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  • Cute movie. Has a couple of great messages -- especially one about prejudices. There are some adult jokes, some childish jokes, lots of laugh out loud moments but most importantly the following messages: Hatred against those we don't know is wrong; Let yourself get to know a person before deciding whether they are good or not; and go along for the ride and let yourself enjoy life.

    I also love the fact that this is a Dad raising his child situation. There are really few movies that show a Dad can step up and do the right thing for their children if given the chance.

    While I didn't particularly care for the fart joke or some of the childish parts the kids in the theater laughed and laughed.

    Well done!
  • I gave this a complete 10 because both the wife and I (as well as the other movie-goers -going by their reactions) thoroughly enjoyed it from the beginning to the very end.

    Was it predictable? Of course. Its an animation geared towards children (what would you expect?) -but like most of the animation movies of today, there were quite a few 'hidden humor' spots as well which would be completely missed by the younger audience (not unexpected since it is the adults, after all, who are forking over the bread and it doesn't hurt to keep THEM entertained as well). The movie is fairly fast-paced and the animation well done. I'm usually a little apprehensive when I've harbored good expectations from a movie based on clips/previews, but in this case I felt it truly delivered. This one will be added to our library when it (eventually) hits the shelves. Too many people look for a great amount of depth and unpredictability in animation movies -but THAT is a bit unrealistic (no pun intended) -think about it: These things USED to be called CARTOON MOVIES for a reason. They weren't intended to fit that kind of expectation. They ARE intended to be fun -and this movie is just that: FUN.
  • I went to see Hotel Transylvania last night in a small group of adults aged 24-30 and I LMAO as did the others. The theater was packed with little children who mostly laughed at not really funny parts and adults who laughed when the children were quite silent. The story is about Count Dracule trying to raise his only child safe and sound away from terrifying humans and invites all the monsters to his hotel to relax and celebrate his very young daughter's 118th birthday which is accompanied by a surprise visitor!

    This is a really funny movie with a simple predictable story line and tons of characters that you will love. My favorites were the zombies who were the hotel staff and it took them forever to finish a task. I recommend this movie to anyone who like monsters ( so afraid of a little boy licking ice-cream)and want to have a good laugh and take a break from Disney.
  • After reading reviews that either disliked or were indifferent to Hotel Transylvania and being dubious because Adam Sandler(who has been in a lot of really bad movies recently) was in the lead role, I was unsure of whether to see the film. But my love for animation and the appetising trailer over-rode my doubts and I saw it anyway. And you know what, while The Pirates and ParaNorman were better animated movies from this year in my opinion I found Hotel Transylvania much better than expected. More could have been done with the relationship between Jonathan and Mavis, it is a romantic angle that has been used many times before and as well as feeling somewhat under-baked very little new was done with it. While a vast majority of the film is fast-paced with no real dull spots, some parts of the film did feel rushed. On the other point of view, the animation is excellent, the backgrounds are both beautiful and Gothic and that is the same with the colours. The characters are well-modelled. The soundtrack is catchy and upbeat, though some of the songs could have been more than just snippets. The writing is zany and often witty with a surprising amount of heart also.

