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  • Eliza Dushku is the one who delivers in this fairly predictable serial killer story, reminiscent of such films as "Gothika" and "Jennifer Eight". There are also a lot of serial killer movie alumni populating the lesser roles of this film, like Bill Moseley, Timothy Hutton, Tom Noonan and Cary Elwes. They don't really matter though, because it's all about Dushku's character Megan Paige and her late onset schizophrenia which makes it very difficult for her to crack the case of the Alphabet killer, as well as keep the confidence of her fellow police officers.

    Movies that focus on characters with mental disorders are often interesting and unpredictable, like Polanski's "Repulsion" or Fincher's "Fight Club" because they makes the audience question what's reality in the movie and what's just playing out inside the mind of the main character. Unfortunately this isn't one of those movies. Instead of trying to make the audience share in Megan's delusions, they are clearly separated and labeled to avoid any confusion, or excitement for that matter. Instead we are made to watch her from the outside and see her struggling to connect with her colleagues and convince them that she's completely sane despite her textbook "crazy person" behavior. Like I said, Dushku delivers a solid performance as a distraught, emotionally unstable and sometimes delusional police woman. It's just hard to get invested in her character because of the boring predictable story she slowly fights her way through.

    There is not a single supporting character that comes off as more than some kind of one-dimensional stereotype. There's the honest cop, the crooked cop, the former lover, the one true friend, the calm doctor, the obvious suspect, the creepy priest and eventually, for a brief time at the end, the killer... non of them with any significant character development or depth. This movie isn't painful to watch and it's not poorly made, it just suffers from lack of imagination on the directors part and some sloppy writing. See it, don't see it... doesn't really matter.
  • I like films about killers, especially those with an interesting little story or something that makes them a bit different. The Alphabet Killer doesn't disappoint in this respect.

    I'll admit, the start was pretty poor, I felt it was quite disjointed and it seemed as though a lot of scenes that should have been there to develop the plot were on the cutting-room floor. However, once we get into the middle and latter stages of the film, we definitely see a marked improvement.

    I think Eliza Dushku played her role well in this, and I felt the slant of Megan's mental illness playing such a large part in the story made her character more believable, and added interest to the film.

    Overall, this was a nicely put together film. It had little gore or anything really adult-themed, so if that's what you're after this isn't for you. If you want a killer movie portrayed more through the eyes of the main detective than is usual, you might like this. Yeah, you'll probably suss it out, but that's half the fun.
  • Detective Megan Paige (Eliza Dushku) is tracking down a serial killer who finds girls with twin initials and dumps them in a city with the same beginning letter (such as Kelly Kapowski in Kingston). But when she gets too attached to the case, she suffers a mental breakdown. When the killings continue, can she overcome her problems to stop him from striking again?

    I thought the film would be a pretty decent one... the concept was interesting, even if the movie strays quite a bit from the real events this was based on. And the cast is impressive. Dushku is pretty amazing, Cary Elwes is one of my all-time favorite actors, Timothy Hutton is here, Michael Ironside, and genre fave Bill Moseley. So you can't beat this ensemble cast.

    But sadly, it just didn't add up for me. It was predictable (even the "twist" seemed obvious from early on) and not as engaging as one might think. It wasn't even as good as another recent murder / detective story I reviewed, "Anamorph" (which was itself not all that amazing). I've been a fan of Rob Schmidt's work, especially "Right to Die" and thought he'd be a good person to bring a dark angle to this story. Sadly, not so much... clichés such as a child-obsessed priest appear, and some (presumably imaginary) ghosts that don't really add to the film.

    I wouldn't say not to watch this one, but it wasn't gripping. There isn't one thing I can pinpoint as making this film stand out -- not the music, the lighting, the effects... it was all pretty standard. It almost would have been more fitting for a Lifetime movie. As far as serial killers go, this one comes off as remarkably tame. If you want your psyche thrilled, look somewhere else.
  • petewhittall27 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    What potentially was a good story line which i can only assume is loosely based on true events was absolutely annihilated by the god awful acting of the lead actress.

    What the director was thinking when he thought of making her go crazy i'll never know.

    Thank god that is over!!

    Please don't waste your time on this
  • bacon_bit1929 December 2008
    Saw the rating of 6/10 on here and decided to give this a try. Bad mistake!

