few laughs this movie generates come from the sagacious humorous instinct from Amy Poehler,Rachel Dratch,Jane Lynch,Parker Posey and the underrated Missi Pyle.Hiring solid comedians in order to rescue a bad screenplay has been a very common mistake on high caliber projects (like Robin Williams in R.V. or Ben Stiller in Meet the Fockers),but I see that even modest films like this one can fall on that.Spring Breakdown is a mediocre comedy which bored me pretty much,so I do not recommend it at all,because that's the capital sin of cinema.
  • This is one of those times where you CAN judge a book by its cover (or judge a DVD by its box). As the cover implies, it's a silly movie about three 30-something, nerdy women trying to pass for spring break partiers. The gags are predictable, but much like a Rodney Dangerfield movie, that's why we go to see it. No surprises, just a series of expected scenes & funny clichés.

    I watched this mainly because I'm a big fan of Parker Posey (Josie & the Pussycats, Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman). After seeing her in so many eccentric roles, it was interesting to see her play the straight role for a change while most of the crazy antics were handled by Rachel Dratch or Amy Poehler. Actually what made me lol the most was a hilarious supporting role by Missi Pyle (an actress who is mostly known for hilarious supporting roles, like in Galaxy Quest, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Sarah Silverman Program). Missi plays a perfect Texas slut. Equally hilarious is a supporting performance by Jane Lynch (Best in Show, Mighty Wind) as she plays a psychotic senator who could easily be the result of an unfortunate cross-breeding between Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin. Yes, very frightening.

    Lots of the gags deal with late 80s nostalgia, such as music by Cyndi Lauper, Wilson Phillips, and a painful scene of the Electric Slide that'll give you horrible flashbacks. My guess is that this film would be enjoyed by similar 30- or 40-something people who remember how awkward & goofy the 80s & 90s were. For those of us who lived through those brutally cheezy decades, it's always fun to see these kinds of movies. If you fall into that generation, I highly recommend "Music & Lyrics" with Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant.

    Final note, if you go down to your local Blockbuster you can find this DVD for $1.99 on the bargain table. For two bucks you can't go wrong!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    These women are supposed to be considered unattractive, yeah freaking right! I'm not buying it. Amy, Parker and Rachel? Ok, I'll play along for a second. Parker Posey looks like Stephanie Szostak shot in the face with a shotgun and forced to have reconstructive face surgery to put her face back together. I love Stephanie. Amy Poehler looks like Anna Faris who's face has been flattened my a cement roller as she was ran over by it and left out in the burning sun to die. I really love Anna. And Rachel Dratch looks like Emily Blunt's less fortunate and way creepier cousin who's parents were obviously a little too related. Just kiddin'! Hehehe, the truth is I love these pretty girls, Amy, Parker and Rachel. Parker is so cute, honestly amazing looking, like purely gorgeous, I don't need to say that obviously I love her. Amy is as sexy as she can be with big beautiful blue eyes and great skin plus she's blonde and just super attractive really. Rachel's very cute-faced with excellent hair and a beautiful smile and nice bod. And Amber Tamblyn, who's like a megacute megahottie, I love plus she kinda looks like Lauren Ambrose maybe but Amber's way hotter than Lauren who cares about Lauren freaking Ambrose. Mae Whitman is too cute. She looks like Rachael Ray a little maybe but even way cuter. I need to work on my self-control but I could use a Spring Break. I love this less popular, but totally hot, cool movie.
  • Wuchakk27 November 2016
    Released in 2009 and directed by Ryan Shiraki, "Spring Breakdown" is a comedy about three geeky women in their mid-30s (Amy Poehler, Parker Posey & Rachel Dratch) who finally decide to get "with it" by going to Spring Break at the notorious South Padre Island, Texas. They're supposed to keep an eye on a senator's daughter (Amber Tamblyn) so she doesn't get out of hand. Jane Lynch plays the politician whereas Missi Pyle is on hand as a party girl.

    The plot is cute, there are some quietly amusing bits and the raunch is thankfully kept at bay, but this is mostly a missed opportunity. I think females will appreciate it more than I did; it screams "chick flick." It does, however, show the awful truth about the bikini & beer subculture built around Spring Break (pukin' on the beach and having sex with a total stranger while dead drunk; yeah that sounds like fun – woo hoo!).

    The film runs 84 minutes and was shot at South Padre Island, Texas, and Long Beach & Los Angeles (UCLA), California.

    GRADE: C- (4.5/10)
  • Hmmm... well, "Spring Breakdown" is a comedy mostly targeted for a female audience. But it is still somewhat of a movie that can be seen by guys as well. However, don't expect to be laughing hard at any time throughout the course of the entire movie.

    What works out mostly for the movie is perhaps the female cast, as they did have nice chemistry on the screen and each one brought something unique to the movie in each their own right. And it was also nice to see Seth Meyers, Will Arnett and Jane Lynch make special appearances in the movie.

    The story in "Spring Breakdown" is about three ladies in their thirties who travel to South Padre Island in order to look after a senators daughter, but also to have a chance at partying like they never had a chance to do during their youth.

    For a comedy, then I found myself, oddly enough, not really laughing at any point during the movie. That being said, then I am not saying that the movie is bad or boring, the humor just wasn't in my liking. The movie is still entertaining enough for what it was.