    The story is predictable, but not dull. It has a number of great moments, the genre references are not as inspired as they were in ParaNorman but they are fun to spot, and I loved a lot of the slapstick-in-style gags. Especially the zombie Beethoven, the scream cheese Hors-D'Oeuvres, the shrunken heads do not disturb tags and the digs at Twilight(much more fulfilling than any of the movies combined). But it does have a lot of heart. Is the over-protective father idea clichéd? Of course. But I did find it genuinely touching instead of overly-exaggerated as I have seen described. Dracula's past is also shown in a darkly emotional way. The characters are not the most memorable I have ever seen, but they do have their likability, my favourite here was Dracula. And the voice acting was surprisingly great, to me from a non-fan who has liked him in some movies(Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, Spanglish and Happy Gilmore) and hated him in others(Jack and Jill, Going Overboard, Zookeeper and Mr Deeds) Adam Sandler gives one of his better performances of late in the role of Dracula, he is actually funny as well as emotive in alternative to irritating. Selena Gomez is endearing as daughter Mavis and Adam Samberg brings some heroism to Jonathan. Kevin James, David Spade, Jon Lovitz, Fran Drescher and especially Steve Buscemi give solid support. In conclusion, surprisingly good. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • I went into this movie really with no expectations. I had only seen a few fragments of commercials and got nothing at all interesting from them. So, WOW, was I surprised and impressed when I saw it!! The movie was a creative story, quick moving action, funny, heartwarming, visually interesting and sometimes surprising - this film had a lot of great things going on, and I found myself really engaged and far more interested in the characters than I would have guessed. Sure, there were a few "as if" moments, but for the most part I found it to be fun, funny, and a film I heartily recommend! Kudos to the writers, voice actors and animators.... With a youngster in my home, I'm sure we'll be seeing this again soon.
  • ..took my family to see this one today, 6 year old son, 3 year old daughter..

    Both of them really enjoyed the experience, though to be honest i think my daughter connected with the movie more because of the plight of Dracula's young daughter being the focal point of the story. That really surprised me!

    Any horror fan with kids will get a real kick out of this one. And even non-horror fans should find the story cute. Sandler and company really pull it together for this one, after their last couple of films were less then stellar.

    Definitely a pleasant surprise, and good fun for the whole family.
  • The, I think, is a movie that is fun for the whole family. Youngsters will like the characters, the older children will enjoy the jokes and plot, and the adults will likely enjoy the movie as well, being able to catch on to the more "adult" funny references and a story about a father-daughter relationship that can be appreciated.

    The movie is fairly fast paced, but most cartoons are, especially ones that are just 91 minutes long. If you're planning to take your 3 year old to appreciate the plot, connect with the characters, and understand the meaning of family and love... that's not happening... it is a children's movie but it's not Sesame Street.

    My husband and I took our 2 1/2 year old because it seemed like a cute movie to watch. It was. Our son sat through the entire movie and danced with the music, etc. We enjoyed it as well.

    Was it EXTRAORDINARY? No. Was it a good, fun family film? Yes.

    I would recommend it. If you're unsure about paying for a ticket at the theater, you can always wait for the DVD to come out.
  • When 'Hotel Transylvania' first came out, I had absolutely no intention of seeing it for two reasons: Adam Sandler and vampires. I thought a comedy about Dracula would be boring. This movie isn't that bad but at the same time isn't that funny In this movie, we have Count Dracula who has organized a building called Hotel Transylvania to keep his fellow monsters safe from the evil humans. Now, doesn't that sound familiar? From a Pixar movie? MONSTERS INC! One day, a human accidentally ventures into the monster world...Hmm...Still familiar and meets Dracula's daughter, Mavis voiced by Selena Gomez and falls in love...Still remind me of the Sully and Boo relationship as well as segments of Twilight.

    I'll start off by saying that voice acting is brilliant. Adam Sandler really was great as Count Dracula, Adam Samberg was great as Johnny and Kevin James was a great Frankenstein. Selena Gomez also did a great job. The story however isn't anything special by any means. Too much of the story is from Monsters Inc but there are parts of Twilight in this movie which I love as a lot of it is indirectly mocking that god-awful series. The characters are funny but by no means any memorable. The dialogue is actually the movie's greatest strength. It really is hilarious in so many ways. There are so many one liners and Johnny's line "Wow man! Your Dracula impression is way over the top!" is simply hilarious as is the woman with the annoying voice saying to the monster in the kitchen "Your voice is annoying" If it weren't for the dialogue, this movie could so easily be horrible. The visual animations in the movie are stunning with each scene being carefully visualised and is truly a treat for the eye.

    The film's main problem is its very close resemblance to Monsters Inc which makes the movie nothing unique. However, the mocking of Twilight is handled very well, the animations are superb, the characters and voice acting are done well and is well directed but a bit rushed at certain points during the film. The film could also have been a good ten minutes shorter and we wouldn't have missed anything funny or special. Overall, a good animation movie which isn't unique but funny
  • Everyone remembers that special movie they saw or that one that was the best for your mind, that one which really stuck. For me that movie was "Hotel Transylvania". I think it was one of the best children's movie ever made. It conveys humor, creativity, action and freedom.

