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  • RustySpiderr1 November 2008
    Mother 3... What can I say, I am literally speechless. This game is by far the most emotional game ever, it balances humor with sadness and you know what, it works! It's just that magnificent. The storyline is great, the concept is brilliant, there are just too many ways to describe this game, nearly everything about it is good, in my opinion that is. The Musical score also needs a mention, it pushes the Gameboy Advance to it's limit and the results are just so good they make you cry. Speaking of crying, I mentioned this was the most emotional RPG ever, no lies, despite it's humor and first general impression, this game has some of the saddest scenes ever, when they are combines with depressing musical scores, you really might end up crying a bit.

    Overall, great game! Even though it's only available in Japan, a Fan Translation was released, go get it now! The game is just amazing in terms of a storyline. 10/10
  • ( Each year dozens of Japanese games are passed over for release outside of the land of the rising sun, much to the chagrin of gamers around the world. One of the most egregious cases is that of Mother 3, the third game in a series created by acclaimed writer Shigesato Itoi with Nintendo. The first game had been created for the original 8-bit Nintendo Famicom, the sequel (known as Earthbound in the West) was released on the Super Nintendo, and the third game was due to be released on the Nintendo64. However, due to the game being designed specifically for the ill-fated 64DD drive, the development was eventually scrapped. It wasn't until years later, and after much encouragement, that Itoi decided to try to tell the story again; it would have to built from scratch for the GameBoy Advance.

    The Mother series (which owes its name to the John Lennon song) is a role-playing game that is essentially a copy of Dragon Quest, which inspired Itoi to create the games. However, instead of taking place in a medieval fantasy setting, Itoi decided to set the game in semi-modern times based on his unique perception of 1950s America. The games are known for their humour, unusually good characterization, and moving story as well as for their distinct, simplistic art style and quirky soundtracks.

    BrownieBrown, a talented group of ex-Squaresoft employees, did all of the game's artwork in a style similar to (but more refined than) Earthbound. It has a very simplistic cartoony style, but is so consistent and is so well animated that its detail will surprise you. Unfortunately, the monsters aren't animated during battle scenes, but they at least feature the same sort of trippy psychedelic backgrounds that subtly match the creatures you're fighting. Thankfully, like Dragon Quest the monsters are well designed and comical enough to be entertaining even as still images.

    The music is also very good, especially for a GameBoy Advance title. The GameBoy Advance has an inferior sound chip to the Super Nintendo, but you wouldn't know it from listening to this game's many songs. The many battle theme songs keep things fresh, and the overall mood of the game is enhanced by the happy and sorrowful compositions that accompany each area and scene.

    One of the pleasures of Mother 3 is its battle system, which owes much to the Dragon Quest formula, but some key innovations help to smooth out some of the wrinkles. To begin with there are no random encounters: you can see enemies on the field and you can avoid them by running around them. If you connect with an enemy from behind, you will gain a slight advantage by surprising them (and vice-versa). And when you are much stronger than an enemy, you don't have to fight them at all by simply steamrolling right through them.

    Another nice feature of battles is the rolling life meter, which drains slowly as opposed to instantly when a character is attacked. Even if a character has been dealt a mortal blow, if you manage to heal them before their life is completely drained they'll stay in the fight. These are details that have rolled over from the previous games.

    New to Mother 3 is a rhythm combo system which gives the game some added interactivity. There are several battle theme songs, and each one has its own rhythm. When attacking you can press the "A" button in time with the music to string together up to 16 hit combos for added damage. If you manage to put an enemy to sleep, you'll be able to hear its heartbeat which amplifies the beat, making it easier to keep the rhythm. It can be surprisingly tricky to pull off, as sometimes the beat changes mid-song, but it's a fun diversion during battles.

    From the development hell experienced on the N64 to the astoundingly stupid decision to not release it outside of Japan, Mother 3 has seen more than its fair share of problems. Thanks to the determination and hard work of its fans, it finally has the English translation that it deserves. Put simply, this game is a masterpiece of storytelling. It sucked me in completely for all of its 20 or so hours, constantly surprising me with its originality, its humour, and its humanity. I had to stop myself from playing for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time. While Shigesato Itoi has said he has no plans of making another game in the series, one can only hope his boundless creativity betrays him. You can find the translation patch for the game here, but due to the illegality of ROMs I am unable to point you in its direction. I recommend playing it on the VisualBoy Advance emulator.
  • Truly one of the greatest games/RPGs of all time. This game has the ability to connect with players unlike any others i've seen before. The battle system is AMAZING and intuitive using a musical combo system, allowing the player to perform combos by following the beat of the battle music. The ending of the game is amazing, and may bring one to tears. Throughout, you'll laugh at jokes/puns, notice historical references, etc. The game as a whole is very funny, yet extremely emotional. Any fan of video games (especially the Earthbound/Mother series) will a lot to love in this game. Shigesato Itoi really delivered an excellent addition to the Earthbound/Mother series. Definitely "strange, funny, and heartrending." PLAY THIS GAME NOW!!!
  • If only Nintendo of America loved it like its fans do...
  • kin-283254 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    (Spoilers) You boot up the game, "The young boy, what is his name" I love the option "Don't care" I like to follow story, so I entered everything correctly, We are introduced to the place we are playing in, "No where Islands" After that, We see a kid sleeping in bed, his brother comes to wake him up! "Come on! The Dragos are here! They bought their babies! They are really cute!" The young boy got up, we are playing! We go outside, Our mother (Hinawa) Reminds us to change into clothes, Heh... We go outside, run to our brother Claus. A happy family.... Normal tutorial stuff happens, but it is not breaking the 4th wall, in fact, it might as well not have one! Later we see explosions in a forest named "Sunshine forest" Some guys wearing masks that resemble pigs are throwing bombs and setting sunshine forest on fire... For some reason... some kind of fire fighter comes up and is knocking like hell on Flint (The Fathers) door. Hew comes out and the Fire fighter joins the party, did I mention the music yet? Beautiful! Amazing! So fitting.... This game literally made me cry. The game- play in itself is awesome, including the combo system! I love it! This game has a fan-translation, I highly recommend you play it!