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  • jotix10024 June 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    To what extent would a thirtysomething unemployed man go in order to find a cheap place where to live? That is the premise behind this Spanish Film that showed on cable recently. "Un buen dia lo tiene cualquiera", a satire that points to ills in that society, was directed by Santiago Lorenzo. This is a black comedy that takes a hard look at a situation a lot of young people are faced with, and it is their inability to afford accommodations that will not break their tight budget.

    We are introduced to Arturo, a man that sees his telemarketing company collapse. He has lost everything. So where does he go to get a halfway decent place to stay? His friend Joaquin, who seems to live in a fantasy world in a cafe in the center of town, tells him to look into a scheme where students are paired with senior citizens that take university students to help them cope with their situations.

    Arturo gets more than what he bargained for when he is sent to Onofre, a man that at first seems to be suffering from an acute depression, but who changes radically the following day into a hyper active man. Onofre is manipulative and a liar. What's more, he makes Arturo's life hell. Arturo has to put up with situations that go beyond of what is expected of him.

    Diego Martin appears as Arturo, the man who sees his company disappear and suddenly finds himself homeless and penniless. Roberto Alamo is Joaquin, the friend who stands to profit out of Arturo's misery. Best of all is Jose Antonio Quintana, whose Onofre is a monster. Maria Ruiz plays Maite, a beautiful young woman who is Arturo's love interest.