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  • This stinker would automatically have earned the 1 point lowest IMDb rating from me had it not featured the unique Annie Body, uncrowned Queen of the "hair down there" fetish genre. Yes, her red bush is enough for me to squander another point on the 10-point scale, but it's still a loser.

    Adam & Eve house director Daniel Dakota has proved his ineptness over and over, here trotting out five girls who pose in five dumb skits revolving around their having not shaved their pubes. Once the norm in porn, back in the theatrical days of the '70s, this full or partial bush phenomenon is now a specialty fetish but hardly the stuff of drama.

    Case in point is the overbearing baldie Rod Fontana, unwatchable in a tiresome routine with lovely Lena Ramone. He improvises idiotic and rude remarks while tugging at her pubic hair, making wonder whether sex worker Lena was paid enough to suffer such indignities. Cop-out for the viewer is always the fast-forward button.

    Rod returns to do a crummy casting couch routine with Carly Poppins, as lacklustre a finale as any vignette video could ever call for, reminding me of those "chaser" interludes back in the theatrical day designed overtly to help clear out the reluctant to leave audience members in a grindhouse environment.