    I thought this was the worst serial killer movie I have ever seen. You know it's a bad sign when the serial killer seems more sane than the lead character.

    The lead character was not very bright nor likable, and I spent most of the movie hoping for her demise.

    Just because it's loosely based off a real life event does not mean it should become a movie.

    I would NOT recommend this movie at all.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    If you ever cross paths with Rob Schmidt or Tom Molloy, the director and screenwriter of The Alphabet Killer, then take the opportunity to insult their intelligence, the way they did yours for claiming their movie, The Alphabet Killer, is based on a true story. This movie is so loosely based on the real Alphabet Killings, it needs both a belt AND suspenders to keep it from falling down to its ankles. Artistic license is one thing, but these two go off on such amateurish tangents, you'd swear they were first year film students desperate to impress their teachers and peers with their cleverness. Problem is, there's nothing clever about AK and if these two had any talent, it should have been the ability recognize the source material didn't need embellishment. As it is, Schmidt and Molloy's treatment is so ridiculous, all it needed to complete its film student predictability was a scene with the protagonist lying naked on the floor, in the fetal position, after suffering a mental breakdown. Oh but wait, she slashes her wrists instead! What a novel substitute.

    Eliza Dushku acts her little heart out and the harder she tries, the more embarrassed you feel for her and her complete and utter lack of talent. Dusku may be eye candy, but her inability to act natural is such a distraction it even seems the other actors are staring back at her with pity. And there actually are a few talented actors in this film, but they're working with such poorly written material and are horribly misguided by Schmidt's inept, blunt-force direction. Did Timothy Hutton burn every bridge known to actors to be left with no other option but to accept a job on this shameless piece of on-the-nose garbage?

    Avoid at all costs. Shutoff time: 32:14.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If this story is based on a true story, the only thing this story had in common with the truth was the fact that it all happened in a world not unlike the one we live in.

    Police planting evidence to incriminate a person they know did not do it and therefore taking a chance to loose face if the murderer strikes again is one of the many, and sadly not the least unlikely, things that makes this movie a bad one.

    This movie strings a lot of unrealistic actions together with at the top of this the miraculous recovery of a handicapped man. It was if i was watching Lou and Andy from Little Britain.

    I think this movie is an insult of the real victims.
  • sepial6 September 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Stick to the facts, and you'll be half-way there. Unlike this film. It appears as if the filmmakers thought they have too little at their hands, and felt compelled to 'spice' things up by adding the story of an investigator (as so often, female, young, good-looking, yawn) who struggles with mental illness; the murders weren't solved, the essence of them appear to fit on a short Wikipedia-page, so what else can we do...? Just that it's still enough to make an interesting, haunting film-effort, the unsolved murders of three girls. Instead their legacy is insulted with this cliché-laden flick. It comes to no surprise that it'll opt for inventing a perpetrator in the end. Until then it's poor in sequence and pace, it's poor in acting, and it's poor even in using the clichés. Try and find a documentary about the case, instead.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is a true story and it is not a flashy film which tries to make money by the sufferings of these poor young girls. I cannot stress how much I loathe these paedophiles and rapists. I am a 20 year old guy and if I had any superpowers, I would kill every one of them. If you have read my other reviews, you will know that sometimes I feel very strongly about some issue and burst out like that. I am sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, its just who I am. I was browsing through my friend's DVD collection when I came across this and the cover was very interesting. So, I brought it over a couple of days back to see and the movie was very heart-breaking.

    A 10-year-old girl, Carla Castillo is found brutally murdered outside the small city of Rochester, New York, and obsessed police detective Megan Paige (Eliza Dushku) suffers a mental breakdown while trying to solve the crime. Megan is diagnosed with adult onset of paranoid schizophrenia and her fianceé breaks of the engagement. The police department is letting the case go into cold storage as there are no leads and the murder seemed to be a dead end. But Megan is convinced that there is a serial killer who goes after children with the same initials. When the child-killings resume two years later, Megan's return to the investigation also brings back her own horrific hallucinations. The only friend she has through all her ordeal is the wheelchair bound Richard Ledge (Timothy Hutton). Even if she can prove a double initial connection to the slayings, will she hang onto her sanity long enough to catch the paedophile psychopath?

