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  • At first, I was a little apprehensive to go see a show making fun of my political party. I expected all the usual and very old jokes. I went in hopes of dating a boy and that part of the evening went really badly. The best part of the evening was seeing four incredibly talented singers performing some original songs and parodies. Their voices blended perfectly, their dancing and acting were simply fabulous, and every number gave me such a charge that I wanted to buy a T-Shirt. (Which incidentally, were not available.) Yes, some songs were the epitome of camp, but others, like "I want to be in the GOP" had lyrics which were intelligent, satirical, and clever.

    The only negative comment (thus meriting the 9 of 10) I can give is I felt there were too many audience shots. While this is a performance/concert movie, a lot of the action was chopped up by the cuts to the audience. Some were great for mood, but others just seemed gratuitous.

    This was the first time I had ever seen men perform in drag. It was nothing like what I expected. The group had a powerful message delivered through brilliant performance. The voices were absolutely amazing. All four members have incredible talent. If you get an opportunity to see this movie, I highly recommend it. If it comes out on DVD, I will be sure to pick up a copy. I'm a fan of the Kinsey Sicks now, and hope to see them perform live soon.