• WARNING: Spoilers

    An extremist right-wing candidate is elected to the French presidency, sparking riots in Paris. Hoping to escape the country but needing cash, a small gang of French-Arab teenagers whom include Alex, his pregnant girlfriend Yasmine, her younger brother Sami, and two friends, Tom and Farid, advantage of the chaos to pull off a robbery. Sami is shot by the police and the group splits up: Alex and Yasmine take Sami to a hospital, and Tom and Farid take the stolen money to a family-run inn near the French-German border. The two seductive innkeepers, Gilberte and Klaudia, claim their rooms are free and seduce the two men.

    At the hospital, the emergency room staff report Sami's injury to the police. Sami insists to Yasmine that she leave him behind and run before the police catch her. His dying wish is that Yasmine not have an abortion. Alex and Yasmine flee from the hospital, phoning their friends for directions to the inn. Tom and Farid give them directions but soon after are brutally attacked by Gilberte, Klaudia, and their brother Goetz. When Tom and Farid try to escape, Goetz runs their car off a cliff. The two injured men wander into a mine shaft, where Tom is quickly recaptured. Farid must fend for himself in the mine with the family's rejected children. Unaware of the danger, Alex and Yasmine arrive at the inn and are both captured by the family.

    Alex and Yasmine are chained in a muddy floored pig pen. Alex breaks Yasmine's chains and allows her to escape. When the captors discover Yasmine's escape, the father of the family, Von Geisler, cut Alex's achilles tendons.

    Meanwhile in the mine, Farid finds the storage area for the victims. The family realizes something is amiss in the mine, and Hans chases Farid into a boiler where Farid is cooked alive. Yasmine flees from the inn but is quickly picked back up by Goetz.

    Back in the pig pen, Von Geisler personally grants Alex's last wish, which is to be put down quickly. Initially, Von Geisler wishes for Karl to "wed" Yasmine to carry on the family lineage, but when Von Geisler learns she is already pregnant, he entrusts her to the meek Eva. Eva tells Yasmine that she came to the family in a very similar manner and that she is obedient because the family promised her that her parents would return for her some day. Eva also tells Yasmine of the rejected children she and Hans care for in the mine.

    Eventually, Eva leads Yasmine down a long hall to dinner, where the family awaits her. Von Geisler is revealed to be a former (and still practicing) Nazi. Von Geisler offers up a toast to the new blood and Yasmine quickly grabs a large knife and takes von Geisler hostage demanding to be released. Hans grabs a shotgun and accidently shoots and kills Von Geisler in the confusion. The revenge-fueled Karl shoots Hans dead in turn.

    Yasmine escapes from the house and is chased by Karl and Goetz into the mine. Yasmine eventually makes her way into one of the body storage rooms where she fights with Goetz. After a bloody struggle, she repeatedly hits him with an axe before impaling him on a rotating table saw. Karl catches Yasmine as she tries to return to the surface, but Eva comes to Yasmine's rescue, blowing Karl's head off with a shotgun blast.

    Yasmine makes it back to the house and searches for car keys to drive away, but is ambushed by the gun-toting Gilberte and Klaudia in the living room. During the shootout, Yasmine hits a gas tank, blowing up the room. Klaudia dies in the explosion, but Gilberte survives and attempts to kill Yasmine in the courtyard by strangling her. Despite being disarmed, Yasmine manages to kill Gilberte by biting and tearing out her throat.

    With the whole Nazi family dead, Yasmine tries to persuade Eva to leave with her, but Eva turns her down for she wants to stay to take care of the children in the mine. On the road towards the border, Yasmine runs into a police blockade where she surrenders to the authorities.