David Harris: I thought I could make this work. But I can't! This isn't the right family for me. The boy is a problem. He has no respect for me. You haven't been hard enough on him. You've got to make a boy understand! You've got to break him if necessary! You're too weak to do that.

Susan Harding: What are you talking about?

David Harris: I thought it could work, but it can't! I thought you could be Mrs. Grady Edwards, but you can't!

Susan Harding: What did you say? Who is Grady Edwards?

David Harris: Wait, wait... it just... wait a minute. I... uh...

[there is a long tense pause as David/The Stepfather, too late, realizes his slip]

David Harris: Who am I here?

David Harris: [about news story] That kind of thing really gets to me, that someone could do that to her own children.

Michael Harding: It does make you wonder, though, what takes to make someone do something so sick.

Susan Harding: Change the conversation, please.

David Harris: [under his breath] Maybe they disappointed her.

Susan Harding: Where's the coed girlfriend?

Jay Harding: That's over. Actually she was working for a PHD. She wasn't that much younger than you were, just took a little better care of herself.

[last lines]

David Harris: I'm Chris Ames.

Julie King: I'm Julie King. Nice to meet you.

David Harris: Well, it's nice to meet you...

Susan Harding: David wants to have a church wedding.

Jackie Kerns: Oh that's great, what church. I mean, do you even know what religion he is?

Susan Harding: I don't care what goddamn religion he is!

[first lines]

Leah: One female in her late 30s, three minors. Multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma.