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  • T_Miranda1 January 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Does a woman have the right to get pregnant from her husband after his death? A widow whose husband died patient has the right to use your frozen sperm to father a child? This is a question that arises in the final stretch of the soap "Tempo De Viver".

    Urban-suburban, realistic, contemporary, Living Time also depicts other dominant aspect of modern society to touch topics as diverse as ambition, the swing, the vocation for the priesthood, ecology, luxury prostitution, the impact of divorce on children , ostracism, alcoholism, homosexuality, among others.

    There is a mystery component throughout the history of the novel. The "Jaws" is the criminal, mystery character who aims to destroy the powerful Fausto Martins De Mello (José Wallenstein) one of the central characters of the plot. The identity of the perfidious "Jaws" is unknown to almost everyone and many of the characters are suspicions, which causes mystery and suspense into the story and the viewer itself.

    In the last episode, on March 31, 2007, it was revealed Gonçalo Gomes Martins De Mello (Marco D'Almeida) as the "Jaws". This event was done in a very subtle way, and none of the characters, except for Fausto, Valentine Monica (Benedicta Pereira) and Filipe Martins De Mello (Nuno Távora), knew the identity of the criminal. This outcome was a little disturbing, such as in Nobody Like You.