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  • Watch kids give a terrific performance. Donna and Russ Barring are also highlights. Enjoy its charm and sweetness (a little rough around the edges). A nice and enjoyable film. The film focuses on unexpected connections found between profoundly different family members. Also, it gives a positive spin to dysfunctional families, making the point that love is the most important element, and no experts can sway the "truth." It pokes fun at the 'expertise' of social services and of our family values: what's normal, isn't, and what's odd, is sometimes just normal quirky human behavior. This is a comedy with a dramatic underbelly. -J.
  • Though a small film with an obvious small budget, MY BAD DAD, is thoroughly entertaining and great laughs for kids and adults. The whole Polhemus family throw their whole selves into delivering an unapologetic entertaining and charming film. The film feels like it was fun to make and we get caught up in the fun everyone seems to be having.

    Mack Polhemus's directing is sure and his script is solid (schmaltzy at times? oh yes, but that's kind of the point). The performances range from top notch to forgivable, but the solid story, pacing, and great cameo characters, keep us engaged.

    The three children are cute and fun to watch. Joe Polhemus's performance is solid and often very funny, the various smaller characters often steal the show -- special kudos should go to the Security Guard Boss (Josh Hitchinson), Nora the Nanny (Melanie Jane Sanchez), and the judge (Clive Miller).

    Lots of fun. Find it if you can.