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  • dondiegorivera23 April 2008
    worst animation sequel ever made
    Kis Vuk is probably the worst animation sequel ever made. The first episode was a classic cartoon created by Attila Dargay in 1981. It had a remarkable Hungarian and international career, and a whole generation grown up on it.

    In spite of the new project had enough money, the quality of graphic is ridiculous in 2008. Not just the scenes and characters are obsolete, but the animation of characters is unnatural and amateurish. This sequel is a mockery of the original movie and it is a shame for the creators.

    The Hungarian animation industry has a lot of talents and qualitative products, Kis Vuk is an exception.
  • wholenut28 April 2008
    prosperous enterprise
    Even if this ugly thing does not even looks like a cartoon movie, probably been a prosperous business - if money laundering and wasting national sponsorship is considered to be a success. This is a picture perfect specimen of the deeply rooted corruption that so sadly penetrates its developer country at all level.

    Don't be mistaken, it is simply not a movie to watch, its sole purpose was described above. Frankly, it still has a positive side: so very filled with primitive errors that you definitely not want to commit if you ever make animated films that you can actually learn from it. However, it is quite long for a "how-not-to-do-a-cartoon" tutorial, and there are continuously repeating faults that are tiresome.

    Truly a visual poison, should be forbidden to minors, its not made for them. It is made for the money, and the money only.
  • wholenut26 September 2008
    epic fail
    ...and now, something completely different: the same nightmare with English voices: "A Fox's Tale (2008)" = "Kis Vuk (2008)" -> This so-called CG-movie is just not what it seems. Lets take a closer look (careful!), at first glance it looks like a CG-movie, with some cartoon animals and stuff. However, it is substandard by all means. A grand insult against the Hungarian CG- and cartoon industry. Quality is not amateurish - it would put a shame on most of the amateurs who ever tried to make a coloured teapot in 3dsmax. A clear show-off that nobody gave a fox about how it would be a movie. It was just business. And they had the money before they done anything with it. A flagship of the money laundering system, where politicians and producers steal from the citizens on every level of life. This is not a cartoon-film for children. This is a triumph of corruption.
  • jkelemen-123 April 2008
    Worst animated movie ever
    Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, since no one has commented on this movie yet, I grab the opportunity to be the first.

    Personally, I haven't seen it and never will either. If you are from Hungary, I'm almost sure you know the reason why. If you are planning to see it at a film festival: Don't do it, it sucks! Just drink a coffee instead, donate the money to charity... or simply watch the paint dry. Probably the best option is to buy the original Vuk (1981) on DVD. That's a lovely and enjoyable film for kids and for adults as well.

    The 'plot' (what i know about it) is a complete disgrace to István Fekete's book. The story line is illogical and futile and the characters are dumb. For instance the prisoner animals talk about the next day's escape from the circus, at the edge of the forest. No fences, nothing. Why don't they just leave?

    The animation... well, you can check out the trailers on youtube. It's like the first Pixar movies from the late 80's or the video games from the early 90's. Every possible mistake was done in 2008.
  • ErichZann25 September 2008
    A bad marketing trick circumventing IMDb rules
    This movie is the same as the Kis Vuk, the only difference are the dubbed English voices. So by IMDb rules it shouldn't be listed as a separate movie. I guess the producers just wanted to start with a clean record, since Kis Vuk has a user rating of 1,6 after 2000+ votes, thus it's the worst flick in the animation category on IMDb.

    And rightly so. This movie is just a blatant disgrace, especially if we consider that the original Vuk was so dear to so many people. It's nothing more but a shameful ripoff, a steal of state sponsorship money and it's a disgrace to the creators of the original movie. So I'm not surprised at all that it is now listed under a separate title. Fortunately you can't hide basic facts on the Internet.
  • standardbearer21 October 2008
    Should I say anything else?
    Really not much more left to mock about this title, but because it's a fine tutorial how NOT to make a film (or anything else!), I think, I should gather the scraps and flush them too down the toilet.

    I really tried to watch this from beginning to end. I tried hard, but I failed. From the first time I saw the trailer of this disaster, I was sure, I really gonna enjoy watching it while simultaneously beating its every aspect... But it's just too much. It's not possible to sit through this movie.