    Set in Transylvania in modern time, Dracula (Adam Sandler) hosts all the legendary monsters at his hotel to celebrate his daughter's one hundred and eighteenth birthday. But he works overtime to keep Mavis (Selena Gomez) from falling for a human boy named Johnny (Andy Samberg), who miraculously stumbles upon the hotel. All Mavis has ever wanted is to leave home and see the real world and see if humans are as bad as her father says they are. The main characters are Selena Gomez as Mavis, Andy Samberg as Johnny and Adam Sandler as Dracula. It is a brilliant cast for this movie.

    Selena Gomez was perfect for the part of Mavis and did a great job while Andy Samberg was good but wasn't perfect for Johnny. I think he could've done a much better job. Adam Sandler was born to play the part of Dracula. He did a magnificent job and was extremely humorous. The other characters were great and they matched their roles perfectly!

    I liked that we got to know the characters and what their goal was. For example Mavis wanted freedom and wanted to leave home. What I didn't like is that it was a bit confusing. For example, "Why was Johnny hiking in Transylvania at night?" or "Why didn't Mavis just turn in to a bat and fly away to see the real world?" These questions make you wonder but I still think it was a wonderful movie even for my age group.

    I think the moral of the story was trust your children to make the right decisions no matter what you think about them and from the child point of view the moral was to know your parents are always just trying to protect you. And both are true and if you look at them from both sides you will get the full story. I think that this is a movie for age groups above five and below fifteen. Reason being because Dracula does a fang up where his face goes a bit creepy but other wise I'm sure parents will love it and children between the ages of five and fifteen will love it to.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Somehow, Hotel Transylvania feels unfinished. This film is suppose to homage the classic Universial Horror Movie Monsters. But ends up being your typical 2000's and 2010's clichéd kids fest about having fun and stuff.

    So, one of Adam Sandler's films foreshadowed him to play Dracula in a movie. Well, here he is playing Dracula who lives in 1895 (Not Bad Impersonator) as he has a daughter who he must protect because of the big bad humans. The monsters build a hotel/resort to protect her and the monsters from the Humans.

    About 110 years later, his daughter Mavis (I think thats the wrong name of the daughter of Dracula. I think its suppose to be Mary Or Whatever) played by Selena Gomez always has wanted to go out in the world and explore. She is turning 118 years old (I think 18 years old in Vampire Years I guess) and her farther lets her out for like a few minutes but tricks her into thinking humans are evil by building this town and having zombies play humans. Anyways, this one human named Johnny played by The Lonely Island's Andy Samberg finds a way through and Dracula dresses him up like a monster and pretends he is the party planner.

    But uh oh! Johnny and Mavis are getting a close relationship together! Trying to get him out of the place fails obviously and the "Chaos" he creates still goes on.

    The animation is 50/50 on this picture. For The Positives, each Character has his/her own unique design. Frankenstien's Monster is blue instead of the regular Green and he wears a Hawaiian shirt. For The Negatives... Ill get to that right now.

    I feel that there is too much stuff on screen for me to sink in. Yeah it looks good but it doesn't mean that I will care if a room is highly detailed.

    The characters are sometimes amusing but not really funny. In one "Joke" Frankenstien's Monster's body comes in half and sneaks up behind the Mummy (Ceelo Green) and farts behind him. Oh. Yeah. Very Funny. VERY FUNNY.

    Characters I feel don't emote enough. For Example, if there are 6-8 characters on screen and two are talking, and the other 4-6 are just standing there, they will have the same dumb expression on their face for the rest of the scene.

    Also, if you are beginning to watch Monster Movies, don't start with this one. Go watch Horror Of Dracula or Bride Of Frankenstien first. Because if you watch this first, you don't know anything about the characters as they don't explain their traits. Why should we care about characters we don't know anything about? The actors (Most of them) are Adam Sandler's friends. David Spade and Kevin James are examples.