    Unfortunately then "Spring Breakdown" is a very generic comedy that doesn't bring anything new or overly interesting to the comedy genre.
  • Gayle O'Brien (Amy Poehler), Becky St. Germaine (Parker Posey), and Judi Joskow (Rachel Dratch) are three friends from State College. They think that things will get better, but 15 years later, they are still losers. Becky works for Senator Hartmann (Jane Lynch). She gets sent down to springbreak to watch over the senator's daughter Ashley Hartmann (Amber Tamblyn) and her friends Lydia (Mae Whitman) and Truvy (Sarah Hagan). Only the three young friends are really just as much of losers as the three older women.

    Amy Poehler got some pretty good laughs in. When she was rejected by a blind Will Arnett, that's a funny bit. Parker Posey and Rachel Dratch aren't that funny at all. Dratch chasing after Justin Hartley seems more creepy than funny. As for the younger three, they just don't have enough to do. Amber Tamblyn is pretty good but there might be too many lead characters. Not everybody has the room to breathe.
  • Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch are among the funnier women to have been on "Saturday Night Live". It's unfortunate that they, along with Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph, were on SNL during the longest stretch of unfunny writing and sketch-making (circa 2002-2006) the show has ever had. Still, these two women most especially know what's funny, and they know how to write a funny movie.

    You'll notice in the credits of this movie that Dratch and director Ryan Shiraki wrote the story for "Spring Breakdown", but who wrote the actual screenplay, consisting of dialogue and all the important fill-in-the-blank material that makes a story into a multidimensional movie? Yep, just Shiraki. Just one guy wrote the dialogue for this movie, and no women apparently wrote the script with him. The result is a pretty cliché spring break movie that doesn't so much spoof the faux holiday as much as exploit it equally as much as MTV does every year.

    If Dratch, Poehler, and even co-star Parker Posey could have contributed their handwriting to the screenplay, it would have been far less cliché. The premise is original, being about three thirty-something women who were unpopular in high school (and apparently college, too), and never had the fun spring break trip they allegedly dreamed about. I say "allegedly" because you never quite know what fun is to these characters. They entered talent shows in the past where they sang stale pro-woman anthems like "True Colors", and spend their nights together holding make-your-own-pizza parties. Even though none of them are especially unattractive, the outside world appears to treat them like they are. There's a scene where a blind student of Poehler's (played by Poehler's real life husband Will Arnett) asks her out on a date, only to touch her face and immediately change his mind. If Poehler's character is supposed to be unattractive, they obviously hired the wrong actress.

    The movie continues to show promise, even though we have our doubts about the main characters, when Posey's boss, Texas Senator 'Kay Bee' Hartmann (Jane Lynch, funny as always) hires Posey to watch over her unpopular college-age daughter (Amber Tamblyn, playing yet another woman who's attractive in real life, but not in the eyes of any characters in this movie) while she goes to a Laguna Beach-like vacation spot for Spring Break. Poehler and Dratch come along, they reluctantly get boozed up, party like they apparently should have when they were in college, and then comes the ultimate showdown with the sorority bitches, whose leader is Sophie Monk.

    Sophie Monk is an incredibly attractive woman who has a body both women and men would kill to have for different reasons. Unfortunately, her movie career is off to a rough start with the abominably unfunny "Date Movie" (2006) and the disappointing "Click" (2006). Here, she plays a Southern belle, although her voice sounds like she stole Delta Burke's voice box. She hams it up a little too much, trying too hard to play a conniving bitch that she comes off as much like a caricature of spoiled college kids as the rest of the extras.

    "Spring Breakdown" was released straight to DVD despite the star power of Amy Poehler, but rightly so because the story is way too cliché. It may as well have been called "National Lampoon's Spring Breakdown", and the magazine probably wouldn't have sued for trademark infringement because of the free publicity. If director Shiraki had given at least one woman the creative input, especially Rachel Dratch, this movie would have been great and not nearly as run-of-the-mill as frat-house comedies we've seen before. I know Dratch will come up with another funny concept, and hopefully be allowed to fill in the rest of the screenplay herself. She's funny enough, and she deserves better than this half-baked comedy that would accept Stiffler's brother with open arms.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    They really can't get stupider than this film dealing with 3 losers who try to capture the college spirit during the annual spring break festivities at many of our higher schools of learning. The problem is that these losers try to do this 15 years after their college years when one is assigned to watch over the daughter of a woman senator being groomed to be the next vice president.

    Trouble is that her daughter is anything but popular, but of course she comes out of all that. The girls go through drunken rages, exotic dancing and other absolute nonsense.

    It really can't get much worse than this awful film.
  • Just saw this on TV today and it was great.. I watched another movie called Hide and Seek at another channel, but I ended up watching Spring Breakdown instead.

    I really didn't have any expectations but it was a laugh-out-loud moments in almost every scene. Is it because I watched it very late, or was it because I have the blonde humor.. Or is it, which is more likely, because the movie was just amazingly funny?

    I'm not going to spoil anything, since I want to keep this review short. I recommend this to everyone, but watch it with a friend. It will become funnier that way.

    Since it was great and funny and almost no flaws except in the ending, I'm going to give it 8/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is a problem when "buddy stars", in this case, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, try to repeat their schtick in another medium, which seems to have been the appeal of pairing the two actresses, both from Saturday Night Live. That seems a rule the creators of this film should not have forgotten when they trying to make a film out of such flimsy material as "Spring Breakdown". It is after all, a formula kind of movie that tries to capitalize on the talent that was showcased in it.

    Ryan Shiraki and Rachel Dratch probably started with good intentions to create a fun filled movie. Unfortunately, this type of comedy has been done so much it has a stale feeling to it. Not contented with that, they brought Parker Posey, and Jane Lynch to try to give it a kind of lift, which it never gets because it feels tired.

    "Spring Breakdown" might have gone directly to DVD, that is the feeling we get after watching it.