    The movie begins with a bunch of ugly bunnies jumping through a horribly rendered forest. No anti-aliasing can be seen, nor motion blur, or anything. My eyes begun to hurt. They begin to whine, which is annoying, and you can see the credits nailed onto the trees, which looks like manure, and then a truck comes. Or goes. It's moving, that's for sure, but one couldn't tell where it goes, because the storyboard artist was a dead skunk. So this truck comes, and almost hits the bunnies, but i really don't know how the hell they saw it coming, and they jump down the road and run into the forest. The virtual cameramen work already made me nauseous, but this is the point where someone shoots his balls off with a salt-gun. The picture starts to move rapidly to totally random directions and I begin to feel sick. They bump into another bunny, which at least stops the seizure of the cinematographer, but then, this butt-ugly, and badly rendered crow starts to do his rap... That's quite bad already, but I cant even make a word out of it!!! It supposed to be a children's movie! In the forest our eyes must deal with the horrible high contrast shadows of the branches, which makes the characters blend into the similarly messy background... If something looks quite okay, you can be sure its a stock object. And you already witnessed a lot of free stock sounds too! And now we are at the fifth minute of this "experience"... I couldn't ever watch through 00:20:00.

    Some people compare the look of this movie to mid 90's video game intros. Now that's just a misunderstanding. Pre-rendered (and even in-game) movies on those consoles has been based on real movie clichés, therefore all our perceptions of movies met, and we enjoyed them even despite the primitive technology they used to make them. People who made Kis Vuk are clearly NOT professional filmmakers. Not one of them ever worked on a film (being credited doesn't mean a thing). And even worse: they don't have a clue about how a movie works!!! Even if you watch the original Star-Wars trilogy just once, and you never watch any other movie in your whole life, you already have far more information about film-making, than to get a way with a mess like Kis Vuk!

    Before someone gets the idea, that I'm being too harsh, I must tell, that nothing can prepare you for this. Even I was surprised, despite I'm one true b-movie fan! It's really that incredibly bad! Final word: if you want to find out all things that could go wrong while making a movie, witness this disaster. Really enlightening.

    Update: I was being forced to sit this through recently, so now I've seen the whole movie from the first frame to the very last of the credits. And it always managed to amaze me. Once I got used to all those problems listed above, and managed to look below the surface which as I said is hideous, all i saw was a pretty awful children's movie, with a plot that makes no sense... I'm saying "pretty awful", and not the "stinkiest pile of manure"!

    I begun to feel quite ashamed for being that harsh earlier... "you know it is really bad, but hey, I've seen worse..." But every time I started to think like that, something horrible happened on my screen which proved that this movie deserves the beating it got. And the worst part is this: despite the movies concept to stun me with its horrendousness whenever I start to accept it, it was incredibly boring (and it's less than 90 minutes long!)!

    The credits are a treat. They knew this movie's gonna suck, and people gonna yell at the screen: "What the hell did you do during the production you lazy morons?!?!?!". So beside the scrolling list of names, we get a little "making-of" montage on the other half of the frame. "See? We worked hard! You can't say we didn't! We have video evidence!" I'm just speechless. And not because I'm convinced. And for now, let me part with the last few sentences I heard at the end of the credits: -Little Vuk is frightening! Everyone is afraid of Little Vuk!
  • Andras26 September 2008
    This movie is awful and a fake page
    First of all, this movie is at the bottom 100 at IMDb already, but with the Hungarian name ( ).

    So, the director saw, what a piece of .... he made, and try to re-distribute it under an English title. You can see the comments on the other one, this is what I can say here too. The original Vuk was an all time classic, this one is a waste of money. Early 90's level animation, no storyline. Strange as it is, they had 1.6 billion Forints (10 mils USD) for this project, so they used it for something, but in a very eastern-European, non-professional way.

    So, avoid it at all cost!! The only reason you'd be watching this is to get a good taste of how a movie can be awful!!
  • Szefi25 September 2008
    Same movie. Original title: Kis Vuk
    Same movie with different voices.

    Look at: The original title was: Kis Vuk (2008) Let me show some earlier comments, because that is the true: "Author: DjFlanker from Hungary Avoid Kis Vuk at all cost; try to erase even its name from your memory.

    Anyone forcing/allowing her/his child to see this "thing" should be executed immediately.

    Your DS or PSP has WAY better graphics, animation, effects, voices, sound and everything than this.

    Compared with Kis Vuk, the movie receiving the worst rating on IMDb is a multiple Oscar-winning epic masterpiece.

