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  • A feature film cobbled together from episodes of the short lived "Custer" television series, The Legend Of Custer looks fantastic with great cinematography and excellent locations.

    It's historically bankrupt (not just inaccurate) plot involves Custer and Crazy Horse being captured by a tribe of Blackfoot and being forced to work together to escape and survive a dangerous trek back to civilization.

    Wayne Maunder looks like Custer but this doesn't capture any of the arrogance or the amorality of the man. Here he's a hard driving but just and wise.

    This isn't too bad but I would definitely recommend watching Custer Of The West for a better (though also historically inaccurate) viewing experience.
  • osloj8 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    The Legend of Custer (1968) has a terribly written script and that makes it bog down to the point of ridiculousness. Unintentionally, it almost seems like a parody it is so ill-fittingly awful. But I think they were serious about elevating Gen. George Armstrong Custer from his reputation downfall.

    Putting the stiff actor Wayne Maunder as Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer hampers it even more. Custer is an asinine man. The man is obviously a boisterous braggart and annoying. Richard Mulligan also played Gen. George Armstrong Custer in Little Big Man (1970) with much better effect.

    Here he arrives at some fort and attempts to straighten up the place, brandishing his stiff sense of "order" to an unruly cavalry regiment. He also tries to capture or kill his much-hated Oglala Lakota rival Crazy Horse (actor Michael Dante). Michael Dante you'll recognize from "Star Trek" as Maab (1967), Apache Rifles (1964), and as a Blackfoot Chief in Winterhawk (1975).

    The scenes with the Native Americans are pathetic. Custer rides his horse through a group of Blackfeet Indians and shoots about five of them. Crazy Horse gets captured by Blackfeet Indians and then Custer wants to rescue him, but afterwards he wants to kill him.

    The small plot involves Crazy Horse meeting with a Kiowa Indian chief (actor Rodolfo Acosta, who always played an Apache Indian in many films) who is buying up rifles.

    One scene which will make you laugh is when Custer shoots an injured bear and a rock avalanche traps him. The rocks get "neatly" stacked up somehow.

    If you like Westerns you'll want to see this, but don't expect much.