    The director of 'Wrong Turn', Rob Scmidt directs 'The Alphabet Killer'. He is one director who looks very promising. He directs this film with a real reverence to the true events. Eliza Dushku gives her best here as the woman who can see the ghosts of the dead girls. The whole story revolves around her perspective of these killings and sometimes it is very confusing. Is she really schizophrenic or does she actually see those ghosts? Whatever the case maybe, those little girls really suffered from that psycho killer. I really hope that killer is brought to justice soon. The way those little girls are lured into the killer's car is very real. Many of the times, the killer will be a person who you trust. This sick guy doesn't need therapy, he deserves to die for his sins. The ending is chilling with the killer eyeing his next victim. Kenneth Shine, Tom Malloy and Timothy Hutton all give credible performances. This film can be quite traumatizing to below 16 year olds, so the R-rating is definitely deserved (there is also one scene where the beautiful Eliza gets naked, and there is also language and moderate violence, so beware).

  • An interesting premise of a Detective going insane while investigating a case is so ineptly handled here as to become irrelevant. It relies only on hand twitching and neck bending with a hallucination of pasty face corpses walking around.

    After TV shows like CSI and Dexter there is no excuse for this bland, dull, and un-stylish movie. It cannot rise above anything more than a well below average excuse for a serial killer story that is as uninteresting as a serial killer story could possibly be. In fact, the whole process of filmmaking is so lacking in creativity it is criminal.

    There is nothing to recommend except that it is a notch above awful, and oh yes, shaky camera fans can rejoice, because here we go again, but at least the lead actress doesn't mumble.
  • This crime thriller centers on a detective named Megan (Eliza Dushku) who investigates a series of child murders in upstate New York. But Megan suffers from a mental illness, the symptoms of which get worse as she delves deeper into the killings. She hears strange voices and sees "visions" related to the victims.

    With low light levels and muted colors, combined with creepy background music, the film's first half creates an effective thriller atmosphere. We see the outline of the killer, but never the face. Will Megan solve the murders and overcome her illness, or will the inept police supersede, to botch the case? As viewers, we root for Megan to succeed.

    Although the script idea originates from a real-life murder case, referred to generally as the "double initial" serial killings, which terrorized upstate New York in the early 1970s, the film's overall plot and main characters are fictional. The story setting is the present, not the 1970s. The scriptwriter created the Megan character out of thin air. And the story's outcome deviates considerably from the outcome of the real-life case. The film's writer wrote a fictional plot, based on a real-life premise. The film's second half fails to convince, largely because of its clichéd plot contrivances.

    Visuals consist of an annoying widescreen projection and some hokey CGI effects, in the form of "ghosts". But the low lighting contributes tension, as does some clever low-angle camera shots. And the director relies mostly on a hand-held camera, which enhances realism. Overall casting and acting are fine.

    "The Alphabet Killer" gets off to a great start. But it falters in the second half, owing to fictional plot points that dilute the underlying real-life premise. I would have preferred a narrative that followed the true story, though I understand that the reason for not doing so was budget constraints. By lowering one's expectations, the viewer may find the film worthwhile, either as a fictional thriller or as a character study of a woman fighting her own demons.
  • With no originality at all and plenty of bad things in its core, "The Alphabet Killer" comes to ruin what could be a good story about the real events surrounding the alphabet killer, a psychopath that kidnapped and killed several girls whose initial letters were the same and he never got caught by the police.

    Eliza Dushku plays an detective working on the case, trying to discover who this guy is and trying to recover her own sanity after seeing strange hallucinations and visions of the victims while investigating the case. She gets some help from Timothy Hutton's character, a paraplegic psychologist and from another detective; and doesn't get along with her ex-boyfriend (Cary Elwes) who also covers the case.

    So, the movie is more about her traumatic and ridiculous moments than to save lives or catch a killer. The director and writers didn't know how to built a suspense and sustain a mystery, everything is so slow and they didn't know how to scare the audience (although the final revelation of who the killer was is so predictable that you might laugh or say that is unbelievably bad). It's not just that that ruins the film, it is also the twisted moments that Dushku has and we're forced to watch being the worst the scene where she escapes from the hospital where she was held, breaking the arm of a nurse even though she already dominated him, and he couldn't do anything with her. That scene is pathetic, also the scenes with her delusions and the "music in her ears" in the church scene.