    There is one plot hole that I must point out. The Invisible Man is well, invisible for most of the movie but he wears glasses so we can see him. In one scene, he wears shorts and then someone pulls them down and he is embarrassed. So was he naked all this time? Does he wear invisible clothes? If so, why is he wearing Visible clothes? Running gags are unfunny as its like Oh Dracula Gets Mad and Oh Johnny is having fun.

    The Ending isn't Even an Ending. Its just a stupid music video with lyrics that don't make no sense. Its just ZING ZING ZING and whatever the lyrics are.

    I liked it the first time I watched it which was a few months ago, but now I don't like it anymore. The acting is alright, the animation is OK, but the movie fails to do anything neat with these monsters in the situations they get into.

    But there is one scene that I liked. Maybe two. The Wolfman (Steve Buscemi) eats a bunch of sheep that is in the road and one scene where There is this Female dressed as a mummy walking by and The Mummy is has the I WANT face.

    Thats basically it. I don't want to overwrite to 1,100 words so Ill just leave at this. Hotel Transylvania is a unfinished movie with no ending, plot holes and characters we don't care about.

    49/100 C-
  • Hotel Transylvania has a simple concept: classic campy monsters staying in a hotel where humans are not allowed because they think we're evil. It doesn't sound too fresh but it looks fun. Behind this concept is a father-daughter-relationship that seems to follow the footsteps of other great recent animated films. The result is, it's not getting there yet but it's still as delightful as it's suppose to be. It's one of those films that it's so crazy, you'll instantly like it. Most of the gags are clever and ridiculous. Overall, it's an endless fun entertainment.

    Though, the film sometimes feels like a mediocre animated kids film. Generic family film elements are there but they are used in a different way. There is often slapstick and toilet humor but the gags are best when it's outrageously absurd. Every set pieces are swift, quirky, and exciting. The voices of the characters sound silly at glance but the actors made them pretty likable.

    When the craziness slows down, there's a sweet bit of Dracula's relationship between Mavis and Jonathan, and some brooding. The drama is a little effective. It's not as strong as most recent animated films. It's more focused at being fun and hilarious. It's great when it stays to the roots of a cartoon like showing peculiar looking characters acting like lunatics. The best laughs are when the monsters are expressing their misanthropy in a ludicrously paranoid way, and when they're just making fun of each other. Mainstream pop culture song numbers kind of tone things down, but the song number at the end didn't affect the breathtaking and emotional climax.

    Hotel Transylvania is good enough for the whole family even though it's raucous. Fans of the animation genre would enjoy this a lot more. Since it's directed by a cartoon expert, it contains a lot of absurd and exciting scenes that is similar to his shows. Although, some might expect something more since many animated films these days are deeper and powerful, leaving the old habits behind. Hotel Transylvania still has the heart but it's just not as compelling as the others. If you're in for the joys then this will give you a good time. My rating may be too high, but this my thing. I always enjoy this kind of animation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a big Universal Horror and Hammer Horror fan, but my 5 year old son is obviously a bit young to experience Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man and Frankenstein in their true form, so it's great that a lighthearted movie has finally been released that kids can check out. I was a bit worried that my 5 year old would be a bit scared by some of the scenes, but this movie is totally kid safe. The scariest thing that happens is a couple of loud screams and some glowing red eyes. No problem.

    Adam Sandler does a great job as the voice of Dracula. Not too over the top and constantly delivering some great lines. Andy Samberg and Selina Gomez (surprisingly) both do a great job as Jonathan (nice touch) and Mavis respectively. I also loved Steve Buscemi as "Wayne". Unfortunately Fran Drescher who can usually deliver some sharp witty comedy isn't allowed to shine as her jokes throughout the film have been done to death and didn't bring much to the film at all.

    There are some great hidden jokes/sight gags, and some beautiful animation and character designs that will please old school horror fans and adults, but the only part that I found utterly cringe worthy was the end scene with Dracula rapping (even after his joke about Twilight!) Hey, gotta please the kids somehow...
  • heatherleefox12 January 2013
    I don't understand why this got so many stars by so many people. And I love cartoons.

