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  • The stunningly beautiful European porn star Anita Rinaldi unwisely sat it out for this directorial assignment. It emerges as mediocre, lacking her on-screen presence.

    Relatively rickety format has a beautiful woman (not Rinaldi, but clearly standing in for her on screen), sitting at her desk at a large laundry factory facility (seems a pointless locale) reading a new book of sexual fantasies written by a friend of hers, to which she contributed.

    As she reads she imagines the fantasies for us to see, resulting in a series of six hardcore sex vignettes. Not much content, and just an excuse for some attractive Euro starlets to get it on.

    In the opener, titled "Alonzo's Whore", a woman arranges to be the whore that's usually waiting to service a matador after he dispatches a bull in the ring, the violent act invariably making him horny. Sure sounds like a porn premise, and despite casting a dark beauty as the shop girl turned prostie for a day, this is strictly routine.

    Second segment is about a rich banker whose wife and mistress are lovers, cueing lesbian sex with a huge dildo. This is slightly kinky, as one of them dons a mask and a strap-on.

    Third vignette is perhaps the most imaginative, dealing with beautiful brunette Francesca pining away in her prison cell, seducing the voyeuristic guard Johnny. I knew something was amiss, as she's wearing extremely attractive and HIGH heels in the cell -not prison issue. Sure enough, when a second guard appears and is also seduced, resulting in a double-penetration troilism scene it's revealed by our humble narrator lady that Francesca is in fact the warden's daughter, who with her husband Johnny play the sex game of luring each new prison guard into her cell for a threesome.

    Next is the first dialog (minimal) sequence, another sex game where a couple likes to lure a third guy into having sex with the wife, so that hubby can tape them with his camera, for playback as a turn-on later. Their happy victim is a cab driver, resulting in a money shot onto the windshield while hubby proves dexterous -videotaping while successfully masturbating.

    At this point our narrating heroine has gotten so worked up that she starts masturbating. She's an attractive Ursula Andress type, making up a bit for the absence of Rinaldi in the role.

    Finale has her dreaming, with the cab driver returning to service her in the laundry.

    This is hurt by having a very bland American voice dubbed for the narrator -losing whatever original flavor there might have been. At least they could have found a sexy American vocal artiste.

    I'm a Rinaldi fan and anyone wanting to see her in action, in a straight (non-porn) role is advised to grab the recent release of Joe D'Amato's well-made soft-X/hard-R level SEXY PIRATES, in which she stars and is very elegantly styled/made up.