    "The Alphabet Killer" is filled with bad acting, a story with no involvement, no thrill, nothing. Dushku and Elwes are terrible, what a bomb! What happened to Elwes eyebrow? He looked like a old female witch; and Dushku had the guts to produce something like this. The surprising good acting in this thing comes from Melissa Leo and Martin Donovan playing the parents of the Walsh girl, one of the victims; Jack McGee has some good moments and Timothy Hutton is there for reasons of embarrassment and those things can happen with a previous Oscar winner.

    Movies inspired in real events usually are good and I enjoy it, but this one is a almost supernatural dramatic flick who has nothing good in it, a waste of time. Pathetic! 2/10
  • Eliza Dushku (Megan Paige) was simply distracting. The film was dull with terribly stereotypical characters. Simple as that.

    i just lost interest in the film. I honestly don't understand how other reviews hype Eliza's performance as 'amazing.' I was not impressed. Unfortunately, the only memorable piece of the film was her bland, unconvincing, portrayal of the lead role. She seemed confused, and noticeably self-conscious throughout the film. She is a very pretty girl, and maybe she has chops, but i'm still not confident she does yet.

    If you're looking for a run-of-the-mill serial killer flick and you are easily drawn into stories despite sub-par acting.. This film may be a decent couple hours of mindless entertainment. If you are looking for anything else.... Im afraid you will not find it in this movie.
  • pdreyest18 January 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    This had to be the worst film of 2008 by far. The acting was not convincing and made it seem like a cheap version of the "FBI Files" or any Detective/Police TV show on a higher budget. No one call tell me that that a captain of the police will let a mentally insane ex-detective on a serial killer just because they were engaged? Then he wants to act all "iffy" because he might get demoted! Come on! Then the police plants evidence on this mentally ill guy because they were sure it was him; yeah right... It was clearly predictable, specially how the director placed the alleged killer/confidant around her throughout the whole film. I don't even want to get into the special effects...I can make things look scarier using a Polaroid camera. Get the picture.

    The only thing this movie will be remembered by is for being Eliza's first topless movie after she said that she will never come out nude in any movie. This is the only reason why I gave it a 2/10.
  • Interesting concept and an OK storyline that had potential to be so much more interesting than what was created.

    The audio creates a very creepy atmosphere at times and the CG is quite effective in adding to this eerie atmosphere. For the first 15 minutes, the film started very well and I was hoping to to be thrilled and suspended for the entire length of the movie... No such luck!

    The film was poorly executed and the script was bland and uninteresting.

    There was hardly any character development and the Heroine in this movie was annoying and useless. The story was disjointed and the characters were just thrown in the mix without much consideration to the plot. The twist in the movie was like having the straightest chip taken out of a Twisties packet. Not much of a twist at all!

    The over exaggerated movements and terrible acting of Eliza Dushku contributed to this film's demise. The script fails drastically to address empathy from viewers and within 15 minutes of watching this, I succumbed myself to 83 minutes of mediocrity.

    Bitterly disappointed.

    This film confirmed to me that Eliza Dushku cannot act at all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would rank this movie as one of the top 10 worst movie I have seen this year.

    I thought it was a crime type movie according to its name. It turned out to be a horror movie, with ghosts throughout the movie to scare people.

    It was not a brilliant crime story as well; the ending was quite silly with no logic. It seemed like the ghosts brought the female police to the solution. And the ending is "The Alphabet Killer" had not been caught, how positive was that? At the end, every one of us looks like idiot, and waste our 1.5 hours.

    Did the female police had serious mental illness? She was over-reacting, the character could be more normal than what she did. For the last, half an hour, I really grind my teeth to finish this movie. If I have a brick on my hand, I would throw it to the screen.

    Definitely one of the Hollywood junks, don't waste you time and money, and fooled by the beautiful and exciting movie name!!
  • tedg26 December 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Pretty good portrayal. Slow but effective.

    The horror of knowing something imposing and being unable to communicate it must be the deepest pain, deeper than dental nerves, than bones. This moves slowly, and it is a bit too obvious in the showing of the victim's ghosts. But there is a certain beauty in working with an insane narrator — especially if you know that the actress here commissioned the thing for herself.

    The story here is of three deceptions. The first is the ordinary detective form: a murderer kills innocent girls and is intent on obfuscating the narrative. This is always present. We have a second baffle; the local police kill an innocent fellow and frame him for the murders simply because they need to make progress.