    If you loved "Up," "Finding Nemo," "Monsters Inc," "WALL-E," and/or all of the "Toy Story" movies (and you're an adult), you will be disappointed with this movie. Through the whole movie I was just waiting for something to grab my interest, but alas, I waited in vain. Maybe if you assume it will be bad, it will be better than expected, but I thought it would be good and was pretty disappointed with the whole thing. From the jokes to the creativity of the characters and even the voices were just lacking something. The animation was good (what animation isn't good these days?) but unoriginal and boring.
  • My friend and I wanted to go see this for Halloween. We liked the idea of a hotel for monsters. We both hated it. The characters moved in very OTT way and it was distracting. Every shot was a close up on someone's face, I just wanted to push them away from the camera. The jokes weren't funny, it has the typical Adam Sandler toilet jokes that just make me groan. Jonathon was REALLY annoying. He was this films' Jar Jar. But worst of all we have the "Liar Revealed" cliché. Dracula pretends this human is a monster, they keep the lie up, at the end everyone finds out, they banish the human but then they realize they liked human so they want him back before he gets home.

    We've seen this MILLIONS OF TIMES!

    However, there were a few things I liked about it; the flying tables scene was very creative. It was like a Terry Gilliam scene, Steve Bucemi's wolfman was funny and there were a few good gags. The animation was nice and Mavis was cute in a very goth way.

    I hated it, but I'll give it a 4 for at least trying.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Adam Sandler voices an overprotective control-freak Dracula who keeps his precious daughter Mavis (voiced by tween sensation Selena Gomez) within the confines of his behemothic mansion hotel-for-monsters Transylvania. Count Dracula despises human presence for reasons revealed later in the film, and so he cautions his fellow-monsters and daughter Mavis to be wary of their presence. On Mavis' 118th birthday, Count calls everybody to his abode and arranges for a party. Mavis' ultimate desire is to leave the palace and meet humans and she makes this birthday wish to her dad. Even though the wish is granted with conditions, Dracula has a back-up plan to get her back to him and keep her in control. All goes smoothly until an actual human named Jonathan (voiced by SNL regular Andy Samberg) checks in. Predictably, Jonathan and Mavis show fondness towards each other and Dracula now has to drive this human presence away before things get monster-messy.

    It is one thing to make a film that appeals to three year olds, but it is completely a different thing to make a film that seems to be written by three year olds; while in Case 1 you may get a charming movie that appeals to a wide audience, especially young children while in Case 2 you get a juvenile attempt unworthy to be shown even to the youngest audiences. Unfortunately, Hotel Transylvania falls under Case B; it is a film that so desperately tries to fill in as many childish gags as possible in its scenes that neither do the characters manage to move us nor does the humor and the music groove us. While almost every Pixar film (even the massively underrated Cars and its sequel) concentrates first on its plot and character development and then the dialogs and gags, Hotel Transylvania seems as if the writers first brainstormed as many kiddy jokes they could come up with and then put in characters to mouth each gag, and finally sketched some story in the background with dull, contrived colors.

    Take the first half of the movie: almost half of it is spent on introducing the various monsters and in many many many unfunny jokes. Once Jonathan arrives and explores the hotel along with the Count, we get nothing more than Jonathan trying to show what 'cool' is, hence more more more derivative jokes and situations. Characters keep tumbling in and out and the jokes really do not have anything to do with the main plot. Part two is not much different except for the development of the oversweet romance between Mavis and Jonathan and everything-going-wrong- to-be-set-right-by-the-main character situation. There also is a rap performance by our Count Dracula and vocal presence of singer which is really an emasculation-of-everything-worth-living-for-in-this- world terrible.