    I wish I was joking when writing this comment..

    If you want to see quality Hungarian animation, do not miss the original "Vuk" (1981), and Cat City.

    Try Egon & Dönci to see a quality Hungarian CGI animation movie.

    And remember: NEVER, EVER.. "
  • tuzok25 September 2008
    Same movie, different title
    It is exactly the same movie as "Kis Vuk" ( The only difference is, it's with English dubbing. Doesn't make the "story" and the "quality" of the "animation" any better.

    Sad thing is, that the original piece, "Vuk" is a wonderful tale from 1981 and the creators of this new thing only used the original title for marketing purposes. Same reason why they have it up on IMDb under a new title for the English dubbing. It's a shame that they can do it!

    I definitely don't recommend watching it, unless you wanna feel the pain each and every one of us had to suffer when we tried to watch it. My 5 years old niece almost cried by the end of it, she was terrified by the fox and some of the other animals too. The fox's eyes look evil! How can that happen to a movie supposedly made for children?

    The old Vuk is a classic piece, I'd watch it anytime, but this one? Thanks, but no thanks!
  • rls08125 August 2012
    Not that bad ...
    I am whats known as a "movie survivalist" - some one who intentionally finds the worse movies possible to watch.

    This movie ( Correct name "Little Fox 2" or "Kis Vuk 2" ) caught my attention, with it's very low score.

    I would like to know why I wasted my time on a vastly underrated animation ?

    First off is, why did this get such a bad score ? It's a kids movie, with a basic "Disney" like story line --- Young "kid" finds himself on an adventure to save his family - teams up with some unlikely friends along the way - saves the day.

    The animation is decent, quite a bit better than what I have seen in many other kids 3D animations.

    I was actually impressed at how fluid it looked, and how much "life" the world had.

    The English dub work is passable, though it wasn't that great. The original Hungarian language is MUCH better ( yes I watched both language versions ).

    The story line moves along well enough. Like a typical kids movie.

    Overall, not a bad movie for those 12 and under to watch.
  • TheLittleSongbird15 October 2011
    What did I just watch?
    I love animation, and have seen a lot of animated movies, old and new, good and bad. I only saw this out of curiosity, having seen many of my IMDb friends putting this movie on their worst animated movies list, so I wanted to see whether it was really that bad. And to me it was that bad. In fact I have not seen an animated movie this awful since about July with Space Thunder Kids. The animation is among the laziest I've seen, the character designs look ugly, no make that hideous, the colours are flat and the backgrounds and sceneries are horribly rendered. The writing is some of the worst I've heard in a long time, all the lines are banal, verging on preachy and very unfocused. The story is dull, futile and thin even for the running time. I will say I have seen the 1981 film Vuk(of which this is a sequel of), that was charming, well animated, beautifully voiced and written. This sequel is the complete opposite, not only does it "rip-off" the 1981 film but it completely fails to capture the spirit and style of it, let alone its heart. The voice work is poor, with the voices out of sync sometimes with the lip movements. This voice cast(Freddie Highmore, Bill Nighy, Miranda Richardson and Sienna Miller) is talented, but they are wasted with awful writing and dumb characters we don't give a toss about. Overall, just a mess. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • 10/10
    Amazing Movie,Highly Recommended!
    I cannot describe how amazing this movie this. This movie is so amazing,so powerful and so beautiful,This movie is even better than the first movie!!! The characters were well developed and original, the voice acting was brilliant, and the graphics! OH THE GRAPHICS! the graphics were so amazing,so well drawn, it makes any high-budget movie with high quality graphics that took the animators hours per frame, look like Atari 2600 graphics! The animation was completely smooth and not even once, the animation was choppy, in fact the voices actually fitted in and it was on sync with the mouth movements. And last (but not least), the plot was completely original,fresh and new. This movie was one of the best movies i have ever watched! Please watch it.

    My score in total is 10/10,but if i could, i would give it a score of a million out of ten.
  • farkas44425 May 2012
    Please don't watch it! Hungarian animations are good!
    It's a piece of... I mean, originally this was one of the best Hungarian cartoons (1981), you have to read the book, to finish elementary school. But this... this is shame. Why is it have to happen? When I saw the trailer I said: screw this I will never watch it! But then I said myself: don't judge the book by it's cover. I don't knew, what I'm about to see. At the half of the film, I left the cinema. I don't know, and somehow, I don't care about what will happen to the characters. After a month, nobody talked about it.