    This is an American story, this justice. It appears less frequently in detective films as a genuine blind instead of a simple obstacle. But here it is a full on crime. But there is a third element, a third deception at work: the narrator/ detective is schizophrenic. She makes the normal number (using the Poirot metric) of mistakes. We have several suspects, including the insider cop/lover. She ends up fooling her listeners: us and her police peers, into believing that she did not solved the case.

    The end is satisfying, and is worth the grind if you have the time to invest. These things rarely end competently, and this one does.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Starts out sorta creepy. Kids dying. Don't really want to see that anywhere, even in a movie. Yet as a parent, it really hits home. My wife who normally falls asleep even in the best of action movies stayed awake thru the entire flick. Mostly because we were both hoping for justice. We got WAY less than that. Not only was the ending a "What the hell?", but we COULD NOT understand or comprehend was the last printed lines in the movie:

    "A fireman was exhumed in 2006 and cleared of the murders. Nobody has been convicted of the crimes to date."

    What? There were no firemen in the movie! What happened to the psychiatrist gone bad? You can't expect people to pay money to rent your videos to give them cr@p like this. Never mind paying box office prices. And you wonder why bitemetorrent is as popular as it is.

    You'll wind up getting a rep for pushing the "artistic license" window, and people will stay away. Far away. Especially producers.
  • I only basically wanted to see the location shots of my crap city, and surely did notice a few! The part that really drove me insane is the use of cell phones and laptops. I noticed the cars were pretty old looking but when the dad of Wanda hands over HER CELL PHONE to the cops for her contacts-- the movie was just dead to me after that. The kid was 12 year old and the year was 1972. Also I wasn't sure about the time frame because I think the killer struck again well before two years after the first girl's death.

    I know it was only supposed to be "based on" these murders, but if they went to all the trouble of actually filming on location in Rochester, why didn't they go for a little more credibility? It was just meh, but again, fun for the location shots, and Eliza Deshku is always very good in everything.
  • The Alphabet Killer is based very, very loosely on a real story. But screenwriter Tom Malloy pretty much made this story entirely his own. The basic facts of the case are that there once was a killer whose victims were young girls whose first and last names started with the same letter. And that killer dumped the bodies in towns with names beginning with that same letter. For example this film's first victim is Carla Castillo, found in Churchville. Where does this movie want to go from there? Well, it turns out not to really be about the killer but about the young detective investigating the crime, Megan Paige. Eliza Dushku plays the role and the movie was always going to sink or swim on her performance. Dushku just about manages to keep the film afloat.

    The film veers toward the supernatural and/or psychological as Megan Paige begins to be haunted by visions. Is she really seeing things or just losing her mind? She ends up having a nervous breakdown and losing her position as a detective, demoted to a desk job. But when the bodies of more young girls turn up, following the alphabet pattern Megan had obsessed on, she's back on the case. Her new partner, played by screenwriter Malloy himself, is understandably wary. Eventually the two bond and make some progress in the case. But the killer remains elusive and Megan will not let the case go. Her frustrations manifest themselves in more of these visions or hallucinations or whatever they are. Megan is losing it again and it's a race against time to solve the case before she goes completely crazy. And of course before the killer strikes again.

    All in all it is pretty familiar serial killer stuff like we've seen in so many other films. The focus on an investigator who happens to be losing her mind is a bit of a different angle. But ultimately things play out pretty much as you would expect from the genre. Dushku performs a challenging role reasonably well. The supporting cast, including some familiar faces such as Cary Elwes and Timothy Hutton, is fine as well. But the film never threatens to make the leap from being decent to being really good. The story starts with promise but once it settles into its rhythm there is the sense that initial promise is not being paid off. The story kind of lags, things are a little mundane. They try to spice things up a bit by throwing in those haunting, sometimes scary visions of Megan's. But that gets a little repetitive and loses its impact. You know the film is going to go for a big reveal at the end but when it does the effort falls somewhat flat. The ending is actually rather predictable, not nearly as thrilling as it needs to be for the film to really excite you. Ultimately The Alphabet Killer is a decent little movie but that is about the best that can be said. Not a terrible way to spend 100 minutes but far from spectacular.
  • I normally am not a fan of crime movies, especially those based on reality but stretched to the extreme, and the "Alphabet Killer" is no exception. Poor acting, horrible misrepresentation of reality, inaccuracy beyond belief, and camera work that my high school journalist could have topped takes this movie to the bottom. I do, however, enjoy movies that i don't know what's going to happen five minutes into it, and that is where this movie does succeed.