    Generally, I stay away from Adam Sandler and Eddy Murphy's movies because of their dicey reputation. I liked what I watched of Sandler's 50 first dates and Murphy's Beverley Hill Cop is a classic, but some of the recent outputs have notorious critical ratings and mixed audience opinions. Sandler only puts on a cheap accent and tries sounding as if the dialogs are actually funny, which is a very difficult task. Gomez is what Mavis or any cute-young-female-protagonist would sound like, therefore banal and I think animated film-makers should bring in unique voices for characters (Miley Cyrus' slightly hoarse voice worked in Bolt). Andy Samberg again has a voice suiting his character but what can he do without a good script or a skit? My advice: stick to R-rated D*** in A Box Part 2 with Timberlake and other such skits on SNL and not-to-forget more wicked Lonely Island albums instead of future collaborations with Sandler.

    A truly horrible decision (and one that really infuriated me) was putting that auto-tune bummer. While none of the other songs are worth any mention,'s recent nasal exploitations stand out the most for all the wrong reasons. B.E.P did a wonderful job on their unfairly underrated incredibly catchy The E.N.D, but they went overboard with their auto-tune on their next album, the unlistenable The Beginning. The group is on a hiatus, and its lead male member is now working on his fourth album and some collaborations that again range from unmemorable (the David Guetta track) to obnoxious (Scream & Shout) to simply painful (This Is Love). His songs may be hits in clubs where there is a medley of crappy songs played at full volume and the only thing teenagers do is trying to outdo each other's dancing, but all the flavor is gone when these tracks are listened to as standalones – the heavy auto-tune and electronic beats smelling like burnt CDs. I know my rant above deviates from the movie but needs to stop messing up his music for want of money.

    The 3-D in Hotel Transylvania works not to great effect as the colors used in the film are mainly dark in shades like black, brown, grey, and dull white. Once they are screened in 3-D they get duller to a greater extent than colors like sky blue and bright red and yellow. A similar problem happened, but to a greater extent while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly-Hallows 2 where I felt I could have enjoyed the movie a lot more without the blasted 3-D (my city doesn't have a 2-D option for those not wanting 3-D). But the 3-D glasses had one benefit: I could figure out how much the film exasperated me by counting the number of times I took off my glasses and set them aside during the film.

    Adults, please take your kids for an upcoming Pixar film which has a higher probability of being good, and kids, please tell any of your parents not to take you for a film like Hotel Transylvania. Spend it on education… or better films.
  • Mr-Fusion29 September 2015
    It was the recent ad campaign for the sequel that brought "Hotel Transylvania" to my attention (much to the delight of my five-year-old), but the movie never really gets above "eh". It has the usual stale kids' movie humor of recent years, complete with de rigeur auto-tuned musical numbers. For this level of spastic comedy, I was hoping for more laughs, and it's a fairly blah selection of voice talent for the cast. Mostly, it's short on laughs and feels long at just 90 minutes. On the bright side, there's an upward-surge when they finally venture outside the hotel walls (finally giving Buscemi some much-needed spotlight).

    My kid liked it, so the movie's got that going for it. But for entertainment that offers multi-generational appeal, I'll have to look elsewhere.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hotel Transylvania was surprising good. Adam Sandler plays Dracula, the over bearing father trying to protect his adventurous world traveler dreamer daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) from anything human, while at the same time tries to keep his hotel business running. Adam Sandler's role as the father figure, is a great new look into the actor's skills unchecked since Punch Drunk Love and Click, it's nice to see him playing something else than an annoying stupid voices, immature characters in movies aimed at teens and men who never grew up. I just glad he didn't play the "nails scraping on a blackboard" cringe-inducing way man-child. He is put to the test to try to protect his daughter Mavis when an young free-spirit, bag pack hostel, human named Jonathan (Andy Sanberg) walks into the hotel. In fear of losing his hotel business due to the presence of a human being, he has to figure out a way to quickly get him away. Dracula is force to dress up Jonathan as a monster, so he can freely able to get rid of him without his guest knowing. Before Dracula can get rid of him, his daughter and his guests find Jonathan as the life of the party, and very friendly to the point, that Mavis starts to have feelings for him. Jonathan and Mavis sub-plot relationship isn't as remotely as cheesy as Twilight. The movie even has a scene taking a jab at the Twilight movie in it. The movie is a lot of fun. There is a few sprinkling of potty humor, but it's doesn't detracts from an otherwise fun ride. Full of interesting-to-look-at characters and zany, hectic animation, it's a feast for the eyes with enough jokes thrown in for the parents in the audience, especially in Sandberg's character. The guest of the hotel made out of Frankenstein (Kevin James), Wayne the Wolfman (Steve Buscemi), Griffin the Invisible Man (David Spade) and Murray the Mummy (Ceelo Green) are play their roles great and gives something new to each of the old school monsters. The film is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky well known for his work for Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack. The computer animation is Pixar level. From all the animation monster-related movies put out in 2012, this one was worth the money paying. So check in to "Hotel Transylvania" to find Adam Sandler and his pals playing the greatest monsters in movie history.
  • In 1895, Dracula builds a resort in Transylvania, hidden from the humans, to raise his beloved daughter Mavis in a safe environment. In the present days, the place is the Hotel Transylvania, where monsters bring their families to spend vacation far from the frightening humans.