    So watch the first one, The little fox (this is the English as far as I know).
  • benjaminweber14 February 2018
    A masterpiece for all the wrong reasons
    Many people believe Foodfight! to be the worst CGI film of all time, but they are mistaken. There is a film out there, with less realistic character animation and with a genuinely much worse plot and writing. This is it. The utterly flippant attitude it has to disability is astounding, the rapping somehow feels more out of place than in Titanic: The Legend Goes On and some of the voice-acting could be replicated by getting drunk and trying to impersonate Mr Freeze from Batman and Robin. Everyone, watch this car-crash if you get the chance. It is one of the most inadvertently hilarious films ever made.
  • cus-726 March 2009
    Good ideas, lame screenplay, regrettable result
    This movie has one of the worst ratings on IMDb, and unfortunately these ratings are more or less in proportion to the quality.

    The story has quite a few good ideas, but the makers were unsuccessful in putting these ideas together to make a good screenplay. The "cameras" are moving very fast, short events come one after the other, the story often cannot be easily followed.

    The makers haven't left time for the audience to think a bit before the next scene, and this kind of haste effectively ruins the movie. The actual feelings of the characters cannot be felt, apart from a few exceptions.

    The animation is very low-budget. The voice of the characters is OK. Some of the music themes are not that bad, however varying these themes a bit more would certainly make it better.

    You may watch this movie once, if you have 70 minutes of free time, for a minute or two you might actually enjoy it.
  • d-pista994 February 2013
    Little Jack???? It's a visual holocaust
    Mainly, for the English reviewers. Gyorgy Gat, who made this outrage, called "movie". So he had good contacts with the ex-socialist government cultural secretary and this movie got money from four state source. It was not 5 million euro,5,5. 0,5 million euro were missing. So it was a big big theft. This is simply corruption. The original "Vuk" made in 1981, but i think, it's not translated for English, but, the original Vuk is great, beauty and has story, where the humans are evils, and the film don't show their face, only their weapons and the destruction what they caused. And the fox was a symbol of freedom. The best animated movie what ever created in Hungary. But this, soil the memory of the Vuk novel writer Istvan Fekete and the creator of original Vuk movie Attila Dargay.
  • petrow-31-12752830 June 2014
    A bad joke at best
    When looking for movie reviews, I try to steer away from the 1* category. They're usually overly biased rantings, with much regret over the money spent on the movie ticket/DVD/blu-ray, and some form to get over the cognitive dissonance felt over this ill transaction.

    However, in the case of this title, each and every 1* review is well deserved, and I guess many of my fellow reviewers would've given 0 star if they could.

    I wanted to write a long review about how bad this movie really is, how classic the first installment was, and how it humiliates this garbage in every aspect, no matter if you try to judge this one in the light of it's predecessor, or as a stand-alone work.

    But I won't because I was unable to bear it on the screen for more than 23 minutes. Simply put, there's not a single positive trait I can write about this film. It is a disgrace for the entire Hungarian film making, and the movie industry in general.

    At best, it was a blantant and outrageous attempt to steal government money in the form of art subsidy. At worst they thought the entire "thing" seriously, and made it deliberately THAT wrong.

    Avoid it at all cost.
  • Anders Twetman24 September 2013
    Badly animated, confusing kids movie with rapping crows
    Warning: Spoilers
    The most obvious problem with Kis Vuk is the awful animation. It looks like something made by a high-school student, alternatively, like a 3D game from the late nineties.

    The second most obvious problem is the rapping crow. At random intervals - I first thought it was when something important happened, but that seems not to be the case - a crow starts rapping for no apparent reason, delivering some rather inane commentary on the story. Listening to this attempt at rap is just embarrassing.

    The third big problem with Kis Vuk is the story. Perhaps I was a bit tired when I saw it, but I just couldn't figure out what was going on. There was a fox, a circus a love interest girl, a villain woman and a bunch of side characters, and they where playing out some kind of generic kids adventure. However, perhaps due to the bad animation, none of the things going on make much sense. You might see that there is supposed to be a connection to a generic story of some kind but, but it never really works, it's all a big, confusing mess.
  • Vuk Tempest9 August 2014
    Sequel? No! It's a Mockbuster, overly advertised
    Do you know, when you are watching a sequel to movie you loved? Well,that's not a case with Kis Vuk, which was advertised as one to a Hungarian Classic. But compared to the original, it looks more like a rip-off than a material related to it. Not a sequel at all.

