In "The Eye and the Prime Object," the cartoon Isaac is watching in the beginning is To Build a Better Mousetrap (1999), an animated short by series co-creator Christopher Leone.

During the first episode "The Key", Miller leaves his daughter with a child psychologist in a clinic. When he is leaving, you can hear a call for a "Doctor Sonny Gupta" via the speaker system of the clinic. "Doctor Sonny Gupta" is a character in Kingdom Hospital (2004) (2004), written by Stephen King and directed by Craig R. Baxley.

In the Lost Room Promo that aired on the SciFi Channel, it has a different child actress being lost in the room than was actually used in the mini-series.

When building the Sunshine Motel, the show's creators couldn't afford to build nine rooms. They built seven and had the set dressers change the numbers on the doors based on what scene was being shot.

The name "Dr. Sonny Gupta" is also a pun on the name of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a frequent on-air medical contributor of CNN.

In 'The Key' Wally explains that the bus ticket sends people to a spot outside Gallup, New Mexico. Gallup is situated on US Route 491, formerly known as Highway 666. It was renumbered in 2003 due to repeated thefts of the highway signs.

When Dr. Ruber is trying to track down a member of The Order he runs through a list of possible leads. One of the names on that list is Rhonda Paynter who was one of the on-set dressers for the show.