    I watched "Alphabet Killer" twice; once confused and then once playing the "Alphabet Killer" drinking game. Neither was incredibly enjoyable but compared to most of the films these days it was not repulsive. If you are bored and happen to have a free redbox code its worth the 2 hours for sheer enjoyment of how truly worthless cops are.

    I know this is one of my less useful reviews but i really don't have much to say about this movie; that's why i watched it twice. It really isn't that bad but at the same time it's not that good. I gave it the benefit of having funny cop hating to get the 6 instead of the 4.
  • It is really hard to believe this movie comes from the same director and star of Wrong Turn. I have to admit that I did not really enjoy Wrong Turn it was intense and well made.

    This movie is about a schizophrenic detective who is trying to track down a serial killer who is killing kids who have the same first and last initial in their name. The movie is told almost completely from the point of view from of the detective (Eliza Dushku).

    I have to say I was interested in this because I respected the director for energy he put into Wrong Turn and had really liked Dushku on Tru Calling.

    The movie is bland and the story is really not interesting. There is no excitement or really any surprise plot twists that make come into play.

    This is probably the tamest R-Rated movie you will ever see. Is has no gore outside of some dripping blood and has a flash of breasts for less than second in a non sexual content. In fact there is no sex, blood, or violence outside of dead bodies and a attempted suicide. I believe it uses the dreaded F word two or three times. I am in no way saying the quality of the film is related to the adult content. This movie has mentioned along the lines of Se7en. It honestly is closer to the Sixth sense if you took out good acting, a great story, and a fantastic ending.

    I believe this movie went to theaters shortly and then was immediately sent to Video because the studio knew this was not a bad film.

    I truly believe the director was trying something different and to show the point of view of a person with severe mental problems and what she sees. Unfortunately, the film never gives the viewer anything to be interested in.

    If you like the CSI type shows then stay home and watch your favorite one of those because it will be more interesting than this flick.
  • I wish I had something nice to say about this movie. But aside from a few quick shots of Eliza Dushku's boobs, "Alphabet Killer" is a dull, hunt-the-killer movie. There are no special twists, no special effects, nothing exceptional or outstanding about the movie.

    The acting is believable enough but it's no testament to the cast's acting abilities; as I said, it's just straight forward, nothing spectacular had to be done by the actors.

    The plot was simple. There is a killer that has to be found, so go find him! There are no close encounters with the killer in the movie until the end of the movie. There wasn't a character development of the killer's motif. Heck, there wasn't even development of the heroine's "disease." I didn't get scared, excited, upset, or anything in this movie. All throughout, I was just blah. The movie is based on true events so it was factual, but told in an obviously fictional manner so it felt like taking a course in psychology with Ben Stein as your professor.

    Save your money. Get this at a Red Box. You know what? Don't waste your time. Watch it when it comes on TV...and watch it as the background ambiance while playing World of Warcraft or as your bedtime going-to-sleep movie.
  • I watched THE ALPHABET KILLER on Showtime last night. It is based on a true-life serial killer case in Rochester, New York. However, I'm not sure if the true events that inspired this thriller included a dogged homicide investigator who pursues a child murderer, despite suffering from schizophrenia. It's an interesting take, though.

    Eliza Dushku, does an incredible job playing Megan Paige, the detective, whose condition makes her believe she can see the spirits of the victims. I found her character very sympathetic; and, quite believable.

    Unfortunately, the movie was a bit predictable (even the "twist" seemed obvious to me).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    About the only thing I can think of in the movie's favor is the occasional local color... pretty obvious it was shot on location in NY.

    Otherwise, this is one of those movies you watch and by the end are mad at, simply because you have invested yourself in a story and characters that are (spoiler!) not even 'real'.

    Yup, its one of those 'it was all in her mind' endings where pivotal elements are suddenly revealed to be hallucinations, dreams, coincidence, etc. and it is clear that the director, writers, producers are happy to provide a giant insult to the audience instead of providing a coherent and satisfying closing act. Pretty pathetic, especially in a film that bills itself as 'Based on a true story'. In other words, they cheat their way out of creating a complete film.

    Pretty much a tease all the way through, then...
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