    Mockbusters are movies that piggyback on the publicity of popular works, hence the similar title, but They do not tend to be released in cinemas, let alone have the same treatment as Kis Vuk did in Hungary, BUT: It's Animation is just demonic, it's characters are non-existent, bland, and ugly, just as everything. There is no story, at all. The love-stories are forced and just doesn't fit the Vuk Lore. Gát would argue, but well, I don't think He was sane the whole time He was directing it. And I shall be dead if the whole "Budget", namely 5 million Euro, and 1,4 Billion Forint, was at all used for this Mockbuster. But well, who knows what kind of mental disease Gát has, it probably involves greed. If you are making something a sequel, do not make the characters take on a new style, nor redesign anyone drastically. And this movie just shits on that, thinking it will have any sort of success being the controversy it is. A sequel should also have ALL connections to its predecessor. Well, we saw no proof to that. And the fact we see the face of the humans? We would have seen at least one in "The Little Tramp" but at least it knew what it was hiding. In Kis Vuk, we are not afraid of any of the humans, despite humans being seen as evil in the face of the hunted animals. Sound effects include only sounds from a free downloadable archive, and a lot of sounds are repeated a million times, very noticeably. And those songs? Are you freaking kidding Me? Probably the Craze for Justin Bieber, whose haters are proved right by this day, inspired them, except that one character that doesn't even fit what's happening. And did I tell you about the camera-motion? It's not helping. Trust me, it's making it worse to make out anything from the movie. And there are also objects in it, which would have fit in a Inspector Gadget ripoff, but In something supposedly about the son of Vuk, it's just not fitting.

    In short, it lacks a story, it lacks characters, and it looks and sounds like a sketch, rather than a complete movie. As I said, out of the 1,4 Billion Forints, no money went into this production. If some did, wasn't more than, maximum, a few thousands. The main problem: It is selling itself out as the sequel to Vuk from 1981 and the novel it's based on, but it breaks golden rules of being a sequel, and lacks any connections to it whatsoever, also, its aura is just... NO!!!! Gát György just denies the truth when told to him, and avoids any form of punishments. He is actually Video the Brinquedo of Hungary, just worse. My judgment to this movie is: Please, remove any claims that it's a sequel, and replace all of them with the Ripoff and Mockbuster labels. Because Kis Vuk is more like Ratatoing to Ratatouille. A cursed copycat who borough shame not only to Hungary, but to PLANET EARTH and all lifeforms inhabiting it. Seriously.
  • Péter Kulimáz19 May 2014
    Worst hungarian animation film
    In only one word: Stupid Worst animation ever seen. Worst voice acting too. I cannot imagine a movie worse then this. Nothing to see. It's not funny. It's pathetic. It's a bad joke. They should look for another job. I cant't understand who was stupid enough to actually put money into this cr*p. DO NOT WATCH THIS. WATCH THE ORIGINAL "VUK". It's a sh*t. At all.

    €5 000 000 is very high budget in Hungary. It's a waste of money. Incredible.

    The only reason you'd be watching this is to get a good taste of how a movie can be awful!!!!
  • 2/10
    Awful from the start.
    I finished this film on its release day and when it was finished, I laughed my socks off it was completely awful. It was like a pile of beans trashed into two socks. Very little fame so I give it a 2. and for effort 5 added to the 2.0 making my rating 2.5. I hate this film so much please god help me and make me get over the awfulness of this film. Is it even a film? Its more like garbage in a bin, GOD.

    Warning: If you want to laugh for 35 years and have major strokes/heart attacks including extreme crying I advise you DO NOT WATCH this film. Carry on if you are ready for the consequences.

  • asterixobelix28 June 2013
    This is a butchery of one of the best hungarian cartoon ever made. I don't know what the directors smoke to think this .... thing will be successful, but it makes me feel shameful and unclean. I mean everything that can be wrong with a movie it's in this abomination. The graphics, the camera, the story, everything... The original Vuk was beloved by many people, everyone i asked knows what vuk is, and they say it's a good cartoon, they love it, it's part of their childhood. When I start to talk about ... this they say "Omg. Anything but that". There is a saying: "if it's not broke, don't fix it" or at least don't ruin it with a sequel. Definitely not recommended by me, far from it.