    Dracula invites his friends – Frankenstein and his wife Eunice; Wayne and Wanda, the werewolves; Griffin, the invisible man; Murray, the mummy; the Bigfoot, among others – to celebrate the 118th birthday of Mavis. When the party is ready to start, the 21-year-old Jonathan is walking through the forest and stumbles at the hotel. Dracula sees Jonathan and disguises him as a monster to hide Jonathan from his guests. But Mavis also sees Jonathan and Dracula forces him to pose of a monster. Soon Mavis believes that Jonathan is the "zing" of her life despite the advices of her father about the humans.

    "Hotel Transylvania" is a delightful animation and a wonderful family entertaining for adults and children. The plot has a great message against prejudice and racism and the funny story made me laugh a lot with the gags. Dracula and his friends are certainly among the loveliest monsters of the cinema with "The Munsters" and "The Adams Family". My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Hotel Transilvânia" ("Hotel Transylvania")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first thing you should ask yourself before seeing the film is, do you want to hear Adam Sandler's Dracula impression for an hour an a half. Second should i trust Adam Sandler to not put any penis jokes in a children's film, oh and you can't. Thirdly, is there another film playing the same time for the same duration you can watch while your kids watch this one. If not than this is just one of many sacrifices of being a parent.

    First of all while watching a bad movie you may not be aware of it till about 30 minutes in, exactly the same amount of time your refund expires. So now your here for the long haul, at this point I still have some hope but to pass the time I'll just pick out reasons why this movie sucks.

    I noticed most of the movie is just in a few rooms in a hotel, which means most of the money went to the actors or produces or Adam Sandler. You can tell an animated film is cheaply made when a table is cloned 100 times and used in the big action scene.

    The plot, well i guess it has one. Dracula doesn't want his daughter to grow so he convinces her the world and humans are terrifying and evil. That's it, no bad guy, no one to root for, everything about it was cheap. To fill in the boringness Adam and his pals make off colour jokes I'm guessing for my benefit. So little creativity was used when making this too, remember how Toy Story cleverly brought toys to like or shrek did with fairy tale characters. You would expect something smart with monsters but there is nothing.

    So if your kid tells you he likes it, remember that's not how kids say they like something. It's same way we react to seeing a great movie expect with hopefully no F-bombs.
  • amandaebert21 October 2012
    I was really excited to see this movie, but hugely disappointed once it started. Right from start to finish the movie was just silly and the storyline was boring. There were some funny parts, but not because they were funny - because they were so "silly" you couldn't help but laugh.

    I feel like this movie was made especially childish - yes I am aware it's a kid's movie, but do kid's movies really have to be this foolish? When I was a kid I enjoyed movies with interesting and original story lines with limited singing and acts of inanity.

    If you're an adult I wouldn't waste time with this movie, that is just my opinion. Don't expect it to be like Shrek! :)
  • Hotel Transylvania has occasionally cute moments and intermittently interesting art design (otherwise, it's mostly K-Mart Hallowe'en décor), but the story is trite, hackneyed, cliché, and any other words you can think of that mean: nobody broke a sweat on the script or on the plot. The voices are mostly uninteresting, except for Steve Buscemi, who attracts interest by demonstrating that he was catastrophically miscast as the Werewolf. The film is also aimed at a very, very young age group, something you might not understand from seeing the trailer, which makes the film seem about 10 times more sophisticated than it actually is. If you've got little kids, take 'em. If you don't, you'll fall asleep about halfway through the opening credits. If you do go, DO NOT spring the extra bucks for the 3D version. There's about as much 3D here as there is on your average Etch-A-Sketch.
  • Hotel Transylvania stars: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James and David Spade. It goes for approximately 90 minutes. It fails to deliver GREAT 3D moments although some could be classified as 'GOOD'.

    The first half of the movie is what is called 'Jokes Are Failing' Syndrome. Although they do crack in a couple of good laughs in the first half, majority don't live up to expectations that animations nowadays do. Too many slapstick moments and unnecessary forced jokes... NOTE TO FILM-MAKERS: If jokes are forced... Don't even bother with the joke!

    The movie has heart though, which kind of makes for it's first half. The second half however is fun, cool, funny and surprisingly a bit thrilling! It does have it's fun moments... I will admit. Although some of the 3D doesn't work I still found it to be a good animation... Is it the best animation of the year? NO WAY! But is it great as an animation? No, not really it is what I call 'A good animation if you just let your mind do nothing!' A B from me.
  • ladylibra911123 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is an excellent movie for little kids. adult love it for the humor however young kids some of the humor may not be understood. Excellent movie for 3 D effects. 1 area that a lot of kids don't understand is when the interaction between the characters Mavis and Jonathan in regards to how human and vampires don't get along. The scenes in which they first arrived to the hotel maybe confusing but will end up getting better and explained. All star cast. Shame that Adam Sandler wasn't mentioned as being producer,director ,or star of the movie. Again great movie for little kids. they will sit still and understand majority of the movie and laugh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Throughout almost all our fairy tales we have always seen big, scary monsters and children hiding under their beds in fear that these monsters would come and eat them up. Ever heard of a story where things happen the other way around? Dracula (Sandler) has built a hotel called Hotel Transylvania where all monsters and beasts can come and feel safe. No scary humans to come and disturb them, only darkness and peace. But when Jonathan (Samberg) a young human bag packer arrives at the castle, Dracula is petrified. Dracula's young daughter Mavis (Gomez) is eager to explore the world outside but her father refuses to let her go into the destructive and dangerous human world. The movie explores a good storyline which is the exact opposite of the stories we usually hear. The movie is light and entertaining but the movie still lacks a lot of humour. Yes it would appeal to a 10-year-old but the movie still needs to give the audience some more reasons to laugh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What really bothers Dracula is the way he's imitated. The usual mimic goes something like, "Hello, I'm Count Dracula" followed by the inevitable (drawn out in the Bela Lugosi accent) "blah, blah, blah." Each of those words describe the film, which doesn't have a plot but more of a situation...

    Dracula's daughter Mavis is of-age and desires going amongst the humans. Drac's an overprotective dad and wants her to stay at home: in a giant mansion he's turned into a plush hotel for all the monsters of the world to relax. A human named Jonathan, in the form of a twenty-something hippie lughead, happens into the Hotel... which is really just a sprawling lobby with so many monsters mashed together not one of them stands out as funny or important. Mavis and Jonathan hit it off but Dracula gets to him first – and frantically masquerades the kid into monster form so his daughter won't know the difference.

    That about sums up this claustrophobic mess, but with a title like HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA it shouldn't be surprising most of the film takes place there. The only problem is: there's little more than that over-saturated lobby that gets really dull quick.

    Sandler, who's needed a hit for years, doesn't suck in doing Drac's voice, but Adam Samberg's Jonathan sounds like a deliberate imitation of an airhead college jerk you wouldn't want to spend a minute with, much less ninety – which feels more like an eternity. So if you want to have a real monster shindig, rent the Rankin/Bass stop-motion classic MAD MONSTER PARTY where the ghoulish inhabitants all have purpose.

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